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Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?

03 Aug 01 - 09:14 PM (#520772)
Subject: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Zorro

In the early 60's I took guitar lessons from a guy named Ed Badeaux. He taught at the Jewish Community Center in Houston, Tx. Later my buddy and I took private lessons from him. When he left Houston he had accepted a job to tour some southern schools and do folk music workshops. At the time he was big in the Houston Folkmusic Society. It's still alive and well and someone there suggested he was working for Sing Out Magazine. I talked to someone up there last year and they haven't heard from him in many (30) years or so. Has anyone run across him? He cut an lp that I still have. My buddy and I got to talking about him last night and I was wondering if anyone knows him, where he might be??? Z.

04 Aug 01 - 12:22 AM (#520819)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: katlaughing

Sorry, Zorro, I don't know if this is the right Ed, but if it is, he passed away last year. Here is the obituary I found on google: (Now that I look at this, it seems this Ed might have been too young to be teaching back then. Maybe there is some connection?)

Friday -- December 08, 2000

Ed Badeaux

A memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday following cremation at St. Hilary of Poiters Catholic Church in Mathews for Ed Lee Badeaux, 54, a native of Lockport and resident of Houma, who died Dec. 6, 2000. Visitation will be from 9 a.m. until service time at the church.

Burial will be at Holy Savior Cemetery in Lockport. He was the husband of Margaret Bascle Badeaux; son of Francis J. Badeaux; stepson of Lilly Badeaux; father of Robert Ledet Jr., Jennifer and Jessica Badeaux; stepfather of Dawn Lagarde and Vicky Parfait; and brother of Barbara B. Arabie and Mary B. Roussel. He is also survived by nine grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his mother, Vida Lee Badeaux; and stepson, Mark Ledet.

04 Aug 01 - 12:28 AM (#520821)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: katlaughing

Wait a minute, maybe some good news! If you go to Yahoo People Search, several come up, but the first one is an Ed Badeaux in Houston! 'spose it's him? There is a phone number and addy. Just click here


04 Aug 01 - 01:00 AM (#520829)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Rick Fielding

Ed was the editor of Sing Out for a few years, during the Virtnam war. Other than his album of traditional songs for Folkways, he's probably best known for a famous editorial he wrote, condemning The US's involvement in the war (he was a former soldier) and informing the Government that he would no longer pay the portion of his taxes that went to support it.


04 Aug 01 - 02:36 AM (#520842)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: georgeward

I worked with Ed and his sister Mary for several years as a summer camp counselor in Vermont (late '50s-early '60s). He later became involved with a camp in Maine for a number of years.

He's not the Ed Badeaux who's obit Kat found.

He was alive and (I believe) back in Texas quite recently. Mary is gone, I've been told. If you have no luck from anyone else here, let me know. I can probably find out more.

-George ::-.--O

04 Aug 01 - 02:38 AM (#520845)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: katlaughing

Oh, then maybe the one listed in Texas, at Yahoo, is him?! Hope so.

04 Aug 01 - 07:06 AM (#520883)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Zorro

Thanks much, George, Rick and kat, I know the Houston Folklore society will be thrilled that he is still around and maybe closer than we thought. I have been out of pocket recently and haven't visited Mudcat much in over a year. I'm always amazed at the quick responses. Ed's approach to folk music was so straight forward and simple that you couldn't help but be impressed. Thanks again, Zorro

25 Sep 08 - 06:17 PM (#2450322)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Jessica

He's definitely not the Ed Badeaux listed in the obit. That's my father who was born and raised in Louisiana. Good luck with your search.

11 Nov 08 - 12:14 PM (#2490846)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Ed Badeaux

Wow! My cousin Nancy sent me this thread. Her husband Victor Googled my name and came up zorro's Mudcat inquiry. Since I'm not in the habit of Googling my name (I'll admit I did do it once) I had no idea of zorro's interest. For the record: Yes, I am Ed Badeaux, I'm 82 and still chugging along. I did teach guitar at the Jewish Community Center, and I was managing editor of Sing Out! magazine for a couple of rocking years when folk music (or a kind of hoked up version of it) was the pop music of the land. George Ward, it's good to know you're still around, Mary unfortunately left us by way of breast cancer a couple of years ago. And thank you Rick Fielding, for remembering my couple of years at Sing Out!, and especially my editorial condemning the Vietnam war, and withholding that portion of my taxes which paid for it. Or course, the IRS came and found me, and helped itself to that portion of my taxes I had withheld. The agent they sent to extract it was polite and even respectful, although the minute we finished the conversation he went to the bank and extracted Caesar his due. It felt good that I tried though.
If anyone is interested, I write a weekly blog at Google's blogspot, called Little Eddy. In it I mouth off on Iraq, and express my avid support for Barak Obama, Apple Computers, and other things I believe in. The URL mispells the word littlle, and is as follows: Thank you all again, it is really wonderful to know that someone out there remembers you enough to want to know what happened to you.

Bless you all, Ed Badeaux, , aka The Real Little Eddy.

28 Nov 08 - 05:41 PM (#2503838)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Jim Borden

Jennifer or Jessica. Your Dad was my cousin. I have completely lost track of both of you. Please email.

Jim Borden (your grandfather's nephew)

27 May 09 - 05:50 PM (#2642239)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Jay Brakefield

Mack McCormick, who was Ed Badeaux's friend and brother-in-law, told me that Ed had died. Does anybody have a copy of his obit?

