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What's your favorite whistle

27 Dec 01 - 04:08 PM (#617178)
Subject: What's your favorite whistle
From: NoMattch

Hi all,

I've been playing the tin whistle for a while and have tried many brands. It's funny but I find the old 'D' Feadog that I started with to be my favorite. I've owned Clarkes, Waltons, British, Shaws, Susatos, Sweethearts, and Overtons but I don't get the same range and clarity as I do with the Feadog.

Strangely...I got some new Feadogs and they don't play as well as my old ones. There seems to be a difference between the ones that have the label written across the length of the whistle and the new ones that have the sticker right under the hole of the fipple. I'm afraid that I won't be able to find worthy replacements.

I like the Overton for low 'D' and the Susatos are growing on me. A lot of people that I've talked to like the Clarkes but I don't get it. To me, they sound like a drafty window.

Does anyone have other favorites???

27 Dec 01 - 04:11 PM (#617181)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle

My favorite?

The 'wolf whistle'

27 Dec 01 - 04:42 PM (#617216)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Roger in Sheffield


I just like the name

27 Dec 01 - 07:24 PM (#617330)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Hilary

.....SHAW ... I just like the whistle.

(I try not to think about Overton's, can't afford'em )


27 Dec 01 - 07:26 PM (#617331)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Ned Ludd

Clarkes, Shaw and the one I got from Neil Brookes,the Hurdiegurdy maker (It's boxwood, so technically a flageolet) Don't like overtons susatos are o.k. but I wouldn't buy one.

27 Dec 01 - 10:13 PM (#617399)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: 53

the one that the cops blow. BOB

28 Dec 01 - 12:27 AM (#617466)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: John P


28 Dec 01 - 03:55 AM (#617515)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Roger in Sheffield

I don't like high D whistles in general, the high notes are piercing
Now I don't mind the C or even better the A
I bought a Shaw F this year and that has an unusual breathy sound, though to be honest I don't play it much – at all

28 Dec 01 - 04:44 AM (#617516)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Bob Bolton

G'day NoMattch,

I won't play favorites from the great number of whistles I have bought or made, but I must comment that modern Clarkes are badly set up. 30 seconds work with fingertips and thumb ... and they are an entirely different whistle ... and they should come that way from the factory!


Bob Bolton

28 Dec 01 - 06:34 AM (#617541)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Hawker

I like my Harper best of all, (sorry Tony Dixon) then I think the feadog and the overton low D tie in second place followed by the Dixon models. I get pissed off with whistles that dent easily and go out of tune, so shaw are fairly bottom of my list, though they do sound sweet for a short while (ie till I manage to dint them!
Merry Tooting!

28 Dec 01 - 10:02 AM (#617585)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Uncle Jaque

Funny you should ask...

I guess since being to cheap / frugal (Scots Ancestry - do ye suppose that has anything t' do wi' it?) to collect an arsenal of exotic whistles as some folk are wont to do (see dissertation and discussion of the WhOAD phenomenon at:

**WARNING** : Engage sense of humor before entering this site!!! }8^{)~ )

that we have a fairly narrow selection from which to judge.

Some of us are perfectly OK with drafty windows, thank-you-verry-much. Like those commonly found in farmhouses in rural New England, or (I suppose, never having been there despite much wanting to) an olde Oirish shanty down yonder by the moore. An annoyance, perhaps, to the more enlightened Gentry; but to us rustic bumkins with dirt under our fingernails who are somewhat accustomed to them, a refreshing reminicience of Home.

If you havn't guessed (or know me ) by now; The fipple usually seen sticking out of one end of me haversack - or stuck in me gob whailin' away - would be a dinged, chipped, grubby and well - patinaed old CLARKE "C" Traditional tapered-bore, wooden plugged (I oil mine) relic.

Are those newer Clarkes Bob B. mentions the "trads" or the plastic-fippled ones? I can't tell much diffo 'tween them and "Generations", hardly any of which will play worth a damn without significant "tweakage". And I aggree, that it's unconcionable that such shoddy instruments are being inflicted on the market. How many aspiring whistlers - particularly the young - have been frustrated, discouraged and ultimately abandoned the instrument because of a shrill, discordant, raspy or essentially unplayable first whistle (usually the "cheap" over-the-counter varieties)? Their makers do the instrument and it's noble traditions - not to mention Celtic Music in general - a terrible disservice. Any Music store worth it's space should be selectively inspecting (with the help of a local whistler, if need be), and evaluating shipments of whistles. Those found defective should be returned and not carried until the maker gets their quality control act together.

I'd rather see no whistles on display at all rather that some of the junque currently being hawked - driving perfectly good people away from an instrument that has come to a place of great significance, affection and esteem to many of us - no matter which "brand" we favour.

