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Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch

08 Dec 01 - 08:36 AM (#606277)
Subject: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

I have just received confirmation that the book is finished and will be launched next week. This is a long awaited event and I shall certainly be buying myself a copy for Christmas.
I don't yet know the format of the book, except that it includes a selection of Graeme's songs and Robin Dale's superb photograghs and that it is called SONGSCAPES
I know a number of people have expressed interest in this, so I will post more information when I have it.

08 Dec 01 - 04:42 PM (#606425)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Sandy Paton

Give us the publisher information as soon as you get it. Graeme Miles is one of our favorite songmakers. Indeed, many of his offerings could fool the folklorists, they sound so traditional. Besides, we love fox hunting songs in which the fox gets away! I'll get this songbook as soon as it's available.

I understand that Martyn Wyndham-Read has just recorded a CD of Graeme Miles songs. That'll be something to hear!


08 Dec 01 - 07:01 PM (#606470)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Stewie

Sandy, the Wyndham-Read album is a beauty. I wasn't aware of Miles before I heard it. He is an impressive songwriter. The details are: Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man's Band 'Where Ravens Feed' Fellside FECD157.

Cheers, Stewie.

08 Dec 01 - 07:51 PM (#606485)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

Sandy ...... the launch of the book and Martyn's Album were supposed to happen simultaniously at Holmfirth Folk Festival in May but printing problems delayed the book.

I know how hard Graeme and Robin have worked so am very pleased that it is now a completed project which will hopefully give Graeme the recognition he deserves.

By the way Stewie, Martyn has recorded a number of Graeme's songs over the years, the difference with "Where Ravens Feed" is that it is all Graeme's songs. A real feast ...... as was "Horumarye" the selection of Miles songs recorded by The Wilsons

08 Dec 01 - 10:55 PM (#606557)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Stewie

Nutty, I have probably heard them then. I have most of Martyn's recordings. I got them for his traditional stuff and settings of bush poetry and therefore never bothered to look at who wrote any of the contemporary songs. I'll have a look. Thanks.


08 Dec 01 - 11:04 PM (#606563)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Sandy Paton

We learned of Miles when we got the Wilson Family album. What a splendid record that is! We played it for Dick Greenhaus the other day when he brought up our latest acquisition - the Voice of the People set of 20 CDs from Topic. (Incredible!) Watch for Camsco to have the Wyndham-Read CD on his shelves right away. Does anyone plan to turn the Wilson Family record into a CD?


09 Dec 01 - 08:41 AM (#606689)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: karen k

Certainly am looking forward to both the CD and the songbook.

09 Dec 01 - 01:52 PM (#606768)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Sandy Paton

We recorded Miles' "Dark December" on our 'Twas On a Night Like This (CD-114), a collection of less well-known seasonal songs and tunes. Ed Trickett, Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Sandy and Caroline Paton, with Skip Gorman on fiddle, Dave Paton on concertina and hammered dulcimer. Rob Paton joins us on a couple of the songs and Gordon Bok dropped by to record the narration of Howard Thurman's thoughtful benediction. No disclaimer here; I'm certainly involved in the product (and the hustle). Find it at the Folk-Legacy web site. I've forgotten how to do blue clickies, but Google can find it for you.


09 Dec 01 - 02:19 PM (#606782)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: treaties1

Great news Nutty, will look forward to further postings re: where to buy the book

09 Dec 01 - 02:36 PM (#606791)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: breezy

Please list the song s.I'm catching up thanks to Mick Pearce who sins and sings Miles'songs. Fri 18th Jan 2002 at the Silver Cup Folk club , Harpenden, Herts.

10 Dec 01 - 05:31 AM (#607057)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: GUEST,MC Fat

How do we buy this gem pleeze ?

10 Dec 01 - 07:46 PM (#607524)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

I will post more info as soon as I have it

11 Dec 01 - 07:24 PM (#608068)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

Just keeping the thread alive while awaiting further info.

13 Dec 01 - 01:47 AM (#608833)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Judy Predmore

Nutty, I kept a thread on my personal page where you mentioned Graeme's upcoming book exactly a year ago, & you promised to keep us informed. Thanks for keeping your promise!

I went to the Holmfirth Festival this year, all the way from Boston USA, to see Martyn perform Graeme's songs & buy the CD, and to meet Graeme & buy his book. Of course I was disappointed that the book wasn't available, but not surprised - I've been to many a CD launch where the CD wasn't available, so at least I got the CD & of course it's wonderful!

And I was delighted to meet Graeme, & Robin Dale, such nice people! Also met Martyn's "band" Irish Bishop & Gary Holder. And I went to the Wilsons' folk club in Wolviston & met 3 of the Wilson brothers. Meeting & hearing all these people, was the highlight of my trip. Such wonderful music! Since Martyn's the only one that crosses the pond, I guess I'll just have to cross again myself. I didn't get to hear Graeme or Robin sing, so I hope to meet up with them at a festival this summer, at a pub singaround or something. I hear Graeme isn't a "songbird", but there's always something very special about hearing the songwriter sing their own song. Especially a songwriter like Graeme. So many of his songs will be sung for many, many years... I already sing 6 of his songs, & I want to learn more... I'm so happy to hear his book will be out shortly...


