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Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9

17 Jan 02 - 02:36 PM (#629796)
Subject: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: harpgirl

I wanted to let everyone know about this event.

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park
P.O. Box G
White Springs, FL 32096
(386) 397-4462

Dulcimer Retreat and Workshops
Come enjoy a weekend of music and fun at the first annual Florida Dulcimer
Retreat on February 8 and 9, 2002 at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center
State Park. The weekend begins with workshops at 2:30 p.m. on Friday,
followed by an evening concert at 7:00 pm that features nationally known
dulcimer players Neal Hellman and Shelley Stevens. On Saturday participants
can take advantage of one of our morning workshops or enjoy a visit to the
Center's museum and carillon tower. There will be a dulcimer jam session on
Saturday afternoon and up-close concerts. The entire retreat costs $30.00,
which includes entrance to both Friday and Saturday concerts, workshops, jam
sessions and refreshments. Evening programs cost $5.00 each per person.
For more information contact Jon Kay at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park: (386) 397-4462.

Build a Mountain Dulcimer

North Florida's master dulcimer builder, Jon Williams, will teach a dulcimer
building class the week preceding the Florida Dulcimer Retreat. The class
costs $235.00 which includes instruction, materials and the use of tools.
The dulcimers will be made of solid cherry or walnut, with a choice of red cedar or spruce tops. So build an instrument to play at the retreat. The class begins on Monday, February 4, 2002 and runs through Friday, February 8, 2002.

For more information call: 386-397-4462.

Retreat Fees
Weekend Package ($30.00)
Workshops, jam session and Afternoon concert ($25.00) Friday Night Concert ($5.00)
Saturday Night Concert ($5.00)

Day's Inn in Lake City on I-10 and US 441 Receive the Special Retreat Rate of $37.00 Telephone: (386) 758-4224


Camping at the Center costs $12.00 (plus $2.00 for electric) per day.
Participants pay and register for camping separate from the retreat. Please call to reserve a camping space : 1-800-326-3521.

February 8 and 9, 2002
Early Bird Classes, Friday 2:30 p.m.
Friday Night Concert, 7:00 p.m.
Saturday Workshops, 10:00 a.m.
Saturday Open Jam Sessions, 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Up Close Concerts, 3:00 p.m.
Saturday Night Concert, 7:00 p.m.


Celtic Ballads For The Dulcimer Neal Hellman, Friday 2:30 p.m. (Intermediate) Though its not a traditional Irish instrument the Mt. Dulcimer lends itself perfectly to Irish music. In this workshop the student will learn how to utilize the dulcimer in a classic Irish ballad such as A Stór Mo Chroí and The Maid of Coolmore. Playing the melody of each composition will be illustrated as well. Utilizing chords to both back up the voice as well as to add tone coloring and texture will also be emphasized.

Beginning Melodies, Chords and Techniques Jon Kay, Friday 2:30 p.m. (Beginners) Jon Kay will teach beginning principles and techniques to the mountain dulcimer. Learn better ways to hold and fret the instrument, how to play simple melodies in DAD and how to play chords.

Basic Fingerpicking
Shelley Stephens, Friday 2:30 p.m. (Just Past Beginners) Shelley Stevens will cover basic fingerpicking techniques and playing some easy tunes. Tune DAD - 6 1/2 fret may be needed. A good follow up for beginners.

Dulcimer Traditions
Jon Kay, Saturday 10:00 a.m. (Beginners and above) Folklorist and dulcimer player Jon Kay will teach a variety of traditional dulcimer tunes and techniques collected from old recordings, historic texts and oral tradition. Students will learn the musical heritage of the instrument through the playing of many simple songs.

Stephen Foster for Dulcimer
Shelley Stevens, Saturday 10:00 a.m. (Just Past Beginner ) Shelley Stephens will teach her arrangements of classic songs by America's first great composer, Stephen Foster. Old favorites as well as unfamiliar tunes and songs from the mid-1800s are included. The workshop is intended for experienced beginners to intermediate players.

Shaker Music for the Dulcimer
Neal Hellman, Saturday 10:00 a.m. (Intermediate) The American Shakers made music an integral part of their daily lives and worship, from lively dance tunes and marches to reverent hymns. Selections include pieces as played on dulcimer from the albums Simple Gifts and Tree of Life: Love is Little, Tree of Life, Back Manner Tunes, I Will Walk With My Children, etc. The wonderful thing about Shaker music is that it has roots both in Europe (Celtic, English, Scottish) and Appalachia. Neal Hellman will teach the techniques involved in arranging and playing these compositions as well as the repertoire.

17 Jan 02 - 07:25 PM (#630048)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: paddymac

I wrote to Jon and wished him well in the endeavor, and suggested that he/they consider a similar event for hammered dulcimer players. I received a prompt reply saying that they are just easing their way into the retreat thing, and that they were certainly open to most anything. I committed to do a bit of exploration in an effort to gauge interest.

So, are there any HD players here in Mudcatland that would be interested in participating in a retreat weekend along the Suwanee? How about mid-April? Cost would depend on committments to instructors and performers. Hopefully, folks might be encouraged to participate on a pro bono basis the first time round, just to help get it off the ground.

If you're interested, you can post here, or send me a PM if you prefer.

18 Jan 02 - 09:57 PM (#630887)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: GUEST,kytrad (cookieless, looks like)

I'll be visiting relatives in Boynton Beach...too bad White Springs is so far away, I'd drop in and listen awhile. White Springs is a beautiful spot- I've sung there in the past, when "Cousin Thelma" was around- the early 80s, I guess. Have a good one- it's a perfect Dulcimer Retreating place! Greetings to all there, Jean

04 Feb 02 - 04:14 PM (#642284)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: harpgirl

Hi Jean,

Cousin Thelma is not to be forgot!!Geez, what a coup if I could get you at "harpgirl's camp"! Oh well, have fun on the beach...hg

04 Feb 02 - 04:17 PM (#642289)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: katlaughing

Wow, harpgirl, this sounds like a fantastic weekend, barring the plane ticket, I could actually afford it! Have fun and let us know how it goes, okay?


04 Feb 02 - 04:29 PM (#642306)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: harpgirl

..okay, if all those dulcimer players will let me play dulcimer playing is RUSTY! but I'm going anyway just to annoy everyone...

oh and I'll be sure to tell everyone my pal Jean from Mudcat sends her hellos!!! LOL!!! hg

04 Feb 02 - 04:33 PM (#642313)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: harpgirl

On a serious note, here is the opportunity to publically thank and praise John Kay for helping to save the Florida Folk Festival and to develop new programs such as this one in a part of Florida which is a very lovely and friendly place, and which will benefit greatly from added revenue...Thanks John!

04 Feb 02 - 04:41 PM (#642320)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: catspaw49

What a good time it appears to be Harpy. Like Jean, it's a "bit" too this point, anything over a few miles is too far ($$$).

But Kytrad, I find it hard to even think that if I were running a dulcimer fest and workshop that the Mother of the instrument would be allowed to drop by and "just listen." Maybe a little playing and singing huh? And at the very least, you couldn't escape without a few stories!!!


04 Feb 02 - 04:57 PM (#642334)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)

Catspaw, did you know that in Kentuckymountainese, telling a story means telling a lie? I still think of it like that! How our language is changing...

09 Feb 02 - 10:07 AM (#645958)
Subject: RE: Florida Dulcimer Retreat: Feb 8-9
From: harpgirl

...well, I'm off to annoy the dulcimer players! and of course camping and river-ratting with my dog! hope to see some 'mudcatters! Look for "harpgirl's camp"