28 Dec 01 - 10:15 AM (#617588)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: NoMattch

I have two Shaws. The C lets a lot of wind escape. The low D is great but mine came slightly out of tune...that is until our guitarist stepped on it by 'accident' and put a dent in the side. Now it's perfect pitch.

28 Dec 01 - 02:35 PM (#617699)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: weepiper

I love my Howard low D. I have a Chieftain high C which sounds nice but I find it needs a lot of extra pressure to reach the high notes compared to my pal's Sindt whistles. When I get around to buying a proper high D I'll get one of those. I've got a cheapo Generation which is ok for learning in the house but I wouldn't take it to a session (even after the necessary tweaking). But then I don't expect too much from it given that it's mass-produced and only cost about 3 quid.

28 Dec 01 - 08:00 PM (#617857)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Mike Ireland

For me it has to be my Fred Rose (an English whistle maker) Blackwood & Gold D whistle. If your going to buy one, buy a good one and let it mature with you. Not a cheap whistle but well worth the money.


29 Dec 01 - 12:44 AM (#617951)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Kaleea

If you're talking about my fav whistle to play without other musicians, then probably my "Feadog" or "Guiness (both in D). If with a small ceoli band, I alternate between my "Feadog" or Ralph Sweet cherry wood Flageolette, depending upon if the melody lies low or high, and depending upon the amplification or lack thereof. In a large session, my Susato, hands down. But then there's my original Bb Generation with which I love to play along with those bagpipe CD's! And while I have whistles in many keys, I rarely get to use ones other than the Ds or now & then C because I am usually playing with other musicians (mainly traditional American & Irish music) who play in D, G, & maybe A most all the time! But when it comes right down to it, I just love all my whistles!

29 Dec 01 - 01:08 AM (#617954)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Melani

I have Generation, Oak, Clarke, Shaw, Feadog, Walton, Susato, a plastic Thin Weasel, and a rosewood Sweetheart, and I played them all in turn, liking each one best for a few weeks before going on to the next. But that was before I finally forked over the money for a Copeland--and now I can't play anything else. Every now and then, just for variety of tone, I go back to the Clarke or the Shaw, or the Sweetheart, but it's a brief side trip. The whistle reviewer on the Chiff and Fipple website said that he wouldn't recommend a Copeland for beginners, because of the expense, but would for intermediates (like me) and up, because it was so much easier to play than any other. I agree. So I would recommend a Generation for a stone beginner, because it is also easy to play, but once you're sure you want to play the whistle, just go ahead and shell out for a Copeland--it'll save you an equal or greater amount on all those other whistles you won't buy because you've already found Nirvana.

29 Dec 01 - 10:53 PM (#618380)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Deckman

To all of you penny whistle players ... you might find this note interesting. I don't claim to play the instrument, tho I have several. I well remember the first time I ran into them. It was 1957, Eagleson Hall, in the "U" district in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. We were having our reguliar meeting of the olde Seattle Folk Music Society, and we had a guest from The British Isles. It may have been Roy Guest. After his evenings performance, including pennywhistle, he pulled a bunch of them from his backpack and procceeded to sell them to us for $2 each. They were "Clarks." Over the years, I've tootled enough with different brands to recognise that these 1950's Clarks are pretty sweet. As I really don't play them, if you want one, get in touch with me. They are wasted on me. CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson

30 Dec 01 - 10:14 PM (#618810)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: pastorpest

I own a flock of inexpensive whistles and a few expensive whistles. My favourite is the water weasel made by Glenn Shultz. I cannot afford his thin weasel made from fancy hardwood. I like the sound quality, a touch breathy, and the fipple with its curved windway which means no clogging.

11 Jul 13 - 07:17 PM (#3536504)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: GUEST,Morgana

I found this old post. I am a beginner but would be interested in those old Clarke's you mentioned. Stillhave one?

12 Jul 13 - 12:21 AM (#3536581)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: PHJim

I like the Generation with the blue fipple and the chrome pipe. Many folks tell me they're the very same as the red fipple, brass pipe ones, but I seem to have better luck with the blue ones.
Someone gave me an Oak, and they seem to be made by the same people who make Generation.
The Clarke seems to leak air.

12 Jul 13 - 04:35 AM (#3536628)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Mr Happy


12 Jul 13 - 05:15 AM (#3536630)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: Leadfingers

The only problem with the inexpensive whistles (Like Generation) seems to be a lack of Quality Control ! IF you can try before you buy ,and the tone and response suits , why spend silly money ?
I have done a number of Whistle workshops and always use Generation D
though I do tend to use Tony Dixon for Gigs .

12 Jul 13 - 04:16 PM (#3536806)
Subject: RE: What's your favorite whistle
From: GUEST,Liza DiSavino

I have a lovely D whistle made by Chris Abell. Kind of a cross between pennywhistle and Irish flute.