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Irish Box Playing Recordings

12 Dec 01 - 08:01 PM (#608691)
Subject: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Jon Freeman

I've been loaned and given a couple of recordings (various bits and piceses including one Lunasa CD) lately from people in the local session. These 2 box ones (and not recent ones) really stand out in my mind and I ought I'd give them a mention as I love them... so here goes..

Tony MacMahon/Noel Hill...

I gCnoc na Grai" - Gael Linn Records, 1985
Aislingi Ceoil(Music of Dreams) - Gael Linn Records,1994


12 Dec 01 - 08:03 PM (#608692)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings

sorry, Jon

but I don't really understand how I might best reply

12 Dec 01 - 08:05 PM (#608695)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Jon Freeman

You have a point there Guest... any other reccomendations to some good recordings?


13 Dec 01 - 01:46 PM (#609098)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: GUEST,Steve

I'd recommend a few classics:

Some of Joe Derrane's early recordings, released on Copley, are landmarks. They're a bit more thickly ornamented than the norm in Irish music today.

Jackie Daly's solo albums, particularly Music from Sliabh Luachra VII, are great.

James Keane has some terrific discs out too.

For a real traditional sound, I just got one by PJ and Marcus Hernon that's very nice.

And my personal favorite, Billy McComiskey, has one solo CD, plus several with the group The Irish Tradition and several amazing CDs with Trian.

Any other opinions?

13 Dec 01 - 04:37 PM (#609216)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: GUEST,The Burren Ranger

Jon. Check out the new album from one of the great young box players from east Clare, Josephine Marsh and her band. The Cd is entitled 'I Can Hear You Smiling' which can be had from Claddagh Records Dublin. Mairtin O'Connor too is one of the great box virtuosi. TBR

14 Dec 01 - 04:36 AM (#609519)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Paddy Plastique

Try to track down 'Cooley' by the late Joe Cooley on the Gael Linn label. Again, Claddagh in Dublin should have it. A great influence on Tony MacMahon

14 Dec 01 - 04:58 AM (#609527)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Aidan Crossey

Plus anything by Seamus Begley ... he can play slides like nobody's business.

I bought a cheapo cassette for 50p the other day by a guy by the name of John Reidy ... melodeon player ... great stuff. But one of those crappily-produced selections - no detail whatsoever (e.g. the track listing goes 1.Polkas 2.Polkas 3.Jigs 4.Polkas 5.Reels, etc.). Plain white inner liner ... v disappointing to someone who gets almost as much pleasure from sleeve notes as from recordings.

One to watch ... Patrick Barcoe, melodeon player from new young group Celtish, whose album "Up For It" is well worth a listen.

Joe Burke, of course!

New group Ceide whose box player is a joy.

Johhny Og Connolly and Brian McGrath - box/banjo interplay which is fantastic.

And what about giving some concertina players a listen? Noel Hill, Jacqueline McCarthy?

15 Dec 01 - 04:11 AM (#610269)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: GUEST,Manitas at home

I've just found this site

with plenty of recordings of box players including Joe Cooley.

15 Dec 01 - 02:03 PM (#610506)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings

My favourites aat the moment:

Jackie Daly, Domhnach is Dalach (Many's a wild night) Seamus Walshe, Clare accordion

Johnny O'Leary, Dance Music from the Cork - Kerry border.

15 Dec 01 - 02:46 PM (#610527)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Mac Tattie

The Music of Dreams, is a definate topper,'though I am not 100% sold on Laria O Lionaird. Tony Mac Mahon has his own CD, " Mac Mahon from Clare", a colection of tacks recorded over the years and is full of totaly commited acordion playing. He is without doubt the best player I have seen. PJ and Marcus Hernon and "The Grouse in the Heather", is good humoured and cheering. On the Copley lable I recomend the bright and entertaining recording by Bobby Gardiner with, "Memories of Clare", Copley COP-5010. Keep a look out for "Oidhreacht" by Conor Keane, who plays with Arcady. This is a solo recording, in the true sense, of a first class player on top of his game, Coor Records CKCD002. Charlie Piggot was a founder member of De Dannan and mostly plays a two row, "black dot double ray" in B/C, check out, "The New Road", Clo Lar-chonnachta CICD142 and, "The Lonely Stranded Band", same lable? Danish player Annders Trabjerg has been living in Ireland studdying Irish music for some years now and is a fabulous box and contental accordion player. His CD is now out called "Boxed", on his own lable No.001. cheers.

16 Dec 01 - 06:04 PM (#611203)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: GUEST,Ronan a' Cnoic

Not a mention yet of Sharon Shannon? Anyway, I would add Johnny Og Connolly's dad, Johnny, or Sean Johnny, Connolly. He has two excelled albums of Connemara melodeon playing. And there's an accordion players from Mayo. Sirname is Munnelly, can't remember christian name. Annders Trabjerg was busking in the streets of Galway a year ago. Now he's graduated to pubs.

17 Dec 01 - 08:33 AM (#611478)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: wes.w

Kitty Hayes - A Touch of Clare, best CD since the big one: Elizabeth Crotty(RTE).
But not to forget Jaqueline's dad, Tommy McCarthy, Gerdie Commane and Mary MacNamara for recent CDs in the last couple of years!

17 Dec 01 - 08:53 AM (#611491)
Subject: RE: Irish Box Playing Recordings
From: Aidan Crossey

Mention of Johnny O'Leary reminds me of the edition of RTE Television's recent "Come West Along The Road" which was devoted to Johhny O'Leary. Featured interesting footage of Padraic O'Keeffe and lots of reminiscing about O'Keeffe.

While we're (more or less) on the subject. I've been tempted for some time to buy a concertina ... it's not the Irish music we're discussing here which sold me so much as Gay Woods' intro to the "Dark-Eyed Sailor" on Steeleye Span's "Hark The Village Wait" album. I've put off getting one on account of the price and the fact that the only way to keep my instrument acquisition sysndrome in check is to be ruthless. However I've recently seen advertised a 20-key Bruner anglo concertina for sale for an astounding £80 or thereabouts. I can certainly afford this ... problem is I don't know if the box would be at all playable. Anybody out there got a cheapo Bruner? How do you find it?