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boss tu 12 tuner

19 Oct 01 - 10:11 PM (#576038)
Subject: boss tu 12 tuner
From: 53

how many of you have used or are using the boss tu 12 tuner?

19 Oct 01 - 10:52 PM (#576069)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: 53

if you don't use a boss tuner, then what type do you use?

19 Oct 01 - 11:51 PM (#576091)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: Gary T

I have a TU 12H and consider it my "gold standard" tuner. I also have an Intellitouch, which I use more often now because it's so convenient to carry around and use.

20 Oct 01 - 12:00 AM (#576097)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: Helen

I have a TU-12H as well. It is the only one I have ever used so I can't make useful comparisons. But I am happy with it.


20 Oct 01 - 01:12 AM (#576127)
Subject: boss tu 2
From: Clinton Hammond

Boss TU2 peddle for me thanks... It's on my gear page at


20 Oct 01 - 03:16 AM (#576159)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: Oversoul

I use a Peterson Model 450. Purchased in 1986. It has out-lived a marriage and two cats. Still a great instrument with a good on-board microphone.

22 Oct 01 - 07:50 AM (#577272)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: Whistle Stop

I also have used a Boss TU-12H tuner for years (I've had my current one for about six or seven yers, traveling to all gigs with me). It's pretty much the industry standard these days for a small, portable chromatic tuner, but of course there's lots of competition. I think it's all right, although it has its drawbacks. For one, the needle is kind of "jumpy," making it hard sometimes to zero in on the pitch you want. Two, you need to be right up close to the thing to see it clearly enough; putting it on the floor to look at between tunes is not really an option (the floor version mentioned above might be preferable for this reason). Three, you can't disable the mic when you're plugged into it, so if you're on a noisy stage with other band members also trying to tune up, that needle jumps around a good deal. For these reasons I'm not sure if I'd buy it again, but I also haven't sprung for the additional expense of buying something else to replace it.

22 Oct 01 - 08:03 AM (#577279)
Subject: RE: boss tu 12 tuner
From: mooman

I've never used an electronic tuner as I find them a bit too "accurate" for "in tune" tuning. I have E and A tuning forks secreted away in the depths of my instrument cases for the rare occasions I need them. Normally I tune by ear to an "in head" top E which seems to produce a fairly accurate approximation. More often though I tune to whatever fixed pitch instruments I happen to be playing alongside.

All that being said...I was admiring an Intellitouch in a shop window the other day for its compact and ingenious design! So maybe I'll yet be swayed!