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Linda Allen

04 Sep 01 - 08:02 AM (#541426)
Subject: C D

Where can I purchase L Allen CD with October Roses track on it / also Sue Edmonds & L Tanner CD with The IPD on it.Tried Mudcat shop with no luck - can anyone help??

04 Sep 01 - 11:34 AM (#541577)
Subject: RE: Linda Allen
From: GUEST,mag at work

Dear AG, you can assuredly get them from CAMSCO (Dick Greenhaus). There doesn't seem to be a link through the shops and auction, but put CAMSCO in a forum search, and you should get his 800 number. Be sure and mention Mudcat.

04 Sep 01 - 05:13 PM (#541857)
Subject: RE: Linda Allen
From: Stewart

Try here.

S. in Seattle

04 Sep 01 - 06:19 PM (#541922)
Subject: Mag at work & Stewart

Thanks Stewart and Mag - greatly appreciate your help.Regards - Ann UK

04 Sep 01 - 06:40 PM (#541942)
Subject: RE: Linda Allen
From: Marymac90

I believe The IPD was written by, (and I know it was recorded by) Australian Judy Small. She recorded it some years ago, so I don't know if it's easily obtainable. It's one of the funniest songs I can think of off the top of my head. You're not sure what it's about? Well, you know what an IUD is, don't you? Well, imagine if research into birth control for men had proceeded apace with that for women...... And imagine if men took equal responsibility for birth control... Ahhhh... uh huh... You've got the idea now!

Chorus of The IPD

(I may have the wording of the 4th line off a little bit.)

Oh, the IPD, the IPD,
It may not feel to good to you,
But it's not hurting me!
And every time it hurts so bad
Your eyes fill up with tears,
Remember I put up with it for years!


04 Sep 01 - 09:01 PM (#542036)
Subject: RE: Linda Allen
From: Joe Offer

"The I.P.D.," words by Lian Tanner, music by Sue Edmonds, was performed by Judy Small on "One Voice in the Crowd" (c. 1985, Crafty Maid Music, Australia). Click for lyrics in the Digital Tradition. That album doesn't seem to be available, but you can find a Judy Small album with "IPD" in the Ladyslipper Catalog (click). I'm sure Dick Greenhaus at CAMSCO can also get Judy Small recordings for you.

I couldn't find any listing for recordings by Lian Tanner and Sue Edmonds - can anybody help with that?

-Joe Offer-

05 Sep 01 - 04:19 AM (#542250)
Subject: Joe Offer
From: GUEST,Ann UK

Thanks for your reply to my question, Joe. Regards Ann

05 Sep 01 - 05:00 AM (#542266)
Subject: RE: Linda Allen
From: Mark Cohen

Ann, if you go to Linda Allen's website, you'll find out how to order "October Roses" directly. (The pages are a little slow to load, so you may want to go right to her discography page; at the bottom of the page is a link for ordering. Linda sometimes stops in on the Mudcat. A fine writer, singer, and musician, and a wonderful person.