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Chords Req: Two Good Men (Woody Guthrie)

18 Jul 01 - 05:17 PM (#509868)
Subject: 'Two Good Men'
From: GUEST,Gary

I've got the lyrics to Woody Guthrie's 'Two Good Men ', but I can't seem yo figure the chord changes. I'm sure that its really simple, but I was wondering if anyone had the chords already... A posting here would save me and my tin ear loads of sweat during this humid summer.



24 Jul 01 - 04:53 AM (#513189)
Subject: ADD: Two Good Men (Woody Guthrie)
From: Joe Offer

I usually go here (click) for Woody Guthrie lyrics, and that's where I found "Two Good Men." Can't help with the chords, but maybe this will help somebody's memory
-Joe Offer-
(Woody Guthrie)

Say, there, did you hear the news?
Sacco worked at trimmin' shoes;
Vanzetti was a peddlin' man,
Pushed his fish cart with his hand.

Two good men a long time gone,
Two good men a long time gone,
Sacco an' Vanzetti are gone,
[ALTERNATE: Two good men a long time gone] Left me here to sing this song.

Sacco's born across the sea,
Somewhere over in Italy;
Vanzetti born of parents fine,
Drank the best Italian wine.

Sacco sailed the sea one day,
Landed up in the Boston Bay.
Vanzetti sailed the ocean blue,
An' landed up in Boston, too.

Sacco's wife three children had;
Sacco was a family man.
Vanzetti was a dreamin' man,
His book was always in his hands.

Sacco earned his bread and butter
Bein' the factory's best shoe cutter.
Vanzetti spoke both day and night,
Told the workers how to fight.

I'll tell you if you ask me
'Bout this payroll robbery.
Two clerks was killed by the shoe fact'ry,
On the streets in South Braintree.

Judge Thayer told his friends around
That he had cut the radicals down.
"Anarchist bastard" was the name
Judge Thayer called these two good men.

I'll tell you the prosecutor's name,
Katzman, Adams, Williams, Kane.
The Judge and lawyers strutted down,
They done more tricks than circus clowns.

Vanzetti docked in nineteen eight;
Slept along the dirty street,
Told the workers "Organize,"
And on the 'lectric chair he dies.

All you people ought to be like me,
And work like Sacco and Vanzetti,
And everyday find ways to fight
On the union side for the workers' rights.

Well, I ain't got time to tell this tale,
The dicks and bulls are on my trail.
But I'll remember these two good men
That died to show me how to live.

All you people in Suassos Lane,
Sing this song and sing it plain.
All you folks that's comin' along,
Jump in with me and sing this song.

24 Jul 01 - 05:09 AM (#513195)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: 'Two Good Men'
From: Paddy Plastique

There's a version of Sacco & Vanzetti with Chords on Christy Moore's webpage:

Look under 'Lyrics & Tabs'



24 Jul 01 - 05:13 AM (#513197)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: 'Two Good Men'
From: Mark Cohen

The beautiful song "Two Good Arms" by Charlie King is also about Sacco and Vanzetti. There's another discussion of songs about them on this thread. "Two Good Arms" is not in the Digital Tradition, but it is in Rise Up Singing.


24 Jul 01 - 05:14 AM (#513200)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: 'Two Good Men'
From: Brian Hoskin

Here's a link.


25 Jul 01 - 04:23 AM (#514070)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: 'Two Good Men'
From: Wolfgang

There's no need any longer to refresh for the question has been answered by the link to Christy Moore's webpage. However, it is easier to find it there if you know that he uses the title 'Sacco and Vanzetti'.


06 Nov 11 - 07:07 PM (#3251682)
Subject: RE: Chords Req: Two Good Men (Woody Guthrie)


07 Nov 11 - 06:30 AM (#3251869)
Subject: RE: Chords Req: Two Good Men (Woody Guthrie)
From: GUEST,ordinary man

Thanks for that very sensible and helpful post guest.What a refreshing change for some one to answer a request with the right help.

To many times on this forum we get aload of info and half formulated and self rightouse opinion from folk who smugly assume that you want something that you have not asked for :if some one asks for chords or tune one would expect they would be conversant with the song? if chords are asked for lets give 'em chords!!