26 Dec 01 - 04:45 PM (#616648)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

The songbook has been launched and is a very impressive document. There are 57 of Graemes songs and some sketches as well as a host of related photographs taken by Robin Dale.
People in the UK wishing to order a copy should contact ....
Red Scarecrow
PO BOX 539
TS23 3XS

It is available until the New Year at a special price of £19 after that time I believe the cost will be £25
At present there are no facilities for handling order outside of the UK but I will keep you posted

26 Dec 01 - 09:30 PM (#616777)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: 8_Pints

Thanks Nutty & Judy, I have a birthday due next week.

Sue has been wondering what to get for me.

Isn't this 'Just in Time' technology marvelous!

Happy New Year to all Mudcatters.

Bob vG

01 Jan 02 - 12:47 PM (#619473)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty


05 Dec 02 - 08:15 PM (#841926)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: John Routledge

Just heard Martyn Wyndham-Read at Railway Folk Club singing some of Graeme's songs.
So impressed bought one of Martyn's CD's which has exclusively Graeme Miles songs!!

Playing it now - Wonderful.

05 Dec 02 - 08:19 PM (#841935)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: vectis

About bloody time too.
Hey Husband mine. You were wondering what to get me for Christmas?????????

06 Dec 02 - 05:13 AM (#842148)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Dave Bryant

I knew Graeme up on Teeside in the 60's - a lovely songwriter - it's a pity he (more or less) gave up performing. I'd definitely like both his book and Martin's record (good idea Mary - Linda keeps asking me what I want for Christmas). I hope some of his humorous songs ("The Procession", "The Fettler's Wedding" etc) are included.

06 Dec 02 - 08:39 AM (#842240)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

Here is a list of the songs in the book ..................

Across the Shingle
Along the Guisborough Road
Ballad of William Davidson
Banks of the Tees (The)
Birds among the Reeds (The)
Coronach for a Young Man
Day of the Torrey Canyon (The)
Drift from the Land (The)
Exercise Number 69 (Looks like summers nigh now)
Exercise Number 77 (You are the light)
Eagle and the Dove (The)
Fair Rosedale
Farewell to the Cuillins and Crags
Farndale Daffodils
Goodbye Ironopolis
Gardens of the Moon (The)
Green Banks of Grain (The)
Heath of Luneburg (The)
Hills of Yatton (The)
Ironmaking Town
Iron Moulders Wedding (The)
Jacko the Shunter
Lapwings Feather (The)
Life of William Bellringer (The)
Marion Gray
Merry Little Hop (The)
Moor of Hograh (The)
My Eldorado
Northallerton Town
Over Yonder Banks
Old Man of the Sea (The)
Old Workhorse (The)
Path by Eskwater (The)
Running Fox (The)
Sad February
Salt People
Sea Coal
Shepherd on the fell (The)
Shores of Old Blighty (The)
Sqaddie's Lullaby (The)
Wealden Men (The)
Woeful Scarecrow (The)
Wolviston Rook (The)
Waiting for the Ferry
When the Green Man Walks the Forest
When the Snows of Winter Fall
When the Tees ran warm
Where Ravens Feed
Yarm Fair
Young Engineer (The)

06 Dec 02 - 08:56 AM (#842251)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

And here are the songs on the CD ............

   Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man's Band
       FellsideFECD157 (

Fair the Heather Grows *
The Green Banks of Grain
Waiting for the Ferry
When the Green Man Walks the Forest
Smoke over Belfast *
Where Ravens Feed
The Drift from the Land
Romney Way *
When the Tees ran warm
The Eagle and the Dove
The Wealden Men
Over Yonder Banks
The Heath of Luneburg
The Sqaddies Lullaby
When The Snows of Winter Fall

Those songs marked with a star are not in the songbook ......
Many other people have recorded Graeme's songs eg
The Wilson Family
Ray Fisher
Mike Nicholson
Graham O'Callaghan
........ to name but a few

and Robin Dale knows even more than we have already mentioned.

06 Dec 02 - 09:00 AM (#842254)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

Sorry Dave I forgot to mention that The Procession is not in the book but it has been recorded recently by Richard Grainger.

06 Dec 02 - 09:57 AM (#842298)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Dave Bryant

The procession was virtually the Middlesboro national anthem when I was up there - it's OK, I know all the words. What I called the Fettler's Wedding is the Iron Moulder's Wedding (assuming the chorus goes something like "And they didn't throw confetti.....").

What's happened to "Hard Ring of Iron" - I've always attributed it to Graeme - is it under another title ?

06 Dec 02 - 12:43 PM (#842402)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

No ..... remember Graeme wrote a huge number of songs .... estimated to be around 300. There was only space for 57 in the book, as this is a joint venture featuring Graeme's songs and Robin's photographs.
If you would like the words to Ring of Iron .... I have them but they may take a while to find. Let me know if you would like them posting.

