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The Watersons: A website

16 Mar 98 - 06:17 AM (#23892)
Subject: The Watersons: A website at last
From: Wolfgang Hell

I just wanted to tell you that there is now an unofficial website called The Waterson family and their recordings . It is a new site so you still have to allow for incompleteness. But if Garry Gillard who maintains that website goes on adding lyrics at that pace it'll be a very valuable resource soon.

16 Mar 98 - 08:02 PM (#23924)
Subject: RE: The Watersons: A website
From: Martin Ryan

Many Thanks!


17 Mar 98 - 02:21 AM (#23944)
Subject: RE: The Watersons: A website
From: PKD

A little anecdote which you may appreciate.

In the late '60s & early '70s, I was at Cardiff University in South Wales. This was around the time that John was leaving the Watersons and they were stopping doing bookings. They had a farewell tour, culminating in two big concerts; one in their home club in Hull (which was one of the earliest & best of the early revival clubs) and one in the Albert Hall (I think).

Anyway, between these two was a very long standing booking (18 months or so) at the College of Food Technology in Cardiff. Unfortunately, the organisers got the guest name wrong (!) and printed 500 tickets & a huge amount of posters for "The Watermans" (!). Result - 20 of us turned up & rattled around in a hall that would hold 500.

But the Watersons did a very professional set, as if they were in front of a full house, which says something about them.

19 Nov 98 - 10:35 AM (#46104)
Subject: RE: The Watersons: A website
From: Wolfgang

refresh, for this site has increased a lot and now has also information on, among others, Martin Carthy and the Copper family


28 Jan 11 - 10:13 PM (#3084447)
Subject: RE: The Watersons: A website
From: Jim Dixon

I think the latest incarnation of that web site is here:

There are also links on that page to the "official" web sites.