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Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa

16 Oct 99 - 05:51 PM (#124670)
Subject: Tune req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Len Wallace

Dear Friends,

In the film "Dancing at Lughnasa", there is a very wonderful scene when the five sisters spontanously rise to dance to an instrumental the same name of the film.

Does anyone know where I can find the tune written on the net?

20 Sep 01 - 06:01 AM (#554701)
Subject: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Sarah the flute

Well I'm actually using the Mudcat for REAL work!!! School are putting on a production of Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa. Does anyone have the lyrics and music for the following that are mentioned in the play?

Will you come to Abyssinia

Will you vote for De Valera

Dancing in the Dark

It's time to say goodnight

Any help or pointers would be very gratefully received. Any suitable alternatives to these would be OK as well. Thanks friends

20 Sep 01 - 10:51 AM (#554847)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Sorcha

This site will loan copies of Will You Come To Abyssinia to libraries………….
Info about 1998 movie Dancing at….

Perhaps you could rent the movie and see what they did with the songs. I am not finding any of them on line; seems they were written just for the play. I wonder why your copies of the play did not include them? Seems odd.

21 Sep 01 - 03:40 AM (#555557)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Sarah the flute

Thanks Sorcha. I did see the film a while back and think I may have to rent it out again. I've got a hunch that the songs are actually something fairly traditional - well the tunes are anyway with different titles due to copyright for the film etc. Seems I've got landed with the choreography for this one and for providing the live music. Still should be fun. Did a practice tape of The Mason's Apron (as in film) at quarter speed to help learn step dancing to!!!

24 Sep 01 - 03:37 AM (#557502)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Sarah the flute

Still searching - anyone any clues?

25 Sep 01 - 03:31 AM (#558053)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Sarah the flute

Final plea ....not desparation ... honest!

25 Sep 01 - 07:21 PM (#558717)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Mr Red

Saw the film
the words to the songs didn't sound familiar to me but I assumed they were beyond my ken.
liked the film a lot.

09 Aug 02 - 02:14 AM (#762371)
Subject: Lyr Add: DANCING IN THE DARK (Dietz/Schwartz)
From: Lin in Kansas

Hi Sarah--

Is the "Dancing in the Dark" you're looking for this one?

Words by Howard Dietz; music by Arthur Schwartz.
From the musical comedy "The Band Wagon."
New York: Harms Inc., ©1931.

1. Dancing in the dark till the tune ends,
We're dancing in the dark and it soon ends.
We're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here.
Time hurries by; we're here and gone.

2. Looking for the light of a new love
To brighten up the night, I have you, love;
And we can face the music together,
Dancing in the dark.

3. What though love is old,
What though song is old,
Through them we can be young.
Hear this heart of mine.
Make yours part of mine.
Dear one,
Tell me that we're one.


09 Aug 02 - 08:43 AM (#762545)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa

Why don't you email Brian Friel's theatre company, Field Day? I'm sure someone here can give you an email for them.

11 Aug 02 - 10:04 AM (#763352)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: Jim Dixon

This information probably comes to late to help Sarah the Flute with her play, but it's interesting, nonetheless:

I found this quote at

    There was a war in Africa. Eyetalians in aeroplanes were dropping bombs on Natives who only had assegais and shields. It wasn't fair, so everybody sang:

    "Will you come to Abyssinia, will you come?
    Bring your own ammunition and your gun.
    Mossaleeni [Mussolini?] will be there,
    Shooting peanuts in the air.
    Will you come to Abyssinia, will you come?"

07 Apr 08 - 10:41 AM (#2309082)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: GUEST,Caroline

Did you ever find your music? I'm searching for one recording -- "It is Time to Say Goodnight". Any information one this would be appreciated :) Thanks!

08 Apr 08 - 11:19 PM (#2310784)
Subject: Lyr Add: IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT (Gibson/Hall)
From: Jim Dixon

IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT was recorded by the BBC Dance Orchestra, Al Bowlly, and Ray Noble. These lyrics come from a couple of sound samples of a much later recording by Connie Francis. I don't know whether they're complete. The publication data comes from the National Library of Australia web site. It sounds like a lullaby in waltz time:

Words by Kate Gibson; music by Henry Hall; arranged by Jimmy Lally.
London: Ascherberg Hopwood & Crew, c1953.

It's time to say goodnight,
And it's time to close your eyes.
Let's put out the light,
Till the dawn breaks through the skies.
While long shadows creep,
May your dreams be sweet and bright.
In a moment, you'll be sound asleep.
It's time to say goodnight.

[By the way, as far as I can tell, IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT was not used in the film version of "Dancing at Lughnasa" and does not appear in the soundtrack album.]

18 Oct 11 - 06:23 PM (#3240986)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa
From: GUEST,Annie

This is, of course, much too late but just in case anyone else is using this for research: when we performed this play we roughly fit the lyrics of "Will you come to Abyssinia" to the traditional song "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain". We assumed it was a rough parody of a traditional Irish song or something rather than an actual song. The tune worked rather well because of its raucous nature, and I think it would be homegrown because of course Mussolini had just invaded Abyssinia at the time this play is set and DeValera and the IRA had just fallen out of the news.

"Dancing in the Dark" must be the John Barker version because of the time the play is set. Type that into Google and you should be able to listen/download. Same with the Henry Hall waltz "It's Time to Say Goodnight". I think Henry Hall also covered "The Isle of Capri" and "Oh Play to Me Gypsy", both of which also feature in the play.

Handy to anyone?

12 Nov 12 - 05:07 AM (#3435086)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dancing at Lughnasa

type this in to youtube and you will get Its Time to Say gOODNIGHT.... WE GO ON STAGE ON mONDAY 19TH nOVEMBER IN aTHY kILDARE iRELAND, BEST PLAY I ever directed

Waltz - It's Time To Say Goodnight