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Kendall's biopsy

02 Mar 02 - 09:09 AM (#661250)
Subject: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

Well folks, the results are in. I have a cancer on my right vocal chord. It appears to be Squamous cell carcinoma.

02 Mar 02 - 09:18 AM (#661252)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: GUEST,Hilary, not logged in

Kendall, I don't know enough about biopsies to undersand the full implications, but I'm sure it wasn't what you were hoping to hear. How are are holding up ??? Best wishes for you, Hilary.

02 Mar 02 - 09:25 AM (#661255)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: wysiwyg

Kendall, the prayer chain is praying for you. What next?


02 Mar 02 - 09:32 AM (#661260)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Dani


02 Mar 02 - 09:46 AM (#661268)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Charley Noble

That's not the kind of news I was hoping to hear. Kendall, hopefully some of our medical resource people can send you something informative about this. My mother survived her bout with cancer and found the medical information I got from one of my medical student housemates much more helpful than what her doctors were telling her; she appreciated the frankness of what I was able to send her. She also did some prayers, but only to those ancient gods that reside in the windswept trees overlooking the cove.

02 Mar 02 - 09:46 AM (#661269)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Dani

So now instead of praying for good news, we work on the miracle.

Let's get busy.


02 Mar 02 - 09:47 AM (#661270)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Peg

so what now; they remove the node, yes? At least they have caught it early (good for you for going to the doctor regularly with this problem). Don't worry. I am sure they will be able to remove it and end the problem.

And it may seem silly, but try to visualize healing white light surrounding your throat and whole body; if nothing else this can help calm and center you and alleviate stress and worry, which we all know can contribute to physical problems.

Good luck and keep us posted!

02 Mar 02 - 09:55 AM (#661277)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Mickey191

Sending good thoughts and prayers to you Kendall.

02 Mar 02 - 10:01 AM (#661282)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Peg

Next time my coven meets we will send you some healing energy; we have helped several friends with cancer this way; one of them, Skye, a 28-year old woman with what doctors said was inoperable brain cancer (after the first tumor was removed and much more cancer was discovered), is now in remission and doing very well! (The docs gave her 2 years and it has been more than that already, she is happy and vital and determined to best it, and they are amazed at her level of recovery; we witches, who worked a lot of serious magic for her, just smile and nod)

So, magic works like prayer, it seems...and you will have people from both sides working for you!


02 Mar 02 - 10:20 AM (#661292)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Tiger

Sorry to hear your news, Kendall, but I'm glad to see you're meeting it face-on. That's the kind of strength that helps with healing.

Best wishes for a speedy treatment and recovery - we're all in your corner.

02 Mar 02 - 10:29 AM (#661298)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Alice

Kendall, I am very sorry to hear this. If you don't have this information already, here is a list of physicians in the US and Canada, who are laryngologists or have web sites on voice My best to you. - Alice

02 Mar 02 - 10:30 AM (#661299)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Mr Red

Attack through the mind - there is plenty of evidence the best and most complete recoveries go to those who are assertive (ney bloody minded) about these thing. Leave the physicians to do the bits you can't do!

02 Mar 02 - 10:34 AM (#661301)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Alice

Here is a specialist in Chicago: Robert Bastian, MD "Dr. Bastian concentrates his clinical work on the evaluation, management, and surgery of persons with voice and swallowing disorders. His particular interests include cancer of the laryngopharynx ......" -alice

02 Mar 02 - 10:37 AM (#661303)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Giac

Sending all the positive energy I can muster, Kendall. I've been in that headspace twice. Came out a bit tattered and scattered, but -- I came out on the other side. At 55 I was told I had six months to live. I'm 61 now and still forging ahead. We're all pulling for you.


