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Req: World War II music

21 Oct 01 - 10:58 PM (#577142)
Subject: World War II music
From: GUEST,

Someone told me to contact you concerning several old songs we are trying to find for a tribute to our World War II veterans for our school television station. I teach media at the school and am in charge of the project.

We have scanned approximately 70 old photographs and want to add appropriate music in the background. The music we are searching for is songs from the war era which were sung here in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. My mother remembers several, and sang the first lines of each. They included: "Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight"
"Pearl Harbor was Bombed one Bright Sabbath Morning"
"Filipino Baby" Mother said there were a couple of others that were popular, but she couldn't think of them. Do you have these songs, or know how we might obtain them? We need them by the end of the week (on CD) because the program needs to air on Veterans Day (Nov. 11th).

Any help would be appreciated.

22 Oct 01 - 12:59 AM (#577179)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: World War II music
From: Genie

I don't know if the songs you are looking for are there, but there are several previous threads here about WWI and WWII music. Just type in "WWII" in the forum search box and click and you'll find lots of great songs and info.

22 Oct 01 - 01:08 AM (#577181)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: World War II music
From: katlaughing

Be sure to go to the LINKS at the top of the menu bar, click on it and follow that to The Lester Levi Library, where you view actual sheet music form such eras as long as they are still not under copyright. If they are free from such, you can print each page and the cover, or for a small fee, they will copy them and send those to you.

Also, for the individual songs you mentioned, try doing a search on the names, as Genie mentioned for general songs and.or start a thread for each song with teh title or words that you know in the title of the thread. Good luck!


22 Oct 01 - 01:10 AM (#577185)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: World War II music
From: katlaughing

I've refreshed one thread for you, WWII songs.

22 Oct 01 - 01:17 AM (#577190)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: World War II music
From: Sorcha

And, a Google search page for WWII songs with several pages of hits. I can think of several; search also Andrews Sisters.

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11 Dec 13 - 11:52 AM (#3583322)
Subject: Lyr Add: COWARDS OVER PEARL HARBOR (Fred Rose)
From: Jim Dixon

It's a bit late to help OP with his/her request, but this seems to be one of the songs that was quoted. You can see an image of the record label, read the lyrics, and hear a recording all one one page, at Also, there is an image of the sheet music, oddly enough, at a Japanese web site here:

Words and music by Fred Rose
As recorded by Denver Darling
Nashville: Acuff-Rose Publications, 1943

1. Pearl Harbor was calm one bright Sabbath morning,
But trouble and strife were lying in wait;
Then out of the sky came hawks of destruction,
Piloted by disciples of hate.

2. When bombs filed the air with all of their fury,
A story of shame was being unfurled.
A coward's desire fell down on Pearl Harbor,
Spreading the war all over the world.

3. Oh, some day they'll pay for all of their evil
When all of their schemes are proven in vain.
We'll never forget that day in Pearl Harbor,
And they'll regret it time and again.

4. Oh, what will they say to all of their children?
And how can they look themselves in the face?
Oh, what will they do that great judgment morning?
They must go down in mortal disgrace.