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Lyr Req: Chicken Cordon Blues (Steve Goodman)

03 Jan 97 - 11:02 AM (#1061)
Subject: Chicken Cordon Blues?
From: Donald MacDonald-Ross

to pl a folk tune by this name. it included the line; "food so wierd the cockroaches moved next door!" appreciate if anhas it, than, Donald

03 Jan 97 - 12:21 PM (#1063)
Subject: RE: Chicken Cordon Blues?
From: Steve from WI

That's a Steve Goodman song.

Can be found on "No Big Surprise" and other Steve Goodman albums.

"Do you see that old dog, he's out in the street, he's got a big smile on his face because they let him eat meat!"

23 Sep 01 - 05:34 PM (#557227)
Subject: Lyr Add: CHICKEN CORDON BLEUS (Steve Goodman)
From: George Seto -

(Paula Ballan / Steve Goodman / Tony Mandel)
As recorded by Steve Goodman on "Somebody Else's Troubles" (1973)

When I first met you, baby, you fed me on chicken and wine.
It was steak and potatoes and lobster and, babe, I sure felt fine;
But now all you give me is seaweed and alfalfa sprouts
And sunflower seeds and I got my doubts.
Babe, you left me here with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

My stomach's so empty and all I got is food for thought,
And I been sittin' here thinkin' 'bout the twenty pounds of groceries we bought.
We bought ten pounds of brown rice and five more of beans,
And five pounds of granola and you know what that means:
I'm just a regular fella with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

I'm starved for affection and, babe, I can't take no more.
You know, this stuff is so weird that the cockroaches moved next door.
Babe, can you see that old dog? He's out in the street.
He's got a big smile on his face 'cause they let him meat,
And, babe, I got the lemon and the Chicken Cordon Bleus


Babe, I'm goin' down to the bakery and I'm gonna find me a jellyroll
And some cannoli.
Some French pastry.
A chocolate eclair don't sound too bad.
How 'bout some lasagna?
You know fat is where it's at.
My shadow disappeared....

23 Sep 01 - 05:53 PM (#557236)
Subject: RE: Chicken Cordon Blues?
From: Joe Offer

Gee, George - I'm surprised this one hadn't been posted before. It's a Goodman classic.
-Joe Offer-

30 Sep 01 - 02:15 AM (#561776)
Subject: RE: Chicken Cordon Blues?
From: GUEST,Genie

Actually, I found all Steve Goodman's lyrics at his website, which is posted here in one of the permathreads.

07 Jul 10 - 11:19 AM (#2941203)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Chicken Cordon Blues (Steve Goodman)
From: GUEST,billybobschukeye

you can find it all on a live dvd best buy