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Bouzouki, Banjo Digital pick-up?

09 Jan 02 - 07:34 AM (#624007)
Subject: Bouzouki, Banjo Digital pick-up?
From: barrygeo

Has anyone any experience of using digital pick up on accoustic stringed instruments in order to record direct to midi files?

Bouzouki is currently wired - can this normal signal be converted to digital??? Thanks in advance


09 Jan 02 - 10:37 PM (#624576)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki, Banjo Digital pick-up?
From: JedMarum

The digital pick-ups CAN be used on acoustic instruments. I have seen a nice Martin with a digital pick-up - seemed to me a shame, actually; lots of cutting etc - but it worked. I don't know why you'd do it though. If I use a digital guitar I can play banjo, any guitar tuning I can dream, harmonica, bouzouki, mando, otave mando - etc. And no acoustic intrument required. I can do it all on my Strat!

But if you want some persnal experience with the technology, send an Email to Mudcatter, Grey Rooster -

I'm sure he can tell you all about it. He's a very talented acoustic guitarist and a bit of a gear head.

10 Jan 02 - 12:32 AM (#624639)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki, Banjo Digital pick-up?
From: JohnInKansas

Almost any audio signal can be fed into your computer to make midi files. A number of programs are available that claim to be able to do this. You do not need a "digital" signal - but for any reasonably priced and reasonably available software the input must be o.n.e..n.o.t.e..a.t..a..t.i.m.e.

There is no reasonably available software that can separate two or more simultaneous notes.

There have been a number of threads where this has been discussed recently, and I believe there is some information in the Midi PermaThread.

I'll have to go look some stuff up to offer more, but perhaps others have more immediate info.


10 Jan 02 - 11:39 AM (#624893)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki, Banjo Digital pick-up?
From: barrygeo

Thanks for the information. My reason for doing it is to collect tunes in midi format. I'm basically an ear player although I have some knowledge of written music. It seems to me that none of the midi files I've seen quite capture the nuances of traditional music. I was hoping to see if a direct input would be better.

The digital guitar might be a good way to go.