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Tributes for Dave Van Ronk

16 Feb 02 - 08:03 PM (#651808)
Subject: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: BH

There are a lot of tributes planned for DVR---rightfully so. A brilliant person with wonderful insights---and also a great talent.

I hope you will be able to join us at 3 PM Eastern Time on Sunday 2/17 at 89.1 FM (WFDU/FM) when we will be paying a 1 hr long tribute to this legendary and wonderful artist. Out of respect for this gentleman we will be pre-empting our fundraising efforts for that period.

Hopefully you can join us---and if you are out of our range you can get us on the web

Bill Hahn CoProducer/Host TRADITIONS.

16 Feb 02 - 08:07 PM (#651813)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: catspaw49

I'll try to do that Bill. Mike Regenstreif's DVR tribute show was truly excellent as usual and I expect that you'll have a great one too.


17 Feb 02 - 10:10 PM (#652432)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: bflat

Bill: The reprise of the interview exerpt was very nice to hear once again. I actually got more out of it hearing it for the second time. I missed a smidge of it and wonder if he spoke of the time he first met Christine Lavin at Cafe Leana, now I am going by my memory so I could be wrong about something. You and Ron choose some music by him that I had never heard before. I've been playing the heck out of my "To All My Friends In Far Flung Places" double CD. Thanks for doing a tribute hour to Mr. Dave Van Ronk. He was among the finestand will hold a special place in my heart.


22 Feb 02 - 03:38 PM (#655539)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: simon-pierre

My turn now. I'm a little bit late on this, since I miss my show last week. So, I have a radio program here in Qu├ębec City dedicated to folk music, and this week I'll pay a tribute to Dave Van Ronk and his time. I say "his time" because I don't have his complete discography, so I'll also play song he used to sing by folks he liked (Davis, Smith, even Dylan).

The website of the station appears to "under construction", but you can catch the show by clicking on "CKRL en direct" here. It's right today, Friday, from 5 to 6 pm Eastern/Mudcat time.

If you catch the show, your comments are welcome.

22 Feb 02 - 03:49 PM (#655546)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: simon-pierre

Forgot to mention that the show should have a little feature on the Fast Folk record recently published by the Smithsonian-Folkways, a project on wich Dave was involved with.

Jack Hardy, an artist who was also involved in Fast Folk, has made a song on Dave. I'm downloading in right now (so I didin't listen to it). It's avalaible at

Gotta go now.. :-)

22 Feb 02 - 03:55 PM (#655549)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: dwditty

I am so saddened by Dave's death. He is and always will be my musical hero. If you have never been to
22 Feb 02 - 03:56 PM (#655551)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: dwditty

hmmmmm THIS SITE

23 Feb 02 - 01:12 PM (#656163)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: dwditty


24 Feb 02 - 09:16 AM (#656728)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: Roger in Baltimore

I played a short set last night. I included "Come Back Baby" as my tribute to Dave.

Roger in Baltimore

24 Feb 02 - 06:58 PM (#657036)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: Paul G.

I attended a trubute to Dave at the Folk Alliance Conference here in Jacksonville this week. Was led by Tom Paxton, Rod McDonald and Bethany Yarrow (Peter's daughter). Many grand stories of Dave's wit and wisdom, and bar stool relationships...many tales of the Greenwich Village days, lots of songs, lots of laughs, lots of tears, and a cell phone call from Peter Yarrow, related to us by Bethany. Raise a glass to Dave when you have the chance...


05 Apr 03 - 09:54 PM (#926988)
Subject: RE: Tributes for Dave Van Ronk
From: delphinium

This extracted from a notice by Christine Lavin:

Sunday May 18th - celebrate what the New York City Council has officially declared "Dave Van Ronk Day." Tom Paxton, Patrick Sky, Odetta, Paul Geremia, David Massengill, Danny Kalb, Elijah Wald, Frank Christian, Frank Tedesso, Rosalie Sorrels, Sylvia Tyson, Bill Morrissey, Chris Lowe, Eve Silber, Jeremy Wallace, Phil Namenworth, Terre Roche, Suzanne Vega, Jack Hardy, Josh Joplin and me, Christine Lavin, will be gathering at The Bottom Line, ( 15 West 4th Street in New York City for two shows, 3:00 and 8:30 PM -- along with artists Suze Rotolo and Enzo Bartoccioli plus special surprise guests (Suze and Enzo are assembling an intermission slide show of Dave's life). Everyone is performing one song -- a song written by Dave, made famous by Dave or inspired by Dave. Excerpts from the forthcoming book by Elijah Wald, "The Mayor of MacDougal Street" will be read throughout the show by Suzanne Vega.

The show is called "Dave Van Ronk Day: Celebrating the Spirit And Legacy of the Mayor of MacDougal Street." Tickets are $25, the box office is 212.228.6300 and part of the net proceeds will go toward the editing and mastering of Dave's very last concert (October 2001) which, lucky for us, was preserved on tape. Those who have heard it call it 'the quintessential Ronk experience.' He knew (although no one else did) that it was his last show.

At the time of his death he was not signed to any record label, so the plan is to master this album as best as can be done (we are currently talking to a team of engineers who have years of experience with archival material to do it up right). Although Dave was nominated for a Grammy, he never won one, but he wanted to very much. We are hoping that with this project maybe we can help that dream of his to come true.

None of the performers are getting paid -- they are all donating their concert fees to the pot to get Dave's last concert out there.

Dave Van Ronk influenced hundreds of singer/songwriters for close to 50 years. During his lifetime, while revered by many, even receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from ASCAP, he never quite received the acclaim that he deserved. We are hoping this event will help to put the spotlight on him once more, raise enough money to release his last album, and hey, it's going to be a great party.

If you ever met Dave, or saw him perform, or got to interview him, you know what a brilliant man he was, and how deserving he is of this event.