02 Mar 02 - 10:40 AM (#661304)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Alice

Dr. Bastian is at the Loyola University Health System. Here is the department on Head and Neck Cancer Surgery.CLICK HERE. Wherever you can locate the best care, I'm sure people on the Mudcat will work at helping you to get to that location. - alice

02 Mar 02 - 10:42 AM (#661305)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Amos

Squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common skin cancer after basal cell carcinoma, afflicts more than 200,000 Americans each year. It arises from the epidermis and resembles the squamous cells that comprise most of the upper layers of skin. Squamous cell cancers may occur on all areas of the body including the mucous membranes, but are most common in areas exposed to the sun.

Although squamous cell carcinomas usually remain confined to the epidermis for some time, they eventually penetrate the underlying tissues if not treated. In a small percentage of cases, they spread (metastasize) to distant tissues and organs. When this happens, they can be fatal. Squamous cell carcinomas that metastasize most often arise on sites of chronic inflammatory skin conditions or on the mucous membranes or lips.

What Causes It

Chronic exposure to sunlight causes most cases of squamous cell carcinoma. That is why tumors appear most frequently on sun-exposed parts of the body: the face, neck, bald scalp, hands, shoulders, arms, and back. The rim of the ear and the lower lip are especially vulnerable to the development of these cancers.

Squamous cell carcinomas may also occur where skin has suffered certain kinds of injury: burns, scars, long-standing sores, sites previously exposed to X-rays or certain chemicals (such as arsenic and petroleum by-products). In addition, chronic skin inflammation or medical conditions that suppress the immune system over an extended period of time may encourage development of squamous cell carcinoma. More over here.

Well, there's the standard BS, mate...either you've been drinking arsenic or staring at the sun with your jaw hung open for too long.

Build up that immune system, mate, and take note of the following remark from another medical site:

Whatever the chosen treatment, SCC can usually be cured. Occasionally, SCCs come back at the same site, but they can then usually be treated again effectively..

And listen to Peg. Mebbe she'll invite you down to Boston for a coventry, if that is what such gatherings are called. (If not, experience suggests that perhaps they should be!)

Meanwhile, beams and flows all day long are with you, as you know.


02 Mar 02 - 11:10 AM (#661316)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Desdemona

I don't know what would be helpful to say, but feel I want to say something. Take good care of yourself, build yourself up in mind & body, get as educated as possible about everything you can do to get the better of this thing, and know that many good thoughts are pouring your way.


02 Mar 02 - 11:20 AM (#661321)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: katlaughing

Peg's got that right about visualising the white light, Kendall. If you can visualise swallowing it, that can be helpful, too.

Another visualisation to work on is an *army* of healthy cells moving in and overtaking the cancerous cells which are broken up and carried from your body as coomon waste, with the healthy cells setting up shop instead.

If you haven't read any of Dr. Bernie Siegel's books,esp. Love, Medicine, and Miracles, you might find them helpful. He's a big believer in music and its effects, as well as positive thinking and a patient being surrounded by positive people, very important, that.

We will do all we are able to help you get through this. You, dear Cap't., are in the Mudcat Spotlight and it is a mighty powerful force.


02 Mar 02 - 11:25 AM (#661325)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: CarolC

I'm sorry to hear that, kendall. Good luck with whatever course of treatment they put you on. It sounds like you're in good hands.

02 Mar 02 - 11:42 AM (#661335)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Dharmabum

Can't add much more than has already been said.
Best wishes for you. You're in my thoughts.


02 Mar 02 - 11:43 AM (#661337)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Bobert

Between your spirit, Kendall, the prayers of this community, the physicans and some immune building suppliments, you'll get thru this. Check into the benefits of Green Tea and echinacea.


02 Mar 02 - 11:47 AM (#661339)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Jerry Dingleman: The Boy Wonder(inactve)


Best wishes. Do everything you have to do to protect your health.


02 Mar 02 - 12:07 PM (#661346)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: WyoWoman

Well crap, Kendall.That's just miserable news. I'm very sorry to hear this and wish you the very best as you deal with it in the coming weeks.


02 Mar 02 - 12:29 PM (#661358)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Escamillo

Sure you will get thru ! It would be an offense to modern Surgery to not trust in their ability to solve the problem. By the way, I don't know which are the costs in US. Please someone who may be close to Kendall, tell us what we can do economically if necessary.

