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Help: Need Oscar Brown CD

17 Jul 01 - 08:33 AM (#508464)
Subject: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: dwditty

Many of you will never have heard of Oscar Brown Jr, unless you have heard me do some of his songs on Paltalk. To me, no one has ever written tighter lyrics. You might call it jazz, you might call it blues, but I call it "urban folk."

Anyway, a couple of months ago I ordered his CD called "All Blues" from a site in Germany - the only time I have ever run across this CD. It's 3 months later and I just found out from them that the CD is no longer available. If anyone runs across this CD, please let me know - there are songs on it I must learn.

Thanks - btw, everyone should run right out and buy "Sin & Soul" - his first release circa 1960).


17 Jul 01 - 03:41 PM (#508888)
Subject: RE: BS: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: 8_Pints

Wow, we had no idea Oscar Brown Jr. was still around. We have an ancient LP "Oscar Brown Jr. Tells it like it is!". It is dated 1963 and used to be a real favourite of ours. (Before CD technology influenced our choice of listening!) We've never come across anyone else who has heard of him, well not in folk circles anyway! Bob remembers seeing him on the telly in the early 60s when he was doing a UK tour, but I can't remember that far back! (I was only 3 in 1960!)

Sue vG

17 Jul 01 - 04:13 PM (#508919)
Subject: RE: BS: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: dwditty

Well, Sue, I still listen to him all the time. I have several LPs and CDs. In fact,the CD "All Blues" contains all of "Tells It Like It Is" plus a bunch of others. If you liked the one you have, order "Sin & Soul" today. Use the "Help Support Mudcat" icon above to link to CD Now and a portion of the sale will go to support Mudcat.


17 Jul 01 - 04:25 PM (#508928)
Subject: RE: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: Joe Offer

We've had some threads before on Oscar Brown, Jr. His Website is (click). He's an very interesting guy. Some of his songs stem from some very old traditions.
-Joe Offer-

17 Jul 01 - 04:50 PM (#508950)
Subject: RE: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: dwditty

Thanks Joe,

I don't think the site is current and I have had email returned in the past as undeliverable. In fact, I have started most if not all the OBjr threads. I have scoured the internet for cds/info etc. My best find was stumbling onto a fairly complete LP catalog - brand new from a warehouse in the Bronx that was sold off as an entire lot. I am hoping that there is a 'catter out there that is just enough off center to have this particular CD in their collection.
And yes, much of his music reaches back through the US black experience to Africa.


18 Jul 01 - 12:38 PM (#509655)
Subject: RE: HELP: Need Oscar Brown CD
From: LR Mole

I have a vinyl copy of "Fresh" ("I never checked a chick so chilly--I mean, RILLY!".