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Hogeyed man

12 Jan 02 - 03:49 AM (#626439)
Subject: Hogeyed man
From: QRS

I wonder if anyone out there know of any recording of this song? I have searched alot for it, but I can´t find any.

I have the lyrics, but I don´t really remember the melody.

I heard it on a gig with a band called "Quilty" In Sweden a few years back. They have not recorded it though.

Any help would be appreciated.



12 Jan 02 - 03:59 AM (#626441)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: Pene Azul

If you're looking for "Sally's Upstairs With the Hogeyed Man," it's on this Folk Legacy CD.


12 Jan 02 - 04:35 AM (#626449)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: QRS

It was not the same one that I though of. The song I search for is an Irish trad song called just "hogeyed man" It´s some sort of Seachanty I think. Like "Hawl away Joe" etc.



12 Jan 02 - 04:41 AM (#626450)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: pavane

Is it the one that starts something like this?

Oh the hogseye men are all ago
When they come down from San Francisco

To me hogseye
Railroad navvy with his hogseye
Roll ashore with his seaboots on
She wants the hogseye man

12 Jan 02 - 04:58 AM (#626455)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: QRS

Yes that´s the one! Your text differ some from the one I have, but its the same song.

This is the one on the Mudcat database :


The hog-eye man is the man for me, He came a sailin' from o'er the sea

And a hog-eye! Railroad nigger with his Hog-Eye, Row the boat ashore with her Hog-Eye, Oh, What she wants is a Hog-Eye man!

Oh Sally's in the garden pickin' peas, Her golden hair hangin' down to her knees.

And hand me down my walkin' cane, I'm going to see Miss Sally Jane.

Oh, the Hog-Eye man gave a fond look of love, And it charmed Sally's heart which is pure as a dove.

Oh, and who's been here since I been gone, Some big buck nigger with his sea-boots on.

If I catch him here with me Sally any more, I'll sling me hook and go to sea some more.

Oh, Sally in the parlor a-sittin' on his knee, A-kissin' of the sailor who'd come o'er the sea.

Sally in the garden siftin' sand, And the hog-eye man sittin' hand in hand.

Sally in the garden pickin' peas, With a little hog-eye all sittin' on her knees.

Sally in the kitchen, punchin' duff, And the cheeks of her arse goin' chuff, chuff, chuff

Oh, the hog-eye man is the man for me, For he is blind and he cannot see.

Oh, in San Francisco, there she'll wait, For the hog-eye man to come through her gate.

Oh, a hog-eye ship and a hog-eye crew, A hog-eye mate and a skipper too

Now if I only could find a recording of this great song :)

12 Jan 02 - 05:00 AM (#626457)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: QRS

ooops I forgot the html in above post.

12 Jan 02 - 05:10 AM (#626462)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: masato sakurai

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I give up. What's a HOGEYE?


12 Jan 02 - 06:18 AM (#626477)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: folkmonster

Unless you mean the 'Oggie Man' by Cyril Tawney.

The rains's gently falling/and the Oggie Man's no more.

It's on 'NAvy Cuts' but I don't have it ...



12 Jan 02 - 10:15 AM (#626549)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: Charley Noble

The song you are after was recorded in 1983 by The Boarding Party on their fine album of the same name, subtitled: 'Tis Our Sailing Time, still available from Folk-Legacy Records on cassette and CD. Someone can provide a link and Sandy Paton, co-owner, is a Mudcat member and frequent contributor.

12 Jan 02 - 11:55 AM (#626617)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: GUEST,Chuck

Go to Choose Holdstock and Murphey from American artists. Hogseye Man is on their CD, "San Francisco Shanties And Seas Songs of California's Gold Rush." You can click on "Play Sample," to hear part of it. Catchy little tune.

12 Jan 02 - 12:04 PM (#626618)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: Anglo

Sung by Ian Campbell, this was on an old Topic LP Called "Farewell Nancy." (1964). It's now available on the expanded CD re-release "Blow The Man Down - Sea Songs and Shanties" (Topic TSCD 464).

12 Jan 02 - 12:17 PM (#626634)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: Abby Sale

Folk-Legacy Records, Inc Caroline & Sandy Paton
PO Box 1148
(Sharon Mountain Road)
Sharon, CT 06069
FAX: (860) 364-1050

While you're at it, buy BOTH Boarding Party tapes. Charlie's right - you'll be very glad you did. I gar-on-tee it.

13 Jan 02 - 08:46 AM (#627014)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: DG&D Dave2

The Ram Shanty Crew in derby UK sing the chorus as: T'me Hogseye - Row the boat ashore, T'me Hogseye - Steady on the jib, T'me Hogseye oh! - She wants the Hogseye man.


13 Jan 02 - 09:37 AM (#627032)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: Mike Byers

A group called Hogeye Navvy has recorded Hog Eye Man on their CD "Based on a True Story". You can send an e-mail to or call (765) 349-1073 to order the CD. This is a particularly good version; one I like a lot.

14 Jan 02 - 07:31 AM (#627532)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man
From: pavane

We used to sing it in Dubai, c1981. It was one of the very rare tunes in which I got to sing the lead. (I don't claim to be a singer). I am not sure where we got the words, (I think one of the other group members knew them) and they are not quite the same as the version above.

For example

Go hand me down me riding cane, for I'm off to meet my Black-eyed Jane

(But we often sang LASH instead of MEET...maybe that was more authentic?)

And Sally had Long Blond hair, not golden.

But I suppose these were only details.

16 Jan 02 - 02:57 PM (#629148)
Subject: RE: Hogeyed man

Thanks all!

Now it´s time to start ordering some cd´s :)