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Help: Chicago what to see??

13 Aug 01 - 05:32 PM (#527043)
Subject: Chicago what to see??
From: Jack the Sailor

I'll be there with a couple of mates this weekend.

13 Aug 01 - 06:18 PM (#527098)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: Cappuccino

Blues bar, the name of which I forget, on North Halstead. Last tie I was there, they said 'you've just missed Robert Plant of Led Zep'! See if there's an open-air concert at the Navy pier, which is worth going to anyway -I heard the Average White Band there once, for nothing, by standing just outside the turnstiles. The guide books say that the blues music is to the south of the centre, but I have occasionally found the area a bit threatening. And don't forget to travel on the Loop, the elevated railway that goes round the city centre. And go up the Sears tower.

Chicago? Great place - one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Can't failt to like it.

Have a good time. - Ian B

13 Aug 01 - 06:59 PM (#527130)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: BK Lick

That be either Kingston Mines or B.L.U.E.S both on North Halsted in the same block. Check out the Chicago Reader listings for a comprehensive view of what's happenin'.

13 Aug 01 - 07:10 PM (#527140)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: mousethief

Get pizza at pizzaria uno somewhere on Rush Street. Fabulous museums, of which the M. of Natural Science (right on the lake, just west of the "Loop") is the most impressive. There are sightseeing boat rides on the river, and that's cool. Don't forget to go to the top of the Sears Tower -- on a clear day you can see, if not forever, at least a very, very long way.

The Old Town School of Folk Music is worth digging up. Their phone # is 773.728.6000. They're at 4544 N. Lincoln Ave. Their website ( has concert listings for Friday and Saturday of this coming weekend.

Chicago has more and better ethnic diversity in the eating department than any place I've ever been. A wonderful hodgepodge of people from all over the world, and all the wonderful smells and tastes of their native cuisines. Get the phone book and look up in the restaurants-by-cuisine section. Pick something you've never had before.

Ride the "el" trains. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to get around.

There's a full-size replica of the leaning tower of Pisa, but it's waaaaaaaaaay out west, and the trains don't run that far.

Hmmmm. What else? Definitely have a Chicago-style hot dog (if it doesn't say "Vienna Beef" it isn't a Chicago-style hot dog!).

Ahhhh, the Windy City. Hell of a place to live, but a wonderful place to visit. Glad I'm gone.


13 Aug 01 - 07:20 PM (#527151)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: MAG

I'd vote for the Fireman-Angel mural in Logan Square, my old 'hood. Got me every time. Harold Washington Library is cool, but I would think so. Wasn't Kingston Mines a repertory theater? When did it go music?

14 Aug 01 - 02:22 AM (#527450)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: sledge

Went to the Kingston mines several years ago, a great night, we left at 4 in the morning when they still had an hour or so to go, now thats a night spot.


14 Aug 01 - 11:23 AM (#527681)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: GUEST,Bearheart

You didn't say what your preferences are. Most of the best suggestions (Chicago Reader) already taken, but if you're into Irish music/culture there's an Irish American newspaper available at the numerous Irish import shops that lists concerts and other live music, etc. Also depending when you're there there are a bunch of Irish festival in the area all summer long.

If you want culture there's the Field museum and Oriental Institie at the U of C, also the Aquarium.

Have fun, the food and music is great!

14 Aug 01 - 12:56 PM (#527765)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: bob jr

go to wriggley stadium! the tour there is much more interesting than you would think and the surronding area (wrigglyville) is where all the cool second hand stores are (i found some great vintage stuff very cheap) and other assorted "cool" establlshments. i also recommend a quick drive through the downtown/finicial district , you are gonna see architecture like nowhere else ,they take that frank wright stuff serious down there! chicago is a great town but if you want to go to a good blues club you got hit the south side

14 Aug 01 - 02:15 PM (#527872)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: Jim the Bart

Navy Pier & North Pier (just west of Navy Pier) are a great place to kill an afternoon. You should find a copy of the Reader there; check the music secton to see who's appearing in town.

The Cubs are on the road, but the Wrigleyville area (Belmont & Halsted, roughly) does have a lot of restaurants and shops.

Go to the Lincoln Park zoo; it's free and fun. Next to it is the conservatory, which has beautiful flora (check out the orchid room). Walk west of the zoo on Fullerton toward Lincoln Avenue; lots of nice architecture. You'll pass Clark Street; there are many nice stores, bars, restaurants & used music stores to the north on Clark. Lots of cool stuff like that on Lincoln Avenue, too.

Places to see music: The Abbey Pub, the Old Towne School (sometimes, but not always), B.L.U.E.S, Rosa's (for real blues), Fitzgeralds (great variety, high quality. You'll need to take a cab to most of the music places mentioned. There are some good local bars with music and comedy on North Halsted, and in the area around Belmont and Clark.

Most of what I've mentioned is near the lake on the North Side; there are other places in other beautiful neighborhoods, but they can be difficult to navigate into and out of without a guide. If you see something you want to do in the Reader's Guide in the Reader (if you aren't familiar with the Reader, it is a free newspaper available in most bars and a lot of stores), call first, ask directions. Give them your street location, and if you can't walk it, take a cab.

This is going to be a great weekend to be in the City. I'm tied up with "family affairs" or I'd join you. Have fun!

14 Aug 01 - 02:37 PM (#527901)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: Jack the Sailor

Wow!! Great advice!!

Any tips on where to stay, reasonable price near lots of pubs?

14 Aug 01 - 02:44 PM (#527907)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: MAG

I'd second Rosa's for Blues. "Wrigletville" is a name invented by the developers when they rehabbed the area around Wrigley Field. I used to live there, too, and we watched the games from the roof, like everybody else in the 'hood. The yups who took it over did their best to stop lights and night games.

I worked as a printer on South Dearborn when it was still all printshops, too, before they got shoved out and the rehabbers turned it into condos and named it "Printer's Row." If you want to see art, the Art Institute is truly wonderful. They have what's left of the old Stock Exchange; an awful lot of the Prairie School stuff got ripped down by Hizzonor in a rebuilding frenzy, until enough people got really upset. Tuesday used to be free day. Irish Heritage Center on the Northwest side if you want Irish.

You really can't lose. I'm getting homesick! -- MAG

14 Aug 01 - 02:48 PM (#527910)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??

I'm surpised no one has mentioned the Art Institute, near the lake, Grant Park, etc. Astounding art museum.

14 Aug 01 - 02:50 PM (#527916)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??

Oops Mag! I must have been posting at the same time as you. Great minds think alike, don't they? ;-)

14 Aug 01 - 03:35 PM (#527955)
Subject: RE: Help: Chicago what to see??
From: Jim the Bart

Sailor -

I don't know if I can help you with "cheap" lodging, but I've included a link to the Chicago hotel guide. Check out the prices. Of the hotels listed, I'd check out the Best Western Inn of Chicago (on Ohio Street), or the Comfort Inn in Lincoln Park. Any of the Magnificent Mile Hotels will be fabulous, but pricey; the downtown hotels are probably OK.

click here

Also, here (hopefully) is a link to the Chicago Reader online:

click here

Hope the links worked.
Good luck and have a ball!