Un abrazo for Kendall and all our best wishes - Andrés

02 Mar 02 - 12:51 PM (#661372)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Mark Cohen

"The goals of treatment are cure and retention of a functional larynx. The probability of achieving both goals is high for patients with early disease." That's from a review article by a group of laryngologists at the University of Florida in Gainesville. My recommendation is to find a surgeon with lots of experience, preferably at a University medical center, and preferably one who has worked with singers. If you can have a frank and open discussion with him or her, if you feel comfortable and sense that he or she is paying attention to you and listening to your concerns, then go forward wholeheartedly with the treatment.

At the same time, I'd definitely look at Bernie Siegel's books and make use of visualizations, music, prayer, whatever you feel is comfortable and useful. This is a curable condition, and between you and the doctor and the other therapists and all your friends and family there in Maine and here on the 'Cat, I know you'll be back to singing and storytelling very soon. And you'd better be...because when I bring my daughter to visit the East Coast sometime in the next year or two, I want to hear you!


02 Mar 02 - 12:55 PM (#661378)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Morticia

Well, this isn't the news I was hoping for and that's for sure, but I think and hope I know you well enough to know you won't let this beat you....and with so much support and love here for you, how can we fail?

02 Mar 02 - 01:27 PM (#661392)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Jeri

Physician Statement on Laryngeal cancer - loads of information for which a medical dictionary may be required.

Kendall, I can't begin to know what you're feeling now. I can't help but wonder if (as SINSULL already mentioned) something that will respond to methods than the knife might not turn out better in the long run. I don't know, and you're probably going nuts waiting to talk to the doctor.

I try to help by offering links, opinions and speculation. It's a small thing and it may be somewhat obnoxious, but there's nothing else I can do. Your voice is important to you. To those of us who know you a bit, what we care about is Kendall. We care about your humor, wisdom and gentle nature. We care about you because you care about others. It's hard to find things to say that show our feelings - both the voice and the keyboard are less than effective in expressing some things.

Virtual hugs aren't anything like real ones, but you have as many as you want from me.
Take care, my friend.

02 Mar 02 - 01:42 PM (#661399)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: CapriUni

Virtual Hug to with is an attempt to show what a real hug from me would be like:


02 Mar 02 - 01:45 PM (#661403)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: CapriUni

Well, damn! Somehow, that turned into a one-armed hug... two arms were meant... I hope you know that.
I retrieved your other arm, Capri. --JoeClone

02 Mar 02 - 02:10 PM (#661419)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: KT

Hey, Kendall. Not the news any of us were hoping to hear.........We're all with you though...I hope you can feel that.

Not being suspended with the "unknowing" anymore, we can send whatever healing prayers, thoughts, images we can muster for you. I don't know how you feel about imagery......white light and such, or prayer. I personally am a very strong believer. The way I see it, some healing energy comes in the form of words, some as pictures, some as's all a form of prayer to me. I'll be joining the others in sending you the very best I can muster. You'll come through this, Kendall. KT

02 Mar 02 - 02:33 PM (#661426)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

Thanks to Seamus Kennedy, I'm about to develope a taste for Scotch whiskey!

02 Mar 02 - 02:36 PM (#661429)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: gnu

Give er some, Kendall !!!

02 Mar 02 - 02:57 PM (#661436)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Jerry Rasmussen

Time to shift gears, I guess, Kendall. Not necessarily looking for a miracle. Just a solution. Doesn't sound like you're at the miracle stage. Sounds resolveable.

As for miracles, the only reason people don't notice them is that they are so commonplace. I believe that just about every Catter could give an example of a true miracle they or a family member or friend has experienced.

