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For Kipling/Bellamy fans

09 Oct 01 - 10:47 PM (#568674)
Subject: For Kipling/Bellamy fans
From: dick greenhaus

For the Kipling fans (and the Peter Bellamy fans), a 2-cd re-release of Bellamy's two albums "Songs and Rummy Conjurin' Tricks" and "Keep on Kipling". Grand total of 41 tracks, mostly Kipling. $14.49 plus shipping at CAMSCO Music.

10 Oct 01 - 01:21 AM (#568739)
Subject: RE: For Kipling/Bellamy fans
From: katlaughing

Hey, Dick, that sounds great! I was "Kipled" from the time I was born; bet my dad would love this one, too.

Thanks, I'll give ya a holler.