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NZ Folk

03 Oct 01 - 07:48 AM (#564110)
Subject: NZ Folk
From: GUEST,White Dove

Subject: NZ News From: kiwigreen Date: 03-Oct-01 - 03:36 AM

Hi White Dove, Tauranga unplugged unlimited folk is in full swing with a night of traditional Kiwi Songs with yours truly as MC. We are in the middle of a spring heat wave. Hi Pip ..I have reposted this here okay.

Its good to hear how yur folk world is doing. did you spot the message for White dove thread. My news is posted there. I will send you an e-mail too.

Mega hugs Roz

03 Oct 01 - 06:30 PM (#564510)
Subject: RE: NZ Folk
From: kiwigreen

Hi white dove got your email and the message through Mudcat... still dont really know what the hell I'm doing on this gadget your ever loving sister Pip!!!