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Alvarez A400 mandolin

12 Jul 01 - 09:52 AM (#504928)
Subject: Alvarez A400 mandolin
From: chip a

My wife has come into possession of one of these in great shape. We hunted the internet and found info on A 100 and A 800 mandolins but not a word on the A 400. Does anyone know anything about it? When were they built, what value, quality, playability etc. Tish isn't a mandolin player but she and one daughter want to be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chip A.

12 Jul 01 - 01:14 PM (#505085)
Subject: RE: Help: Alvarez A400 mandolin
From: chip a


12 Jul 01 - 11:56 PM (#505514)
Subject: RE: Help: Alvarez A400 mandolin
From: TishA

Anyone......PRETTY PLEASE?!!

Tish A.

13 Jul 01 - 02:48 AM (#505553)
Subject: RE: Help: Alvarez A400 mandolin
From: catspaw49

Tish, I'm sorry, but on that specific help. We can talk Alvarez stuff in general, but you probably already have plenty of info there. I'd suggest that you check-in over at The Mandolin Cafe, an excellent mando site which has a Message Board with a section devoted to specific models and such. Best thing I can think of right now.


13 Jul 01 - 01:43 PM (#505884)
Subject: RE: Help: Alvarez A400 mandolin
From: chip a

Thanks Spaw for your help. Mandolin Cafe was new to us. Tish said she went there this morning for a sec, but didn't have time to look around much. I'm sure she'll dig deeper later.

This is a good sounding little mandolin. It has an arched, spruce top and is set up pretty well, although we did have to re-position the bridge to make it note true.

Again, thank you Spaw for responding. And by the way, we want you in bed and asleep tonight at 2:48 AM, NOT posting on the Mudcat.

Chip & Tish A.

18 Jun 09 - 11:55 PM (#2659959)
Subject: RE: Alvarez A400 mandolin

Hey this may help, When I was about 12-13 years old I bought an A500 model it was cut away on both sides of body with an oval soundhole, this was in 1982/83/84 price then was $500.00 at a dealer new, headstock had pearl inlay up the scroll flower design but no double A's. Wish now I had of kept it, sold it to help pay for divorce in 1995.