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L Tanner & Sue Edmonds

04 Sep 01 - 06:24 PM (#541924)
Subject: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: GUEST,Ann UK

Anyone tell me where I can purchase CD's of above artists? I particularly want the CD with IPD on it - thanks in anticipation

04 Sep 01 - 08:57 PM (#542034)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: Sorcha

We need a little more information, here. The only musical reference I could find to a Sue Edmonds was as the inventor of the "hubbaphone" in Woolagong, AUST.

What is "L. Tanners first name?
What kind of music do they play? CAMSCO doesn't list them.
What is "IPD"? Lyric snippets?
Country of origin? or where they play/tour?

04 Sep 01 - 09:10 PM (#542040)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: Marymac90

As I said in the OTHER thread requesting this song:

Chorus of The IPD by (I think) Judy Small

It's the IPD, the IPD,
It may not feel too good to you
But it's not hurting me
And every time it hurts so much
Yours eyes o'erflow with tears
Remember I've put up with it for years


04 Sep 01 - 09:11 PM (#542041)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: Sorcha

Sorry, MM, I missed the other thread........oops, my bad.

04 Sep 01 - 09:31 PM (#542058)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: Jeri

Still looking for where Ann UK can buy the recording by the people named, though. I can't seem to find anything on a search.

04 Sep 01 - 11:02 PM (#542125)
Subject: RE: Lian Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: Joe Offer

"The I.P.D.," words by Lian Tanner, music by Sue Edmonds, was performed by Judy Small on "One Voice in the Crowd" (c. 1985, Crafty Maid Music, Australia). Click for lyrics in the Digital Tradition. That album doesn't seem to be available, but you can find a Judy Small album with "IPD" in the Ladyslipper Catalog (click). I'm sure Dick Greenhaus at CAMSCO can also get Judy Small recordings for you.

I couldn't find any listing for recordings by Lian Tanner and Sue Edmonds - can anybody help with that?

-Joe Offer-
Digital Tradition Lyrics:

(L. Tanner, Sue Edmonds)

I'll sing you all a song about a wondrous new device
The nation's latest contraceptive plan
That funny little object they call the IUD
Has recently been changed to fit a man

CHO: It's the IPD, the IPD
It may not feel too good to you but it's not hurting me
So every time the pain begins to fill your eyes with tears
Remember I put up with it for years

They tested it on whales and they tried it out on mice
They used it in the poorer parts of town
It's the cleverest invention since the automatic lift
It's guaranteed to never let you down (CHO)

It was proven to be safe for the average human male
Though testing showed some minor side effects
There were two died of infection and six were sterilized
But only ten percent were too depressed (CHO: By the...)

But you know some people are never satisfied
So scientists are working once again
They've got something even better than the good old IPD
It's called the morning after pill for men

It's the pill, it's better than the IPD
It may not be too safe but we'll just have to wait and see
So put away your worries and put away your fears
Remember I put up with it for years

It's the IPD, . . .

copyright 1985 Hereford Music
Recorded by Judy Small
@feminist @medicine
filename[ IPDEVICE

22 Mar 11 - 05:39 PM (#3119305)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds

Lian and ue were two members of the oringinal/first feminist band in Hobart, Tasmania, in the early '80s. The Ovarian Sisters. They were pretty awesome and heaps of fun, full of very political wit.


12 Aug 18 - 09:51 AM (#3943384)
Subject: RE: L Tanner & Sue Edmonds
From: rich-joy

Possibly a little late for Guest AnnUK,
but The Ovarian Sisters whole 13-track LP "Beat Your Breasts" is at present up on YouTube :

Cheers, R-J