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Somebodys Brother-Milnsbridge Liberal Club 24 Nov

15 Nov 01 - 01:23 PM (#593377)
Subject: Somebodys Brother
From: GUEST,Raggytash

The Bradford (West Yorkshire, England) based band Somebody's Brother are playing at Milnsbridge Liberal Club near Huddersfield on Saturday 24th November. Whilst not folk, they cover a lot of Dylan and similar music very professionally. There is NO fee on the door, a good selection of beer all at very reasonable prices. The line up normally consists of keyboard, rhythm, lead & bass guitars, drums and if we're lucky Saxophone. Providing vast hordes don't descend the Wombat and I will probably put some supper on. Be good to see some catters there

15 Nov 01 - 03:19 PM (#593462)
Subject: RE: Somebodys Brother
From: Eric the Viking

Hey raggytash-I though you'd died and left us. Maybe could make it. Are you going to see "last nights fun" and "Firm friends" at Golcar on saturday?

15 Nov 01 - 03:20 PM (#593463)
Subject: RE: Somebodys Brother
From: Eric the Viking

Sorry won't be in the area-off to in laws for grub.

15 Nov 01 - 04:28 PM (#593512)
Subject: RE: Somebodys Brother
From: Geoff the Duck

Somebodys Brother are an excellent combo. It is some time now since I last saw them perform, but over the years different line-ups have all been entertaining.
Their material usually consisted of a goodly proportion of Soft Country Rock, including covers of Little Feat, Bob Dylan songs, blues and a variety of other types of music.
They have always been good musically, and a very nice bunch too!
Get to see them if you can!

19 Nov 22 - 12:42 PM (#4158101)
Subject: RE: Somebodys Brother

Hi know this band well. Use to follow Denni still around dint look good last time I saw him. Great band. We live in Oswestry Shropshire Now. It's a good Live music Area. The Fox intown is the place to play. Would be great if you could get a gig there!!