Here's one: A woman I've come to know at good old Walmart U.S.A. answered me one morning when I said, "How was your weekend?" saying, "Not so good." When I asked her what had happened, she said that her Mother, who is in her 80's, had eye surgery to remove a catteract, and something happened... that she'd ended up having three more corrective surgeries the same week. With the last one, her eye had gone completely white. A second doctor called in for an opinion looked at her and said that her eye had gone blind. But the woman didn't accept it, and just kept praying for a healing. When her daughter told me about it, I told her my wife and I would keep her and her Mother in daily prayer, and each time I'd see her, I'd ask her how her Mother was doing. The first two or three days, she wasn't doing well at all, but there were a lot of prayers going up. I missed two or three days seeing her, and the next time I saw her, she was beaming from ear to ear. I asked her how her Mother was doing and she said that the previous day her Mother had gone to her Doctor and read the eye chart with her "blind" eye. She's doing fine, now, just a few weeks later.

Whether you believe in the power of prayer, magic, auras or dumb luck, there are Everyday Miracles happening around us all the time. You don't even need a miracle, yet. It sounds like some good, professional correction can restore your voice. Like everyone else, we're just waiting for that to happen. I think you will be forgiven a loud "Yahooo!!" when that happens. Maybe even a Hallelujah!!! You'll certainly here one rising up from down here.



02 Mar 02 - 03:00 PM (#661439)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: DougR

I'm sorry, Kendall. I wish you the best, and my thoughts and prayers will be added to the rest of these folks'.


02 Mar 02 - 03:19 PM (#661451)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Art Thieme


I know you can't talk much---but I think you need vocal contact as much as this cyber-babble. You can just listen to me talk. (Won't that be a treat?) Get a pot and a glass and a dish---whatever. For yes, just hit the cup. For no, just clunk on de pot. To ask for exotic food from S.-E. Asia, just "bang la desh".

I'll be calling soon.

Love ya,


02 Mar 02 - 03:25 PM (#661455)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy

Kendall is doing a concert in August with Gordon Bok. This is only a temporary setback. Actually, it is one more step in the direction of a cure and restoring the Captain's voice. Hey Seamus! I broke two fingernails this week...any chance of a care package?

02 Mar 02 - 03:28 PM (#661456)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Clinton Hammond

Kick it's ass, Kendall!

02 Mar 02 - 03:32 PM (#661461)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: DonMeixner

Everyone hits a rogue wave Kendall. Smooth sailing just beyond it. Glad you caught this early, we need your voice too baddly to losse it.


02 Mar 02 - 04:02 PM (#661480)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Nancy King

Sorry to hear the news, Kendall, but at least now you know what you're dealing with. I wish there was more I could do for you than just send good wishes. If you think of anything, just let me know. Meanwhile, just know we (me and LOTS of other folks)are thinking of you and pulling for you. Good luck and much love,


02 Mar 02 - 05:00 PM (#661494)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: George Seto -

Kendall, I hope the prognosis is good on removing it, and being a cancer survivor.

02 Mar 02 - 05:00 PM (#661495)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: InOBU

Kendall... we will be listening to you right here! Holding you in the light, Genie and Larry

02 Mar 02 - 05:31 PM (#661502)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: bbc

I'm sorry that you got that kind of news. Hang in, dear; you know we are rooting for you around the world & back again!



02 Mar 02 - 05:40 PM (#661503)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Dave the Gnome

Just keep playing that old git-box and get your ass down to Ingleton again - If the rum don't cure the rain sure will!

Thinking about you and sending all the good vibes I can. Good luck man.


Dave the Gnome

02 Mar 02 - 06:50 PM (#661529)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Steve in Idaho

Maybe it is a good thing you took the other guy's leg Kendall - It's easier to kick some butt with three legs than it is two!! My and Jan's prayers and white light are on to you - anything else we can do? Just ask -


02 Mar 02 - 08:41 PM (#661578)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Noreen


(Real hugs saved up for the next time we meet.)


02 Mar 02 - 09:04 PM (#661600)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Maryrrf

Best wishes to you, Kendall. Add my positive thought waves to the rest of 'em that are being sent your way!

