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Lyr Req: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

02 Feb 98 - 07:27 PM (#20505)
Subject: Lyrics Request--

I heard this song at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and i am dying to learn the lyrics but I can't find them anywhere! Help on either what the lyrics are or where to locate them would be appreciated!

02 Feb 98 - 07:49 PM (#20508)
Subject: RE: Lyrics Request--

Can you give us a line or two?

03 Feb 98 - 11:17 PM (#20578)
Subject: RE: Lyrics Request--
From: Frank Maher

I dont know about Ginny MacCall,but I know a song called Dinny MacCall. Cheers Frank

04 Feb 98 - 02:54 AM (#20589)
From: Murray

I think you mean the following [from The Joe Gordon Album (Glasgow: Kerr, cop.1959), p. 4, with music in staff and sol-fa]. Traditional melody, it says, words by Joe Gordon, well-known balladeer of the fifties & later.

(Joe Gordon)

A fine wee lass, a bonnie wee lass, is bonnie wee Jeannie McColl;
I gave her ma mither's engagement ring and a bonnie wee tartan shawl;
I met her at a waddin' in the Co-operative Hall,
I wis the best man and she wis the belle o' the ball.

The very first night I met her she wis awfy, awfy shy,
The rain cam' poorin' doon, but she wis happy, so wis I.
We ran like mad fur shelter an' we landed up a stair,
The rain cam' poorin' oot o' ma breeks, but och I didna care:
For she's a [cho.]

Noo I've wad my Jeannie an' bairnies we hiv three,
Twa dochters and a wee, we fellah that sits upon my knee.
They're richt wee holy terrors an' they're never still fur lang,
But they sit and listen every nicht while I sing this song [sic!] Oh it's a [etc.]

If you need the tune, just ask. Fax? Snailmail? I'm not good at these newfangled codes and whatnot. Cheers

04 Feb 98 - 02:50 PM (#20633)
Subject: RE: Lyrics Request--
From: dick greenhaus

Murray- Any time you want to post a tune and don't know how, snail-mail me a copy; I'll transcribe and post it.

05 Oct 98 - 10:49 PM (#40457)
Subject: Bonnie Jeannie McColl

I'm looking for the words to "Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl. Anyone out there help me ?


14 Oct 98 - 01:03 AM (#41617)
Subject: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

I'm looking for the lyrics to Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl. Anyone know of a site where I might get them...

21 Nov 99 - 10:11 AM (#139137)
Subject: RE: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

looking for words,text to song bonnie wee jeannie mccoll

21 Nov 99 - 10:16 AM (#139139)
Subject: RE: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl