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Lyr Req: Loving of the Game

05 Oct 01 - 04:40 PM (#565877)
Subject: Loving of the Game
From: GUEST,frankie

I believe it was written by Pat Garvey and was performed by Steve Goodman on his "Somebody Else's Troubles" LP. I can't remember all the words. Thanks in advance.


05 Oct 01 - 04:48 PM (#565882)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: DonMeixner

Here is a start, maybe someone can fill in the rest

I've seen the feather rive glide over shinning golden sand,
I've struck a silver ribbon wide, I've held a million in my hand.
But beside the looking for, The findin's always tame,
And ain't nothin' drives a gambler, like the lovin’ of the game.


05 Oct 01 - 05:08 PM (#565900)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game

All my life I ran around,
Searching hard from town to town.
But I never really found,
anything to tie me down.
Oh beside the looking for,
Well the finding's always tame.
And there's nothing moves a gambler,
Like the loving of the game.

3rd verse

Goodbye darling don't you cry,
Hope that things pan out for you.
All the good times rolling by,
Got to have ourselves a few.
Oh I would not trade my time,
For a solid diamond claim.
No I would not trade a fortune,
For the loving of the game.

Thanks for the verse and for jump starting my memory Don. I think those are remaining words and the correct sequence. frankie

06 Oct 01 - 01:02 AM (#566105)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Deckman

Last I heard, maybe ten years ago, Pat Garvy runs a bookstore in Seattle. CHEERS, Bob (If you are a mudcatter pat, jump in here).

06 Oct 01 - 02:35 AM (#566123)
Subject: Lyr Add: LOVING OF THE GAME (Pat Garvey)
From: GUEST,karen

I assume you already hit the lyric bank so I'm not going to seem flagrant about it???

It says lyrics by Pat Garvey / This is from Judy Collins album (varied a bit)

I watched the feather river glide
Over shinin' golden sand
Struck the silver ribbon wide
Held a million in my hand
But besides the lookin' for
The finding's always tame
And there's nothin' drives a gambler
Like the lovin' of the game

All my life I've searched around
Travelin' hard from town to town
But I never really found
Anything to tie me down
Still I would not trade my time
For a solid diamond claim
No, I would not trade a fortune
For the lovin' of the game

So long Darlin' don't you cry
I hope that things turn out for you
All these good times goin' by
Got to get ourselves a few
Where I'm going has no end
What I'm seeking has no name
Oh the treasure's not for takin
It's the lovin' of the game
The lovin' of the game

23 Dec 01 - 10:06 PM (#615614)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: GUEST,Robert M. Jones

Several other artists have recorded this song. A couple of groups, Jerry Jeff Walker and most recently Steven Fromholz. I admit to being a life long Fromholz fan and he does a great job on this song. The CD is Steven Fromholz Live at Anderson Fair and it is the last song on the set. Styeven has a great website www.stevenfromholz,com and the lyrics are there.

I cannot find any information to speak of on Pat Garvey also spelled Garvy, the writer. Did he write or record anything else? I found him listed as singer on a song about the names of men on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall.

24 Dec 01 - 09:57 AM (#615771)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Deckman

Hi Guest Robert ... I'll see if I can locate Pat. It will take me a few days. CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson

24 Dec 01 - 10:27 AM (#615780)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Art Thieme


Pat was a unique writer in Chicago for several years in the early 1970s. He and his wife Victoria were a nationally accepted performing team then. She played piano and was more pop / cabaret than was her husband who played acoustic guitar. Had a good blend together. She went off with other guys and continued to play some of the so-called better venues. (That meant more nightclubby bars in more urbane settings---the same places she'd played when she and Pat were a duo. Places like The Quiet Knight in Chicago---upstairs at Belmont and Sheffield. The Cellar Door in Washington D.C. etc. The Quiet Knight lasted until the first Mayor Daley busted the place on a technicality of the liquor laws. (Being on the second floor, one could not "see in from the street". You had to be able to see in from street level of bars then. It was a little-used rule reserved to stomp on one's foes when the need arose in Chicago at that time and the "shoe fit" the situation.)

The CRIME Richard Harding had committed was that he had allowed a benefit to take place at his club for Dick Simpson--an independant alderman at the time and a foe of Richard J. Daley's.

Pat Garvey didn't really get going as a solo performer after the breakup of the duo as I recall those times.

Art Thieme

24 Dec 01 - 05:23 PM (#615971)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Deckman

To Guest Robert Jones ... I just found a Patrick Garvey in the Seattle phone book ... dissconnected. I know there are several national search engines out there if you want to try to locate him. Good Luck and merry xmas.

To Art ... Yes, your rememberance of the events sure equals mine. Pat and Vicky were quite a team! Best wishes to you this season. CHEERS, Bob

24 Dec 01 - 07:17 PM (#616033)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Deckman

Friend Don Firth just found Pat Garvey. I'll refresh this posting for now and give you more information in a few hours. CHEERS, Bob

24 Dec 01 - 11:03 PM (#616098)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Loving of the Game
From: Deckman

According to the following web site, it appears that Pat Garvey has been perfoming the D.C. for a a few years. If you'll check out this web site, you can probably get in touch with him live.enterhtml.