The IRON MOULDER'S WEDDING was the first of Graeme's songs with which I became familiar ..... through a recording by Ewan McColl. The Fetters also recorded it in the late 60's/ early 70's. Sea Coal was the first of his songs that I sang.

07 Dec 02 - 03:47 AM (#842892)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Joan from Wigan

Here's a copy of a review of the book by David Kidman from the Stirrings website. It shows the ISBN number, which should be useful for ordering:

Graham Miles and Robin Dale
Red Scarecrow ISBN 0-9541901-0-6

Songscapes is the long-awaited first published collection of the songs of Graeme Miles, Teesside resident and erstwhile songwriter whose profile outside of the North-East, hitherto confined to a relatively small number of connoisseurs of song, has recently been substantially boosted by Martyn Wyndham-Read's latest album release Where Ravens Feed (reviewed in Stirrings 109).
Devotees of the more northerly club and festival singarounds will know that one of the finest interpreters of Graeme's songs is Robin Dale, an excellent singer who, coincidentally, is also the photographer responsible for the compelling images carefully placed throughout Songscapes. It's clear at once, then, that this handsome volume is much more than just a songbook or a photographic monograph, quite naturally and creatively combining and integrating the very best of both worlds in (belated) celebration of a long-term artistic partnership.
Graeme's songs, of which 57 (the merest tip of a substantial iceberg!) are included in this volume, were written between 1950 and 1972, and largely draw on the Teesside and Cleveland region for their inspiration, chronicling the profound changes in lifestyle and landscape over those momentous decades. Features contributing to their uniqueness include an unrivalled sense of place, a deeply spiritual outlook and an instinctive and genuine response to the lives and aspirations of local people in all manner of trades; they cover a wide emotional range too, from the haunting street cries of Sea Coal to the ghostly primal incantation of Horumarye and the contrasting, yet deeply moving paeans to love (Exercise 77) and nature (Where Ravens Feed), to the earthy realism of Shores Of Old Blighty and the wistful idealism of My Eldorado (to mention some of the better-known examples).
Graeme's own simple yet beautifully evocative illustrations accompany the songs (for which straightforward musical notation is supplied of melody line only, for the songs are most effectively sung unaccompanied). These are interspersed with (and perfectly complemented by) groups of Robin's photographs, the technical, compositional and artistic excellence of which is mirrored in the state-of-the-art standard of reproduction (you could say that some would have made an even greater impact with judicious placing closer to the songs they might be said to counterpoint, though I appreciate the potential layout constraints).
Now I know you can't have everything, and I realise this may just be wishful thinking, but the only obvious thing lacking from the whole package (apart from a few more songs!) is the actual experience of hearing the songs performed, ideally by Robin himself, say on a CD, since the printed presentation of the song melodies and temporal phrasing is bound by its very nature to be an inexact representation—as Albert and Pauline Elliot write in their foreword, "the true worth of the songs is revealed in their singing". Perhaps a discography of known recordings of Graeme's songs would have been a useful compromise?
With any publication, there are bound to be minor quibbles (though Songscapes has no typos worth mentioning), but I'd like to have seen a more detailed contents page at the front. But by any standards, Songscapes undeniably represents a very considerable achievement, and is an essential acquisition not just for song buffs and admirers of high-quality photographic images, but for anyone interested in the preservation of the folk culture and heritage of the North-East.

09 Dec 02 - 06:42 AM (#843759)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Dave Bryant

It's OK nutty, I do have the words to "Ring of Iron" - I often sing it. It reminds me of the days when I used to get the train from Stockton to Redcar (usually going to the "Cutty Wren FC" at "The Royal") and the sight of all the steel plants out through Cargo Fleet etc. And of course the difference out on the moors around Rosebery Topping. It seemed so strange, to see the difference when I visited Middlesborough a few years back.

02 Apr 03 - 01:43 PM (#924636)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: MMario

Is this songbook available on the left bank of the pnd yet?

02 Apr 03 - 04:49 PM (#924758)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: nutty

Not that I am aware, MMario. Although if you would like a copy PM me and I'll see what I can sort out......

07 Nov 08 - 01:47 PM (#2487788)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Barbara

Hi crew,
Does anyone know if it is still possible to get this songbook? I am looking for a copy. Every time I hear one of his songs my ears perk up. "What? That one is by Grame Miles too? But it's not at all like..."
So I thought I'd get Martyn's recording and the songbook, but the only copy of the songbook I've found so far is a used one at Amazon for [only] 80 pounds. Out of my budget, that.
So can anyone help -- bearing in mind, of course, that I live on the other side of the pond in Oregon.
Dick G is supplying the CD, of course.

07 Nov 08 - 01:55 PM (#2487793)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Banjiman


PM me and I'll put you in touch with someone who can supply one.


07 Nov 08 - 08:00 PM (#2488062)
Subject: RE: Graeme Miles -Songbook Launch
From: Betsy

What a True Gentleman - a privilege to know him.