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Lyr Req: Boomerang (Matt McGinn)

19 Nov 01 - 10:28 AM (#595585)
Subject: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: GUEST,Nick Kelly

Does anyone have the lyrics...then I'll stop bothering you.


19 Nov 01 - 10:35 AM (#595591)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: Sorcha

Promises, promises, Nick. I'll go look.

19 Nov 01 - 10:46 AM (#595594)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: Sorcha

All I found was My Boomerang Won't Come Back
and there is no mention of a song title Boomerang on Matt McGinn's home page. Note: there are no lyrics there, just lists.

19 Nov 01 - 11:08 AM (#595611)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: Scabby Douglas

It's on Suzannes page ( well the title is...) but interestingly it's jointly credited to Mat and Thurso Berwick (aka Morris Blythman)..



19 Nov 01 - 11:10 AM (#595613)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: Sorcha

Yes, I saw that and wondered if Suzanne has the lyrics but they just aren't posted. We could PM her, I guess?

19 Nov 01 - 03:30 PM (#595771)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: Abby Sale

There's no song by that title in his book.

19 Nov 01 - 04:20 PM (#595795)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Boomerang by Matt McGinn
From: GUEST,Nick Kelly

If you're talking about "McGinn of Calton" it doesn't contain all of his songs.


19 Nov 01 - 05:27 PM (#595824)
Subject: Lyr Add: BOOMERANG (Thurso Berwick / Matt McGinn)
From: Susanne (skw)

The lyrics aren't on My Songbook yet because they haven't been properly checked, but if Nick and other Mudcatters would lend an ear or two, maybe we could remedy this. So here you are:

(Thurso Berwick / Matt McGinn)

Boomerang, boomerang, just send them back whaur they belang
Alang wi' auld Adenauer, Kennedy's pal
Signor Fanfani and Chairlie de Gaulle
For we dinnae like gifts that go bang
Just try one and see if I'm wrang
The banners are wavin', wha's next for the shavin'
So open the boom, boomerang

Noo they say that the arms ships doon at Dunnoon
Belang tae a big millionaire
Well, ah hope tae hell they get oot o' there soon
Afore we're all up in the air
For the fella that sent them's an awfy nice chap
He sent them out here as a gift
For he'd heard the hotels in Dunnoon were depressed
And he wanted tae gie them a lift

Well there's yobs and there's mugs and there's OAS thugs
And Nazis and Dutchmen(?) galore
A' fear'd frae the Reds crawlin' under their beds
And walkin'(?) behind every door
But we're no takin' orders frae Paris or Bonn
We're no takin' orders frae Rome
We're no goin' alang wi' that Washington gang
We're just tellin' the nutmeg, Go home

But you needn't suppose I'm a Communist
Just 'cause I don't want to die
'Cos' I think that I'm down on their little list
For action if they should come by
But the Russians are thousands of miles away
And the Yankees are just up the road
And no matter who starts it, we'll be the target
Why don't we lighten the load

They say that the Trident ships doon at Faslane
Are there to protect you and me
From strange evil forces that threaten oor land
But they don't say just who they might be
But Scotland's got nae need for Trident at all
Withoot them we're a' daein' fine
Tell Major tae stick a' his nuclear bombs
In a place where the sun doesnae shine

[1984:] In 1961 an event occurred which induced an immediate reaction and which spawned some of the best protest songs of this century: The American submarine depot ship Proteus, along with smaller ships, sailed into the Holy Loch near Dunoon. "Polaris" was the name of the submarine-launched ballistic missile (A-2) which it carried. Public hostility came from a wide cross-section of thought: the Peace Movement, spear-headed by the C.N.D. (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), the Committee for Non-Violent Disarmament, church people and Quakers, the Committee of 100, and members of at least three political parties - Labour, Communist and Scottish Nationalist. (Munro, Revival 68)

[1994:] Matt McGinn wrote the original words of this song, and we've added one verse and one chorus. (Gordon McCulloch, The Eskimo Republic)

The only recording I have is from the video Nick has, a live performance during the 1994 Glasgow Folk Festival. The tune is given as 'Bless 'Em All'. The verse added by Gordon McCulloch must be the final one, about Faslane.
I must admit that I'm at a loss just now as to what made me put Thurso Berwick's (aka Morris Blythman's) name. Maybe there's something in Munro that I didn't copy out.
Is anybody young enough to need help with the politicians' names? :-)