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Lyr Req: Between Heaven and Earth

17 Jan 02 - 09:03 PM (#630133)
Subject: Between Heaven and Earth

I'm looking for the lyrics to this Uncle Dave Macon song. In addition, Does anyone know how I can print just one or two pages of a thread without printing the whole thing?

Jody Gibson

17 Jan 02 - 09:10 PM (#630139)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Between Heaven and Earth
From: Sorcha

Jody,to print, left click and hold down the mouse to hightlight what you want to print. Then go to the file button, should be top right. Click on file, and get a drop down menu. Click on print. Make sure your printer is turned on. You should get a page that asks you to click All, Page, Pages___to ___, or Selection. Click Selection, then click OK. Click other OK's as they come up. Should work. I'll see if I can find the lyrics.

17 Jan 02 - 09:18 PM (#630148)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Between Heaven and Earth
From: Sorcha

Hmmm. Are you sure it is Dave Macon? This site claims to list all his songs, and it's not there.

Do you have any lyrics at all?

17 Jan 02 - 11:50 PM (#630234)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Between Heaven and Earth


The chorus goes,

Been waggonin' for over thirty years
And livin' on the farm.
And I bet a hundred dollars to a half a ginger cake
I'll be here when the trucks is gone

Which, of course, didn't happen. It was on an old Folkways LP, and I couldn't for the life of me understand half of what that great man mumbled in between banjo licks.

I was in awe of the banjo playing on this and "The Wreck of The Tennessee Gravy Train". It sounded like a "stride" piano player. Paul Geremia said that I had to learn how to play like that, so, after two or three weeks of fooling around I did develop a way of picking that sounded like that. Then Paul told me that he'd just found out that it was two banjos. Sam McGee was playing rythm on a 6 string (guitar tuning) banjo and Uncle Dave was simply using two finger lead. Now whenever either one of us shows up at the opther's gigs we do The Wreck of the Tennessee Grays train, with Paul singing lead and playing fantastic ragtime guitar and me playing, what he calls, Jody's Schizophrenic banjo. Some fun. I just got the lyrics to the "Gravy Train" so I can do it alone, but neither of us could understand what Uncle Dave was singing on "Between Heaven and Earth" The t ruth is, I never did figure out the last line of the chorus, "I'll be here when the trucks is gone". One of my brilliant daughters (Joyce) got it at first listening.

It is on the list that you "blue clicky"'d but, I had the title backwards, it's "From Earth to Heaven" Now, how do I correct the thread?