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Thanking American Vets.

16 Sep 01 - 06:09 PM (#551797)
Subject: Thanking American Vets. & heroes
From: Charcloth

I am sure this has been covered before but... Yesterday I was performing at an assisted living facility & I asked the folks there if any were vetrans. 4 men raised their hands & I said "I'd like to thank you for what you have contributed to protecting America's freedom, you have my respect & honor, thank you" I then played "Amazing Grace" on my pipes in honor of those firemen & policemen & all those who have given their lives this past week trying to rescue those victims of this tragic week. And to the folks on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, I also wish I could thank you. May Grace be upon you, Charcloth [I just had to speak my heart]

16 Sep 01 - 07:30 PM (#551875)
Subject: RE: Thanking American Vets.
From: GUEST,chip2447

Charcloth, Thank you for remembering us. I once met a member of the Tuskogee Airmen, and offered my hand and thanks to that elderly gentlman as I do to every veteran that I meet...peace time or war. My Thanks for wearing the uniform, military, or civilian in the case of Law enforcenment or Fire fighters, is such a small thing but it's the best thing I can offer.

17 Sep 01 - 10:56 AM (#552258)
Subject: RE: Thanking American Vets.
From: Liz the Squeak

In England if you do that, they get quite upset, and think you're patronising them. In my old Brigadiers' words, "we were doing a job, we were paid to do it, some of us did it more willingly than others, some of us very nearly didn't make it at all. We all left someone behind, either on the battlefield or at home. It was our job, and we just did it."

I still say thank you anyway.


17 Sep 01 - 11:53 AM (#552291)
Subject: RE: Thanking American Vets.
From: Steve in Idaho

Thank You for remembering us. This phenomenon has been occuring more frequently of late. And it is always with mixed feelings that I respond to it. It was my job and I did it. I've always been proud of my service to country and never hid it - not even when it was politically impolite to do so.

My service changed me. This destruction has also altered me. In ways I have no clue about yet.

So Thanks - if you really want to say Thanks - go to your local Veteran's Hospital and volunteer some of your time. Time is the only gift we really have to give you know.

Peace - Steve

17 Sep 01 - 12:56 PM (#552344)
Subject: RE: Thanking American Vets.
From: Sarah2

The Tuskogee Airmen are still very much in existence and operative, by the way. My son came back to San Diego in May after being attached to their unit in Kuwait. (He's in ordinance, USMC.) He says they're the best in all ways.