02 Mar 02 - 09:04 PM (#661601)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Banjer

Well, all the saying has pretty much been said. Let me just add my little bit of good wishes and prayer to the stack. As for you developing a taste for Scotch whiskey, this is not all bad! Reminds me of the story of the bottle of Tequila. It was noted by one of the group that a worm was lying on the bottom of the bottle. He being a non drinker noted that if one chose to drink that he would probably wind up just like the dearly departed worm, to which another said, "Nonsense, the only thing that proves is that if you drink you won't have worms'! Maybe you can get your Dr. to prescribe a regimen of whatever you like to drink for medicinal purposes!!

02 Mar 02 - 09:05 PM (#661603)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Tinker much has been said, and you know my prayers are joined in to the chorus. As it's largley a Mudcat Chorus I suspect it's getting hard to ignore and as all that energy is focused on you.... get ready...
Max says he'll have a Getaway tape copy soon, if not in the next week I'll get you another . I kept the original just in case....As we know both love and laughter heal, I figure the video of you and Max will help with both.

Huge Hugs


02 Mar 02 - 09:51 PM (#661626)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: GUEST,Joan Sprung

So get somebody to promptly set up an appointment for a consultation with a top-drawer laryngological specialist wherever he/she may practice, whose name you now have or will get. And while you're doing that, wouldn't hurt to take in all the prayers, info, and magic so generously offered up by Mudcatters, not to mention the whiskey. This is actually an exercize to see if you're humble enough.

03 Mar 02 - 01:30 AM (#661694)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Stilly River Sage

Kendall, cancer is survivable. This would be a good time to go back to the first thread on the subject of your health and pick the the most helpful links people posted to topics that lead you to a cure. And pay attention to Mark's recommendation--find a doctor you're comfortable with. Good luck!

(Did you ever get your email working? Drop me a line and let me know).


03 Mar 02 - 04:58 AM (#661723)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

Something went wrong with a major telephone cable here, and, service has been off and on for 4 days. I have dial up, so, the confuser was down too. I'm still amazed at how many of you have taken the time to contact me, and, I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. It turns out that there IS in fact a local doctor who deals with singers voice problems and cancer. My oldest daughter used to work for Maine Medical Center in Portland, and she says they have an excellent oncology unit. So, why go to Boston? I'll talk to him, and if he turns out to be a jerk, then, ok, Boston, or maybe Baltimore. The problem with going out of state is the travel. I'm assuming that this is not a one shot deal; that it would require any number of trips to shrink this thing a little at a time? Boston is two hours away, so, I'd rather have it dealt with right here if I can. Art, old buddy, you are right; I can't talk, but, I can listen if you want to call. You may have trouble as I'm always on the computer. It's the only way I can communicate now.

I used to wonder what it was like to go to bed with this kind of news fresh in your head. I now know. I've been up since 3:30 am. Can't sleep. Some famous person said "Sleep. I hate those little snatches of death."

03 Mar 02 - 05:21 AM (#661732)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Genie

Kendall, So sorry to hear of the malignancy. Let me add my prayers, good thoughts, and visualizations to all the others. I do hope that not only can the cancer be removed and neutralized but your voice will not suffer great or permanent damage.

FWIW, my sister was given a prognosis of MAXIMUM 5 years to live 8 years ago, due to a very agressive, hard-to-treat form of sarcoma. She (an MD herself) has combined diet, spiritual healing, visualization, and homeopathy with seeking out the best in Western medicine (including surgery). I am utterly convinced that it is those 'alternative' healing approaches, coupled with an incredibly strong will to live, that have made the difference.

Oh, and, yes, don't forget to laugh and keep making music, too!


