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looking for lullabies?

04 Feb 02 - 07:56 PM (#642513)
Subject: looking for lullabies?
From: GUEST,ed silberman

One of the problems with not owning my own computer is that by the time I look up information and book time on the librarys' computer again I can't find the thread I'm responding to. So I hope this guess gets to the person(s)seeking lullabies for a recording, preferably traditional ones to get around the royalties payment procedures.

Several respondants suggested Bonny at Morn. I couldn't agree more.It's a lovely one, especialy as sung by Ray Fisher on "The Bonny Birdy"; Topic/Trailer LER2038 (in print? doubt it, but worth looking for).

I'm especially fond of "The Christ Child Lullaby or Taladh An Leinibh Losa", in which a bewildered Mary gazes on her miraculous baby and asks "Who am I to bear You here?" Judy Collins recorded it in English (trans. by Seamus Ennis) on Golden Apples of the Sun"; Elektra EKL 222 (long out of print, I'm sure). A group of nameless crofter from South Uist can be heard singing it in "Folksongs of Britian vol. IX, Songs of Cristmas"; Caedmon TC1224(in print? doubt it, but well worth looking for), or on "Songs of Christmas from the Alan Lomax Collection"; Rounder ROUN1715.

Some of the Galeic and Welsh songs suggested in the thread,"Suo-Gan" and others, can be found on Jill Rogoffs" excellant CD "The Celtic Cradle", available through her web site Highly reccomended. Jill is coming to USA to give series of house concerts this month in DC, Minessota, and California. For dteails goto her web site, the What's On here and email me at

04 Feb 02 - 08:03 PM (#642527)
Subject: RE: looking for lullabies?
From: MMario

other thread

04 Feb 02 - 08:04 PM (#642529)
Subject: RE: looking for lullabies?
From: Mary in Kentucky

Ed, I'll put a link in Wyowoman's thread about lullabies, here.

04 Feb 02 - 10:14 PM (#642620)
Subject: RE: looking for lullabies?
From: DougR

I guess it's not classified as a lullaby, but my kids loved for me to sing "The Riddle Song" to them at bedtime.