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LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)

26 Jan 98 - 09:22 AM (#19924)
Subject: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Ezio


(Mo bhronar an Bhfarraige=Curse on the sea)

Translation: David Marcus and Douglas Hyde
Music: Seàn Tyrrell

My curse on the sea it has torn us apart
Keeps me away from the love of my heart
I'm left in this town all alone with my sorrow
And no sight of her face today or tomorrow.

I wish I was with my darling one fair
In the province of Leinster or wild County Clare
I wish I was with the one I love best
On the deck of a ship sailing of to the west.

Abandoned and forsaken to grief and to care
Will the sea ever waken relief from despair
Were I with my love though heart bitter bound
On the deck of a ship for America bound.

A bed of twigs was my bed last night
But I cast them away when the dawn was bright
With my loved one beside me how happy we'd rest
My mouth to her mouth her breast to my breast.

Sung by Seàn Tyrrell on «Cry of a dreamer» (1995)

26 Jan 98 - 07:15 PM (#19961)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Dan Mulligan

Do you have the music for that? Dan Mulligan

26 Jan 98 - 07:29 PM (#19963)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Barry

Ezio, this album, 'Cry Of The Dreamer', seems to have struck you something mighty, I've been following your recent posts of his material. Are all the songs, things that Sean has found & set to his own tunes, or tunes of others? Are any of the songs traditional words & music? I don't know what type of stuff he's recorded or known for? Can you shed a little more light, Thanks Barry

26 Jan 98 - 08:36 PM (#19971)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Barry

Ezio, I didn't see the other 3 posts, before responding to this one here, the other ones I was refering to were back a week or two ago. Still post the info though & any thing else on the writters. Thanks Ezio, for not only these but for all the others right along. Barry

26 Jan 98 - 09:59 PM (#19978)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Joe Offer

I think I'd agree with Ezio's enthusiasm for this album. Shortly after I saw one of the first songs Ezio posted from this album, I saw the CD in a clearance rack. Best $2.95 I ever spent, almost. Sean Tyrrell's songs are very thoughtful, interesting presentations. I think Ezio has given songwriter names as he's posted the songs, so I won't belabor that. The almost-title song, "Cry of THE Dreamer," is a poem by John Boyle O'Reilly, set to a traditional tune by Tyrell. Many of the other songs are old poems with tunes written by Tyrell. Excellent stuff.
The album is called "Cry of A Dreamer," Hannibal CD #HNCD 1391, issued in 1995.
-Joe Offer-

27 Jan 98 - 04:05 AM (#20006)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Ezio

DAN: I have the CD. I could set up a .WAV file of the song and post it to you. Let me know.

JOE: I'm very glad you appreciated my 'unconscious' advice about Sean Tyrrell (at 2.95 it IS really a great GIFT!). I like this singer very much. Best songs are (in my opinion): '12th of July' and the Sean's personal version of the famous 'Coasts of Malabar'. A strangeness: the title of the CD is "Cry of A dreamer", the title of on of the songs is "Cry of THE dreamer".

BARRY (and others): I love DT, and I think the best way to show that is to collect lyrics and post them, helping DT to get bigger and better. In this case, I did a lot of typing - in my spare time - for DT and all the Mudcatters (I'm sorry if you will find some typos - I typed very carefully). As a matter of fact, I've typed (and posted) all the lyrics on Tyrrell's CD 'Cry of a dreamer'songs', excepted the following: - Isle of Inisfree - Coast of Malabar that were already in DT. Also, along each lyric I've posted the songwriter's name(s) and the author(s) of the music (when stated). On the whole, I've posted almost any important info that can be found on the CD's leaflet, excepted the names of musicians. Therefore, I'm adding here this last chunck of info:

MUSICIANS: Sean Tyrrell: Vocals/Mando/Cello/Mando-Bass/Tenor Guitar/Mandola/4-string Banjo Liam Lewis: Fiddle/Viola Steve Hanks: Saxophones/Clarinet Davy Spillane: Uillean Pipes/Low Whistles Tommy Peoples: Viola Màirtin O'Connor: Accordion Paul Gunnig: Accordion Kevin Crawford: Flute/Bodhran Brendan Mulligan: Harmonica/Jaws Harp Greg Boland: Electric-Slide Guitar Frankie Colohan: Electric Guitars/Acoustic Guitars Shane Holden: Acoustic Guitar Jimmy Fitzgerald: Acoustic Guitar Johnny Mulhern: Acoustic Guitar P.J. Curtis: Highstring Guitars/Keyboards/Bodhran Colin Boland: Piano James Blennerhassett: Electric Freetless Bass/Acoustic Bass Jimmy Cubbard: Drums/Percussion



06 Sep 16 - 03:38 AM (#3808566)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)
From: Abdul The Bul Bul

Just discovered this song recently when performed by Chris Sherburn, Denny Bartley with Emily Sanders at Towersey.
Found this on Youtube - Connie's Song , an earlier performance without Emily.
Song is now on my 'to do' list

06 Sep 16 - 08:47 AM (#3808618)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Connie's song (Mo bhronar an Bhfarr)

I'm not sure how 'Mo bhron ar an bhFarraige' comes to be Connie's song but that translation is rather too free for my taste. This is what I get from Hyde's book.

My grief on the sea!
How the waves of it roll!
For they heave between me
And the love of my soul!

Abandoned, forsaken,
To grief and to care,
Will the sea ever waken
Relief from despair?

Were I and my darling,
(Oh, heart-bitter wound!)
But on board of the ship
For America bound.

Oh my grief, and my trouble!
Would he and I were
In the province of Leinster,
Or county of Clare.

On a green bed of rushes
All last night I lay,
And I flung it abroad
With the heat of the day.

And my love came behind me,
He came from the south;
His breast to my bosom,
His mouth to my mouth.