03 Mar 02 - 05:45 AM (#661737)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Bonnie Shaljean

I'm late logging on today and everybody's already said it for me, but I add my voice to the chorus of hopeful messages and healing thoughts. The treatment for this form of cancer has a high success rate and I've read of people beating it (just wish I could remember WHERE). You will too. Keep us posted - you have a lot of friends out here. With my sincerest best wishes (not just a closing cliche: I mean it), Bonnie

03 Mar 02 - 06:58 AM (#661748)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Love, hugs and prayers, dear Kendall!

03 Mar 02 - 07:41 AM (#661754)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: alison

hugs, prayers and thoughts from all the way over here in Oz too......

you can beat it Kendall



03 Mar 02 - 08:02 AM (#661759)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Barbara Shaw


That's really bad news, and no doubt scary as hell. But you are a tough ole cantankerous S.O.B. and you're gonna have to get tougher. Keep laughing. Keep fighting. Keep in touch with friends like me who care about you. I don't even care if you never sing again or tell one of your funny? stories - just make sure you show up at our campsite once in awhile for one of our elegant field breakfasts at some festival or other. You've got people all over the world rooting you on, so don't let us down.


03 Mar 02 - 08:57 AM (#661771)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

I sure dont feel very tough right now.

03 Mar 02 - 09:32 AM (#661782)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: JedMarum

I wish you the very best Kendall, and I hope everything will work out well for you.

03 Mar 02 - 09:47 AM (#661786)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: John J at home

Keep yer chin up Kendall, lot's of positive thoughts and good wishes from here (and everywhere else by the look of things).

A friend of mine had the same problem 6-7 years ago, she's sorted and has been fine since then.

You be just the same or we send the boys (and girls) round to sort you out!


03 Mar 02 - 09:49 AM (#661787)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Roger in Baltimore


It must be difficult to be hit in the face with such serious news. From what I've read above, there is every reason to believe you can lick this cancer. If Baltimore becomes your destination, let me know. Marge isn't available to ask, but I am sure we can put you up so you won't have to hotel it. We might even cook somethin'.

Laughter is good medicine. And a shot or two of whiskey daily sounds good. You need to treat yourself well. I have a friend who is a recovering alcoholic and he has a long list of "Ways to tell your an alcoholic". I remember two of them: 'If you get run over by your own car' and 'If you go to the beach and the back of your throat gets sunburned'. Amos said exposure to sunlight is one of the causes. Perhaps this is an explanation.

My hope is that we on the Mudcat can keep you laughing and thinking positively about this thing. You are in my thougts and my prayers.

Roger in Baltimore

03 Mar 02 - 11:47 AM (#661835)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Amos

You don't have to worry about being tough, man. The shock will settle in a few days and what is important is you, revving your life engines. You are surrounded bypoeple who love the heck out of you, so tough is not a big deal either way.


03 Mar 02 - 12:03 PM (#661847)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: harpgirl

...Oh Kendall, I am very sorry to hear this news today! Now that you know what is causing your symptoms, you can get irradiated and it will heal! Your voice might drop in pitch a bit but you'll still sing all the songs you know, on key, and with great emotion....It will be alright...hg

03 Mar 02 - 12:25 PM (#661856)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: CapriUni

Amos is right, Kendall. "Tough" is not all it's cracked up to be. There will be times ahead to be tough.

But right now, just imagine all this love around you as a great big feather bed, piled high with quilts and pillows, and fall back into it and rest.

Weep if you have to (I read somewhere or other that weepy tears are chemically different from the slicing-onions tears -- they flush out excess stress hormones from our systems, and that has to be a good thing).

Here's a thought that I could just as easily post to your "Lines that really grab you" thread -- from THE CASTLE OF DRAMORE (sp?): "A little rest, and then the world is full of work to do."

Morning will come!

03 Mar 02 - 12:28 PM (#661858)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

Thanks Roger, Kathy W. already extended that invitation, but, I do appreciate it. I think I can get this done right here; after all, this is not Ethiopia.

03 Mar 02 - 12:41 PM (#661862)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: wysiwyg

Be great if you came down for our Gathering in May, Kendall. May 3-5. Let us cheer you up and keep you grinning.


03 Mar 02 - 12:44 PM (#661866)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: MMario

Kendall - number one - you're a downeaster - that means you're tough - no matter how you feel. Number two - you are an integral part of the mudcat - and you *know* that means support.

You've got a world-wide support system in place here guy! Lean on it when you have to.

