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Help: recording 5-string banjo

02 Mar 02 - 01:43 AM (#661187)
Subject: recording 5-string banjo
From: GUEST,Jim T.

I'm still trying to find the ultimate mic & mic placement combo for recording a good banjo sound. I have several decent studio condensers, so that's not a problem. I just can't seem to fing that sweet spot with the mic to make it sound natural without harshness or tons of low-mids.

Any words of wisdom from those who are experienced? Thanks!

02 Mar 02 - 11:54 AM (#661341)
Subject: RE: Help: recording 5-string banjo
From: GUEST,truckerdave

Well, what i use is a single AT 4033 from about 4 feet away. After endless experimenting that's what i found worked best on resonator guitars(tricone and Dean steel body)and my banjo. I record with no eq or compression and have some customized software settings for each instrument to apply the tracks after they're recorded. I get 100% natural reproduction of sound. Had to have some help from another person on the eq though, cause what i hear when i'm playing the instruments is not what they really sound like to someone at normal listening distance in front of the instrument. That may not be how they do it in the studio but that's what works for me.