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Song from Patriot Games movie

09 Oct 01 - 03:51 PM (#568415)
Subject: Patriot Games Song

What song was the band playing in the bar in the movie Patriot Games? Lyrics were something like "and here's to you my ? irish laddie" and "we'll not be broken.Appreciate any help.

10 Oct 01 - 01:55 PM (#569119)
Subject: RE: Patriot Games Song
From: UB Ed

Clannad did the music

10 Oct 01 - 09:55 PM (#569456)
Subject: RE: Patriot Games Song
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Could it be Ramblin Boy (Tom Paxton)?

11 Oct 01 - 02:40 AM (#569588)
Subject: RE: Patriot Games Song
From: mooman

And the opening song to the movie was sung by Maggie Boyle. (There is an interesting story to it which I recounted in a previous thread.)


24 Jun 02 - 10:38 AM (#735727)
Subject: RE: Patriot Games Song
From: Genie

Was it "Ramblin' Boy?" Did this thread query ever get answered. I'm curious about the song, myself.

24 Jan 12 - 11:56 AM (#3295477)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: Jim Dixon

The only song listed on the soundtrack page for "Patriot Games" (1992) at is THEME FROM HARRY'S GAME performed by Clannad. The song was first used in the TV miniseries "Harry's Game" (1982). It was written by Ciaran Brennan and/or Pol Brennan, according to various sources. It has appeared on several Clannad albums and collections of Irish music, and many others have recorded it too.

I have listened to the song, and it seems to be all in Irish Gaelic, which I don't understand and can't transcribe—with the possible exception of the refrain, which sounds like "Fal-lal-the-doe, fal-the-day, fal-the-doe, fal-the day"—which I assume is nonsense, since it closely resembles nonsense refrains I have heard in English-language songs.

The song is quite short, only 2:28 in duration, and is sung so slowly that I figure it can't amount to much more than about 3 lines, apart from the refrain, which is sung, I think, 5 times.

There is another thread about this song: Theme from Harry's Game... but it doesn't contain much information, and no lyrics.

23 Sep 15 - 03:12 AM (#3739222)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie

the quiet land of erin is the title of the song

23 Sep 15 - 05:10 AM (#3739240)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie

Opening song sung by the late Maggie Boyle. The Quite Land of Erin

23 Sep 15 - 05:16 AM (#3739241)
Subject: LYR ADD - The Quiet Land of Erin
From: Sandra in Sydney

The Quiet Land of Erin


Sandy Denny recorded this traditional song live for the BBC Radio 1 programme "My Kind of Folk" on June 26, 1968. This recording was published in 2007 on the 3CD+DVD set Live at the BBC. A home demo from Winter 1968 has never been officially published.

The Quiet Land of Erin was also recorded by Maggie Boyle in 1987 for her solo album Reaching Out, by Grace Notes (with Maggie Boyle) in 1998 for their album Red Wine & Promises, by the Furey Brothers and, as an instrumental, by Alan Stivell.

Grace Notes sing The Quiet Land of Erin

Oh 'tis I would be in Ard Ti Chuain
Where the mountains stands away
And 'tis I would let the Sunday go
In a cuckoo's glen above the bay

Chorus (after each verse):
    Agus, och och Eire lig is o
    Eire leanndubh agus o
    Ah, the quiet land of Erin

Oh my heart is weary all alone
And it sends a lonely cry
To the land that sings beyond my dreams
And the lonely Sundays pass me by

I would travel back the twisted years
Through the bitter wasted wind
If the God above would let me lie
In a quiet place above the wind

See also the Mudcat Café thread
Origins: Ard Ti Chuain / Quiet Land of Erin.

23 Sep 15 - 09:28 PM (#3739422)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: Amergin

The opening poster a talking about a song being sung in a pub while Ford is meeting with Richard Harris. It's not Harry's Game nor Quiet Land of Erin.

20 Aug 17 - 09:30 PM (#3872865)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: GUEST,Paul in America

The singer and guitarist is Ken O Malley The title of the song is The Pride Of Our Land by Blended Spirits
some of the lyrics were...
Here's to you, my brave Irish laddies
we'll not be broken, downhearted, and sad.
So let us drink a toast to all our comrades
that stand for the honour and pride of our land.

23 Aug 17 - 05:45 PM (#3873364)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: Helen

Thanks for the information, Paul in America.

It took 16 years, but the mystery has now been solved.

There is a reference here:

The Pride of Our Land by Paddraig & Noel Duggan performed by The Blended Spirits.


17 Dec 19 - 03:48 PM (#4024272)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: GUEST,Daniel Arthur

Sorry that this reply is almost 2 decades late, but that awesome pub jig the author's talking about is a movie remix of the song "Irish Soldier Laddie"

The essential melody is the same, the bridge of the song has been changed to the main melody for the Patriot Games version. Ken O malley, The Blended Spirits and Padraig Duggan composed and performed it and it was indeed called "The Pride Of Our Land."

All the lyrics I could catch are

"Here's to you, my brave Irish Laddie, we'll not be broken, downhearted and sad, so let us make a toast, to all of our comrades, same for the honour and pride of our land.

We'll sing you a song, from the land of our fathers, a song I could tell you have come to hear me play

They came to destroy the pride of our nation ----"

The Pride Of Our Land hasn't ever been released sadly, from what I understand with a bit of inside knowledge, it was just drummed up specifically for the scene, using Irish Soldier Laddie as the basic melody

Hope this helps

20 Dec 21 - 05:44 AM (#4129452)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: GUEST,Richard Cook

Hi, I was the tinwhistle player on that shoot.

The "band" as far as I know was what's called a "pickup band" in other words put together for that one gig.

Ken O Malley is a well-known Dublin-born Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/guitarist who had done loads of film work. I believe he's the one who put together that pickup band.

I know his band for many years was called Twilight Lords.I don't know if he ever had a band called Blended Spirits, or if that's just a name coined for the pickup band to use in the credits. Stuff like that happens.

In any case the fiddler was Cait Reid who we sadly lost a few years ago. She was a superb LA-based Irish style fiddler.

I don't remember the names of the other people, Ken would know.

About the song we played, I never saw sheet music, we just got together a couple days before the gig and learned it by ear.

We went into a recording studio the day before the shoot.

At the shoot, which by the way was at Molly Malone's Irish Pub on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, they played back our recording and we lip-sync'd to it.

Some of us were also onscreen on a Murder She Wrote episode (S8E17 #171 "To The Last I Will Grapple With Thee").

I was doing Irish Flute, Cait Reid fiddle, Dennis Doyle Irish harp. Not sure of the others, but I believe the dancers were connected with Doireann niMhaoileidigh.

17 Mar 23 - 10:53 PM (#4167857)
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
From: GUEST,Guest

I’ve been trying to find the band and song off and on for many years, and the post above clears things up.