03 Mar 02 - 01:20 PM (#661883)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: McGrath of Harlow

"Your voice might drop in pitch a bit" - takes you back to when you were a teenager and the old voice broke?

Getting sleeps not easy right now maybe, but you need it.

03 Mar 02 - 03:07 PM (#661956)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Clifton53

Keeping good thoughts for you Kendall.

03 Mar 02 - 03:20 PM (#661964)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy

Your voice might drop a pitch??? And give Gordon Bok some competition! Poor Max - think he can take two Boks and their fans? (That was your cue, SPaw). we need a laugh right now.

03 Mar 02 - 04:19 PM (#661997)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Ebbie

I believe that the most powerful thing in the universe is thought. Everything starts there. So how could it be other than that concentrated, surrounded-on-all-sides thought WILL zap every obstacle in its path? Be well, Kendall.


03 Mar 02 - 04:36 PM (#662010)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Ebbie

As opposed to 'partially surrounded.' LOL

03 Mar 02 - 05:41 PM (#662062)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Sandy Paton

You'll be ready to do that program with Gordon, Kendall. This is one that's beatable. Keep the faith, old friend, we're all with you, as you surely know from the outpourings above.


03 Mar 02 - 05:47 PM (#662064)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: RangerSteve

I can't think of anything new to add, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

03 Mar 02 - 06:05 PM (#662074)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Janie

Aughh Kendall! Will definitely pray for your healing.


03 Mar 02 - 06:54 PM (#662096)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: van lingle

sending up some warm thoughts for you, kendall. dave

03 Mar 02 - 08:35 PM (#662146)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

At first I thought, I dont want to live without being able to sing, then, all I have learned says it it probably curable, so, I'll settle for a speaking voice. What the hell...I can always go back to those old jokes, eh Spaw? Furthermore, I have another book in the word processor. AND I can still fix anything but a broken heart!

03 Mar 02 - 08:52 PM (#662158)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Mudlark

Ah, Kendall....what a great spirit you have. Wishing you the best and a quick recovery. Will continue sending good thots your way......nancy

03 Mar 02 - 09:25 PM (#662169)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Sandy Paton

I can remember only one thing you gave up on fixing, Kendall. Remember that old car of mine? You listened, poked and prodded a bit, and allowed as to how it was hopeless. What the heck, it was, as you observed, "rusted out to the windshield," anyway. I found someone even dumber than I am to buy it from me. I ought to be jailed for that.

Sandy (as good with cars as I am with computers!)

03 Mar 02 - 09:56 PM (#662184)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: kendall

Sure Sandy, but, a dead Mercedes is often better than a live Rambler!

03 Mar 02 - 10:49 PM (#662207)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Stilly River Sage

Laughter is the best medicine, and is something you can administer easily for yourself. It releases all sorts of good hormones into your system. When confronted with a similar situation a couple of years ago, I went looking for the funny programs following my surgery, thinking it would help with the recouperation. Just be careful what you choose--I thought I was going to rupture something one afternoon when I watched The Golden Girls. Frasier was just as hard on the incisions. But taken in small doses (and perhaps your throat isn't so sore after the biospy) a belly laugh helps in the long run.


03 Mar 02 - 11:42 PM (#662228)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Mark Cohen

Amen to that, Maggie...check your PM, Kendall. And don't count your singing voice out just yet...especially if your surgeon has worked with singers and also refers you to a good speech/voice therapist for rehab.


04 Mar 02 - 12:10 AM (#662240)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: katlaughing

Kendall, there is a very good article here, written by a cancer survivor on Healing Strategies. well worth reading, imo.

Really glad to hear you've got another book on the computer. When will we be able to read it? There is so much more to you than having a voice. Yes, we love that, too, and you will not lose it, BUT you'd still be the Maine-iac**BG** we love with or without it. Ayup.

And, leave the tough stuff to us; united we can handle it and pass on the good stuff: lots of positive energy, love and hugs, to you.


