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Yodel !!!!!

26 Feb 02 - 07:26 PM (#658596)
Subject: Yodel !!!!!
From: little john cameron

Ah've aye wanted tae be able tae yodel.Through the years,every so often ah gie it a try.So far ah can get the break in the voice ok but it sounds like ah'm being strangled.Any yodelers oot there?A few tips might help.Yodelin is a strange thing,somethin like accordions,either ye like it or ye hate it.Here's Wilf

26 Feb 02 - 08:00 PM (#658620)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: khandu

Hey, Little John!

I hate it, like the accordian! However, I have always (secretly!) admired those who do it well. I have even tried it, just to annoy folk, but, like you, I sound like I am being strangled.

But, if I ever learned how to yodel, I probably would be strangled by my kin!


27 Feb 02 - 07:34 AM (#658884)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: brioc

I think it depends on WHAT bash of yodelling you are talking about!!!! The awful yodel of the American Country, or the amazingly deep yodel of the Swiss traditional song. There is a huge difference. I have a friend who writes her own yodel-songs. Quite amazing. I will try and persuade her to check in here .She never sounds like she is being strangled either!!!!

27 Feb 02 - 07:45 AM (#658892)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: DonMeixner


I take it you have never heard Don Edwards yodel? Or Bill Staines. Or Suzy Boguss. Granted there are some pretty grim yodelers out there. And at the risk of starting a fire, Jimmie Rogers wasn't all that hot, but he was enthusiastic.

I have a cousin a million times removed, in Austria whi was a recorded yodeler, Rudy Meixner. Maybe thats where my brother and I get the yodelrs genes. Altho' we aren't in the same league by a mile.

I find daily doses of "Yodeler's Tongue and Tonsil Tonics" help get those notes that even Vise Grips can't reach.


27 Feb 02 - 07:46 AM (#658893)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: annamill

Little ole' lady, oooooohhhh... It always works for me. ;-)

Sorry. It's early.

Love, Annamill

27 Feb 02 - 08:07 AM (#658911)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: MediocreShepherd

Ouch! How can anyone hate the accordeon? Anyway, I've gotten used to strong opinions on harmonicas, accordeons, bagpipes, bodrhans and yodeling. It usually comes from people who are frustrated at playing with or along with those instruments. I often yodel along with Wilf Carter or Jimmy Rodgers songs. They really are not the same if you don't do the yodel part. And I agree that our Austrian, Swiss and German friends have perfected the pinnacle of yodelling. Something about those mountain echoes and clean mountain air in the lungs. My tip for yodelling is to work on your falsetto voice. Once you are comfortable hitting those falsetto notes, you can practice jumping from your normal singing voice up into the falsetto range. Just like a two or three octave jump or stretch on a piano keyboard, when you jump you need to know exactly where you are going to land. You can pretend yodel by singing all the parts in falsetto, but listening to good yodels you see the octave jumping is essential. Reverb is important to yodelling, since it was invented on mountainsides and hillsides. So use it on your amp, or practice in Bathrooms and empty closed spaces. Remember , the voice is an instrument, and yodelling is a technique with that instrument, just like overdrive on electric guitars, or bending reeds on harmonicas and accordeons. (Had to get a final point of defense for those beautiful reed instruments!) :)

27 Feb 02 - 10:20 AM (#659013)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: khandu

Accordians are really quiet nice in the proper context. In some Celtic music, they are beautiful. And some of the cajun stuff is excellent. However, due to faulty programming, whenever I hear the word "accordian", I think "Polka"! Yeeechhh!

Yodeling is a wonderful art. I admire those who can do it well. But most that I have heard cannot.


27 Feb 02 - 10:40 AM (#659025)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: little john cameron

Thanks MS, good advice,although singin in falsetto while wearin a kilt could be a bit dodgy.My problem is not hittin the notes right,it seems to me that my falsetto is kindae weak or thin soundin.Another problem is folk laughin and throwin stuff at me.Nevertheless i struggle oan undaunted.Ah've aye thocht a wee duo wi yodelin and the bagpipes wid be a unique combination. ljc

27 Feb 02 - 10:52 AM (#659037)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Bill D

I believe my wife bought a tape on "How to yodel" from, I think, Cathy Fink....I will ask

27 Feb 02 - 12:22 PM (#659109)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: little john cameron

Yippee!! Now were gettin somewhere.A yodelin course oan the net.Is this Internet no' marvellous??Yodel course

27 Feb 02 - 12:27 PM (#659117)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Kim C

One word: Practice. :-)

27 Feb 02 - 01:17 PM (#659161)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Uncle_DaveO

Now yer talkin' durty!

Dave Oesterreich

27 Feb 02 - 02:18 PM (#659221)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Steve in Idaho

I learned to do a little just for Jimmie Rodgers songs - and a few others - and we had a great discussion here.

Awful Western Yodeling?? OMGoodness - Just different I think *BG*


27 Feb 02 - 06:05 PM (#659436)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: GUEST,Arkie

If the online lessons are not productive you might try to locate "Born to Yodel" a video done by David Bradley. David was influenced most by his father, Gene, and Elton Britt and is a subperb yodeler in his own right. He was working at the Country Tonite show in Branson, MO last I heard of him.

27 Feb 02 - 06:06 PM (#659437)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: little john cameron

Thanks Norton.Ah've got the same problem,unless i am at full volume it makes that strangled gurgle. ljc

28 Feb 02 - 05:52 AM (#659731)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Hrothgar

No, don't.

28 Feb 02 - 11:06 AM (#659920)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: GUEST,Dale

Check out Rusty Hudelson & Tania Moody at This is a father/daughter combo that has a nice sound. They have a link to some of their recordings ~~ FREE, plus instructional tapes for sale, etc.

28 Feb 02 - 01:29 PM (#660029)
Subject: RE: Yodel !!!!!
From: Kim C

The David Bradley video is quite good.

ljc, yodeling is meant to be done at full blast. :-)

Hrothgar, don't be so cruel. (pout) Believe it or not, people actually ASK me to yodel. Maybe they just wanna laff at me, I don't know. ;-) At any rate, it's a skill I worked hard for, and one I am proud of.

If you can find any Elton Britt recordings, grab 'em up. They are pretty scarce. And Don Edwards... well, he's my hero. And a nice guy too.