20 Jun 09 - 07:33 PM (#2661191)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?

You must be related to Marion, Francis' sister out in California. I am Ed's ex-wife. Can I help you with some information?

12 Jul 09 - 11:58 AM (#2678255)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Jennifer Badeaux Boyd

The Ed Badeaux obituary is my father's as well. My sister and my mother have posted above.

31 Dec 09 - 07:08 PM (#2800469)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Guest, Mary Badeaux Roussel

I'm his sister here in Louisiana.

29 Jan 10 - 09:40 PM (#2825140)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Carl Brand

Well you must be the Ed Badeaux I worked with 36 years ago at Faculty Press, where we sold yearbook printing and publishing to the schools of New York City. Now I'm 62 working in Portland, Maine for a Book and Calendar publisher. I was watching a PBS show on Pete Seeger that reminded me of your anti-Vietnam songs and your valiant effort to teach me the guitar, sorry Ed no luck there, I recently dusted off my guitar to TRY AGAIN!
Take care,
Carl (home) (work)

22 Aug 10 - 04:21 PM (#2970622)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?

I think his music is still available from Smithsonian Folkways.

22 Aug 10 - 10:15 PM (#2970775)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Joe Offer

I tried to find an obituary notice for Ed, but didn't have any luck. In May, 2009, Jay Brakefield reported that he had heard of Ed's death, but didn't know details.


19 Apr 12 - 04:21 PM (#3340575)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Barbara Badeaux Arabie

I am the sister of Edward Lee Badeaux born on Dec. 6, 1948 and is now deceased. He was a graduate of Holy Savior High School in 1964 and worked in insurance.

30 Apr 12 - 10:22 PM (#3345498)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Ky Hote

The Ed Badaux we are looking for would be born around 1930. I am interested to know if anyone has found him also. I met him in NYC around 1974 and enjoyed his company before he moved back to Houston to care for his parents. I connected with him again in the late 1970's where we embarked on some recording adventures. He had been DJing at KPFT a show called Nightsong and had the first home studio I ever saw. Always ahead of his time, he also recorded wild messages on his telephone answering machine. Please let me know if you hear from him.
- Ky Hote

14 May 15 - 09:38 AM (#3708854)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,Laurel Watts

Ed was a counsellor at Blueberry Cove camp in Maine when I was there. He just passed away at 89. I remember him well, he got me started on the banjo.

16 Oct 15 - 08:53 PM (#3744525)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: GUEST,ellie goodstein

16 Oct 15 - 09:33 PM (#3744529)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Elmore

Thanks ellie.


16 Oct 15 - 09:35 PM (#3744530)
Subject: RE: Ed Badeaux; Do you know him?
From: Thomas Stern

Edward R. Badeaux Jr.
Edward Raoul Badeaux Jr., 89, of Houston, TX, died May 10th, 2015. Son of Edward R. Badeaux Sr. and Mary Lelia Forman Badeaux, he died peacefully in his sleep, of natural causes, in Bothell, WA. He is survived by his sons Daniel Badeaux and Joel Badeaux, his ex-wife Anne Badeaux, his grandsons Cedar Russell and Sol Badeaux, his cousins Nancy Mariduena and William Forman Jr., his brother-in-law Robert 'Mack' McCormick (husband of sister Mary McCormick, deceased), his niece Susannah McCormick Nix, and his grandniece Emma Nix.
After 89 beautiful and creative years on this earth, Ed will be greatly missed by those who knew him. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Ed graduated from Lamar High School and joined the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving during the latter part of WWII. After completing an English degree at the University of Houston, he began pursuing his passions for music, teaching, radio, photography, and all things creative.
Ed was a radio DJ at KXYZ in Houston in the 1950s, also teaching guitar and playing banjo in the Houston roots music group, the Tex-I-An Boys (now in the Smithsonian Folkways catalog) with John A. Lomax Jr. and others. He produced Hootenanny folk and blues concerts in Houston in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including performances by Houston blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins and Texas blues artist Mance Lipscomb. He also took some of the most famous Lightnin' Hopkins album cover photographs, adorning Hopkins albums produced by his brother-in-law Robert 'Mack' McCormick.
In the 1960s Ed married, raising two sons with his wife Anne in New York City, while working as the editor of 'Sing Out!', an influential folk and blues music magazine published by Irwin Silber. During this period he got to spend time with folk music legend Pete Seeger and his family in upstate New York, which had a tremendous impression on him. He also adored spending summers as a camp director at Blueberry Cove summer camp in Maine—hiking, backpacking, and waking sleepy campers to the sound of banjo and guitar music.
In the mid-1970s he returned to Houston and returned to radio—this time on KPFT, with programs 'Folksay' and 'Nightsong'. He continued to perform locally, teaching guitar, and also taking up keyboard and synthesizer. He also pursued a passion in music recording, recording local folk artists, including a young Lucinda Williams, who later became an acclaimed major label artist.
Although Ed focused more on family matters than the creative arts in his later years, he remained creative—even at the age of 82 recording new 'Nightsong' radio podcasts on his beloved Apple Macintosh computer for family and friends.
On Friday June 12th Ed's ashes will be taken to rest in Lake Lawn Cemetery in Metairie, Louisiana, next to his sister and parents. A remembrance will be held in Houston on Saturday June 13th at 6pm and the home of Susannah McCormick Nix. For more information, please call Joel Badeaux at 281-222-7573. For those wishing to make a donation in his honor, please consider a donation or membership to the Houston Folklore Society or KPFT Pacifica radio 90.1 FM.

Published in Houston Chronicle on June 13, 2015
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