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Help: Noteworthy Composer

23 Feb 02 - 04:13 AM (#655937)
Subject: Noteworthy Composer


I've been playing around with Noteworthy Composer, and I have even (sort of) worked out how to add lyrics.

What I can't seem to do, however, is to get the display to 'wrap.'

When I enter a new tune, it all appears on one very long line.

I've been through the help files, and had a quick search here without luck.

I'm probably missing something really obvious. I'd be grateful if someone could enlighten me.



23 Feb 02 - 04:31 AM (#655939)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: Haruo

I have an older version (I think it's 1.55, vs. the current 1.7 or whatever, and since the computer I have it on isn't online, I haven't figured out how to upgrade it), but if the version you have is like the one I have, the display is all in one long line, but if you click on Print Preview or whatever it's called, you get a picture of a page with the lines wrapping as they will if you print. But you can't work on it in that mode, only in the basic linear mode. Don't know if that makes sense, or helps, or anything. Best of luck with it. I use it to make the MIDIs for background music on my song pages, whenever it isn't a tune that I can grab off of The Cyber Hymnal.


23 Feb 02 - 04:35 AM (#655941)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer

Thanks Liland,

I've noticed that it prints out OK, but the fact that it's all on one long line when I'm entering a tune is a big pain, at least in the way I work.

I'd assummed that there would be a way to change it. Maybe it's just a software 'feature'


23 Feb 02 - 04:42 AM (#655945)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer

assummed = assumed *blush*

23 Feb 02 - 05:04 AM (#655946)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: Haruo

There are lots of things about it that would be different if I designed it (he says, never having designed a working piece of software in his life)... For example, I find it extremely annoying that if I don't put measure breaks in, it won't advance the display as it plays. Since it's not uncommon for me to be trying to use it to listen to something I only have annotated as, say, Gregorian chant, in which measures are not notated, I am forced to artificially insert measures that may be quite inappropriate to the tune, and once I figure out what would have been less inappropriate, it takes a humongous amount of effort to correct it...

Etc. Still, for most of what I try to do with it it is quite adequate and, once one gets used to it, fairly efficient. Another thing that irritates me is that it's virtually impossible to get the last line of a piece to stretch across the page. They need a "force justify" feature. I keep hoping when I finally figure out how to upgrade my copy (well, it's technically my church's copy, but it's on my personal computer at home) I will discover that these little glitches have been fixed in the new version.


23 Feb 02 - 10:13 AM (#656049)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: 8_Pints

Hi both,

The niggle that irritates me is that there appears to be no way of decorating a 'turn', it does however permit a trill (tr__) to be included.

Although it might print the latter, it doesn't actually play the tune back accurately.

For the cost (shareware) I think it is great value for money overall though.

Bob vG

23 Feb 02 - 10:36 AM (#656060)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: RichM

Thanks for the information, everyone. I use Muse by choice, because it does allow you to choose the line breaks, and the note and line spacing adjustments you prefer. It also produces reasonable tablature, for mandolin, guitar, and other stringed instruments,in the tuning of your choice. It's shareware, and it is powerful---but the menu system is complex. I do prefer to use ABCmus for playback though.

Still, it's what I've used for 2 years, over any other I've tried...despite it's drawbacks.

Rich McCarthy

23 Feb 02 - 12:19 PM (#656115)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: IvanB

I can't help JJ with his/her concern, but, Liland, I agree with you about Gregorian chant and the failure of the program to follow beyond the edge of the page. What I do in that situation is widen my song window to full screen width, then place my bar lines at the extreme right of the screen, clicking on the bottom slider bar ro move the screen a full width right at a time. This allows for a minimum number of bar lines and causes the program to follow the notes.

As for the last line, if you open page setup and click on 'Options' there is a check box called 'Extend Last System.' Check that box and the last line will extend across the page. Then you need to play with staff sizes, fonts, margins, etc., to actually make the notes fill that line.

23 Feb 02 - 09:51 PM (#656500)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: GUEST,leeneia

Maybe somebody here knows the answer to this one. When I am notating an AA-BB tune and I put the repeat sign at the end of the B section, Noteworthy adds it and keeps the original "end of song" bar. This results in two different endings for one piece. It looks dorky and wastes ink. Any suggestions?

23 Feb 02 - 10:34 PM (#656522)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: MMario

leenia - under staff properties, general, try changing the ending bar type. You could choose open, or master repeat close. ( I thnk)

23 Feb 02 - 10:59 PM (#656533)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: Uncle Jaque

The frustrations expressed here over Melody Assistant are pretty much the some ones I have been whining about for some time.

Nonwithstanding, it is still my program of choice, and I must give credit to it's developers, the Guillion Brothers of France, for being attentive and accessable to users.
They seem to be constantly upgrading it, and the latest version is the first one in which I am actually able to get a clue as to lyrics insertion. I've been bugging them about the "edit-as-it-prints" feature, as it is a pain to keep scrolling back and forth to remember where I am in a score, then going to "print" mode to find it all cobbled up, and having to go back and forth an indeterminate number of times to get it looking presentable.
But for $15 as compared to $300-$500 for some of the comparable programs, these are annoyances which I am capable of putting up with!

06 Nov 10 - 07:15 PM (#3025552)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: GUEST,Amanda Scherer

Hey if anyone still reads these pages I have an ACTUAL solution. So if you want a new staff line all you have to do is choose the little plus sign on your on-screen menu (the one with different note styles, key signatures, slurs...all that fun stuff). I just figured it out and am very pleased!

06 Nov 10 - 07:25 PM (#3025557)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Amanda-
Yes, that works if you want a new staff that plays at the same time as the first staff. What the original poster wants, is a screen for entering notation that looks on the screen like it will look on the printed page.
Many songs repeat melodies from one line to the next. If the lines are one above the other when you're entering notation, you can see similarities and differences between line - to visualize what you're composing or transcribing while you're working. I understand the technical need for the single line of notation, but it doesn't work the way my thought processes work.
Also, the long line of notation makes it impossible to see what the finished product will look like, until you go to Print Preview. Then if it's wrong, you have to go back to the notation screen and try again.


07 Nov 10 - 04:14 PM (#3026093)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: Tootler

Since this thread is eight years old, some of the original queries are largely out of date as the features they were asking for have been added.

The Gregorian chant issue remains, but it is possible to hide barlines. Either select the barline, right click, select properties and go to the visibility tab. From the drop down menu labelled "show on the printed page", select "Never" then OK. The barlines will show in grey on the screen but will not print.

Also Noteworthy, unlike some notation processors, including some very expensive ones, allows you to put barlines where you want, so if you are notating music where barlines are not appropriate in the finished text you can position the barlines so that you can avoid tied notes over them which often happens in modern editions of renaissance music where bar lines have been added according to current conventions.

The long single line on the screen is something you get used to. FWIW, I think it makes it easier to manage music involving multiple parts because the lack of line breaks makes it easier to follow the flow of the music when you are inputting or editing. It only takes a few moments to check the music using print preview to see how it will look when printed.

17 Nov 11 - 12:46 AM (#3258566)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: GUEST,Behn Liaw

Insert: Bar Line (Decorated), under the Bar Line tab, check Force System Break.

17 Nov 11 - 08:28 AM (#3258678)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: GUEST,leeneia

MMario - belated thanks for the suggestion about ending bar lines. It works!

17 Nov 11 - 08:41 AM (#3258688)
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
From: GUEST,crazy little woman

"it's virtually impossible to get the last line of a piece to stretch across the page."

Alt F
g (short for paGe setup)
Options tab
Check box that says 'extend last line'