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Allegro (MUS) &abc

22 Aug 01 - 09:31 AM (#533174)
Subject: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: tobarkn

I would like to know something about Allegro, I didn´t find any topic about this.

I have quite a lot of ABC irish trad tunes, and I would like to put on my computer the arrangements for 8 instruments.

I can´t find a convertor from abc to allegro (.mus).

does anyone knows more about this,

thanks a lot!

22 Aug 01 - 10:01 AM (#533190)
Subject: RE: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: MMario

I don't see any direct way to do this - you could use Panvane's program to pull in the abc and create a midi - then pull the midi into Allegro.

22 Aug 01 - 11:26 AM (#533246)
Subject: RE: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: JohnInKansas

Allegro is one of the Coda Music programs, along with Finale and PrintMusic, and is the "bargain" program they recommend for "midi-intensive" work. It appears that all of their programs use the .mus file spec. Since Coda is one of the "principals" in the business, you may find other (competing) products that will import .mus files, but probably not many that will export them. (Their cheapest program, Finale Notepad, is so limited I wouldn't bother with it. It doesn't do midi(?).)

As far as I can tell, none of the common commercial programs aknowledges the existence of ABC. There may be one out there that will import an abc file, but I haven't seen that mentioned in any of their descriptions.

On the ABC SITE, you can find:

Also at: AbcPlay Home
An ABC player for a PC Windows system with a Midi/Sound card. The program has a number of handy features to make to hearing of ABC files easy, also has cut/paste functions and the ability to save tunes as a Midi File. Written by Bernard Chenery, Tasmania.

abcMIDI Also at: abcMIDI Home
James Allwright's package to convert abc to MIDI and MIDI to abc. Since most standard music packages support MIDI output, this should make it easier to generate abc from commercial software. It is available on the web as C source code. It also contains abc2abc which can be used to transpose abc.


Also at abcMIDIfier Home
A Windows utility by Dave Glenn which provides a user-friendly front-end to James Allwright's abcMIDI package.

Perhaps one of these would be helpful. They should all be shareware, and may be available as trial copies - I haven't checked.

Pavane's program (or one of his programs) has been reported as doing a good job of converting abc to midi. I don't have a site url handy, but if you find any thread he has posted to and click his name, it should give you plenty of places to find him - if he doesn't get here first.

The suggestion would be that you make a midi from the abc and then almost any notation program will import the midi and turn it into a score.


22 Aug 01 - 11:33 AM (#533251)
Subject: RE: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: JohnInKansas

Is 3 out of 4 not bad?

Sorry, but the ABC SITE clicky above goes to the ABC FAQ page.

It should have been ABC SITE.

#%!@~ too many screens open!


22 Aug 01 - 04:33 PM (#533491)
Subject: RE: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: M.Ted

I'll suggest a simple thing--flip the ABC to the split screen mode (shows file as notation) print it out as notation and then just copy the notes into allegro via keyboard.

Keyboard entry is pretty straightforward, and even assuming that you could convert, you'll have to go through the converted score measure for measure anyway--you'll probably save time in the long run--

22 Aug 01 - 05:20 PM (#533537)
Subject: RE: Allegro (MUS) &abc
From: Anglo

As a longtime Finale user, I agree with M. Ted. After importing a midi file into Finale (or Allegro), you still have work to do to get the file looking right. The only advantage is, if you know the notes in the abc are correct, then you won't add any extra mistakes (though even there an F# might come out as a Gb, or something like that, so you do have to check).