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Help: mountain dulcimer playlist

04 Feb 02 - 02:51 PM (#642227)
Subject: mountain dulcimer playlist

We are a small group of mountain dulcimer players with one hammered dulcimer player. Our eventual goal is to be able to play for fun with other groups of amateur folk musicians. What should be in our repertoire?

Thank you.

04 Feb 02 - 03:39 PM (#642256)
Subject: RE: Help: mountain dulcimer playlist
From: GUEST,Russ

I'll give my favorite consultant's response, "That depends."

There's no such thing as a generic group of amateur folk musicians. Each group has its own personality, style, and repertoire. If you join up with a group of hard core old-time enthusiasts, they might want nothing but squirrelly crooked modal fiddle tunes. Get together with some Irish session musicians and it'll be jigs and reels played faster than most humans can think. Associate with folkies and it might be old Dylan and new Griffiths.

Decide who you want to play with and find out what they are playing.

Better yet, at this point don't worry about what others are playing. figure out what you all want to play. Develop your own style, personality, and repertoire.

04 Feb 02 - 04:33 PM (#642312)
Subject: RE: Help: mountain dulcimer playlist
From: catspaw49

Russ, once again, you strike with some excellent advice!

To add a bit, are you asking what "goes well" on Appalachian Dulcimer or Hammered? That's a bit different question, but in most ways it gets the same response.......Whatever you like!

There are some styles that are associated with the Appalachian Dulcimer such as Southern Mountain music ala Jean Ritchie, but the instrument has broadened it's range through the playing of an ever increasing number of players and at this point, it's more a matter of working out tunings for all and that sort of thing. The Hammered Dulcimer is extremely well suited to a broad range of music from Irish jigs and airs to the Beatles!

The key questions remain, what does your group enjoy, what is your focus, and where do you want to play? Here's a pretty decent list of Mountain Dulcimer Clubs that might also be of some help, but again the music choice is yours! Click Here

Also the best Hammered Dulcimer site is HERE and you might want to check out the tunes at a really great resource, JC's Tunefinder.

Have fun and good luck!


04 Feb 02 - 10:20 PM (#642623)
Subject: RE: Help: mountain dulcimer playlist
From: Mudlark

Good advice above, MV. A few of my favorite dulcimer tunes, that a lot of folk singers/players seem to know: Shady Grove, Jack of Diamonds, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, I Asked My Love to Take a Walk (first line...I don't actually know the NAME of that old chestnut!), Amazing Grace, Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot. If you are all over the place musically, there are some great tunes from the 40's that sound great on dulcimer too...Over the Rainow, Moonlight Becomes You, Ding, Ding, Ding with the Trolley, Can't Stop Lovin' That Man...

04 Feb 02 - 10:36 PM (#642637)
Subject: RE: Help: mountain dulcimer playlist
From: catspaw49

Aw geez Mudlark.....I gotta' hear that one....or maybe I'll just try it......"Ding, Ding, Ding, Goes the Trolley?" ....LOL.....Aw that's just gotta' be a riot on dulcimer.....I gotta' try it!!!!


04 Feb 02 - 10:41 PM (#642638)
Subject: RE: Help: mountain dulcimer playlist
From: GUEST,Kentucky Pat

Has anyone mentioned jam sessions to you? You and your group would do well to learn "Old Joe Clark", "Going to Boston", "Shady Grove", "Little Liza Jane", and other tunes that are often used to start off a mountain dulcimer jam session. (Amazing Grace played in G with a capo is often the last tune in a jam session.) The other key (pun intended) thing to consider is learning to play chords and melody in DAD as well as playing in DAA and other tunings. "Guest" didn't say what part of the country he or she hails from. There are many songs that are regional favorites. Many springtime Dulcimer Gatherings are coming up, plus Augusta Heritage Festival's Spring Dulcimer week at Davis & Elkins College in W.Va (April 14-20) ...and the very best of all, Kentucky Music Week at Bardstown, KY (June 16-21), contact Nancy Barker at 502-348-5237 for more information.