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Idea from NYC...

18 Sep 01 - 07:26 AM (#553076)
Subject: Idea from NYC...
From: InOBU

A couple of ideas from here in Downtown New York City... Pass it on if it sound good to you...lets rebuild the WTC with a few provisions... Open a Pennsylvania steal plant and reforge the original steal. Rename it the World Peace Center. All the best, Larry

18 Sep 01 - 11:41 AM (#553216)
Subject: RE: Idea from NYC...
From: Suffet

Maybe we can also reopen the plant in Youngstown, Ohio, with Bruce Springsteen singing at the dedication.

--- Steve

19 Sep 01 - 12:02 AM (#553682)
Subject: RE: Idea from NYC...
From: Rich(bodhránai gan ciall)

Here in Pittsburgh, I'm sure this would certainly appeal to a lot of people. I definitely like the thought of the new name.


19 Sep 01 - 01:15 AM (#553708)
Subject: RE: Idea from NYC...
From: Susan from California

Speaking of Springsteen, wasn't it him singing "We Shall Overcome" while a photo montage was shown on NBC? It was beautiful whoever sang it. I hope to see it again. Whatever is done to the area, some sort of memorial needs to be done. The area is , after all, a cemetery of sorts.