04 Mar 02 - 12:17 AM (#662244)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Elf

So very sorry to hear your news Kendall. I've been fighting breast cancer for the past 18 months so I've got a pretty good idea of what must be going through your mind.

04 Mar 02 - 12:28 AM (#662249)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: katlaughing

Good thoughts and all to you, too, Elf.

In looking for some humourous stuff, I came upon this site which is located in Ne Hampshire and, while I didn't get to explore the whole thing, it looks as though there may be some good funnies there, including their "Book-a-minute" and "Movie-a-minute," ultra-condensed synopses.

An important distinction I saw in looking at cancer survivor sites: one person said they were not only "surviving" but also living. I like the positive focus of that.


04 Mar 02 - 01:17 AM (#662274)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: georgeward

Just another word of encouragement, Cap. There's plenty of wisdom posted above. But...don't give up on the notion of singing again just yet. I don't think I'm the only one here who owes a functioning set of pipes to a talented surgeon. My hope and my hunch is that we'll be hearing a lot more from you. You're in my thoughts.

- George ::-.--O

04 Mar 02 - 01:22 AM (#662276)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Lonesome EJ

Kat's right, Kendall. Concentrate on living! And get some sleep, damn it.

Prayer going up from the Colorado mountains on your behalf,


04 Mar 02 - 03:08 AM (#662298)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: JudyR

I know whereof you speak, too, Kendall. Learning to "step around" that kind of misfortune, even if it means taking another route toward expressing yourself (that book in your word processor, for instance), that's what it's all about. It's called "resourcefulness," at the risk of sounding corny. Great second careers have been born out of that kind of necessity. First, though, I wish you the best in your first, and in your life. And I don't even know you!

04 Mar 02 - 08:24 AM (#662366)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: jeffp

Well, this is certainly shitty news to learn on a Monday morning! I'm really sorry to hear about it, Captain, but I'm equally certain that you will beat it. You have the cussedness and support that will carry the day. I also have no doubt that you will be singing again.

Find a good doctor, educate yourself, let your friends hold you up when necessary and get well!


04 Mar 02 - 09:57 AM (#662397)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: SharonA

Kendall, I too am sorry to hear this news. Nobody wants to hear a doctor say "your biopsy" and "cancer" in the same sentence. Fortunately it appears to be a form of cancer that doctors are familiar with, not some mysterious version that only 5 people in the world were ever known to have, and the success rate for treatment appears to be very high according to what others have posted here. Also, according to what I'm reading here, you have a reputation for being tougher than any ol' misbegotten squamous cell. Sounds like you'll beat it... to a pulp. We're all here at ringside, cheering you on, so take courage, do whatever you have to do to get rid of this thing, and get well soon.

As Kevin and LEJ said, don't forget the importance of the sleep factor in the healing equation. It's quite understandable to lose some sleep at first, from the shock of the bad news, but you've just had surgery and your body needs to recover from that shock, too. You need to be as strong as possible – physically as well as emotionally – for the days ahead. So take care of all of yourself, and eat right and get lots of sleep! Again, there are lots of encouraging words here about the good chance that this cancer can be treated successfully, and you're making sure that you'll be in good hands to perform that treatment, so you can literally rest assured.

Good thoughts continuing to flow up the coastline to you from here in PA. (Hear that sound? That's not the sound of ocean waves; that's all the thoughts and prayers of Mudcatters around the world rolling in to you!)


04 Mar 02 - 10:13 AM (#662409)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: KathWestra

Adding my voice to the chorus. Sending you much love. Wishing you health. Wishing you sleep. Wishing you freedom from fear. Hoping you're feeling everyone's support. Love to you, Kathy.

04 Mar 02 - 10:20 AM (#662412)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: GUEST,Pete Peterson

Adding my voice to all that's been said already. Sorry that it wasn't better news. This IS scary but betable and you are on the road to doing it. Hope the local specialists work out. PETE

04 Mar 02 - 10:37 AM (#662425)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Kim C

well, I don't have anything clever and witty to say. Love ya man, hang in there. :-)

04 Mar 02 - 11:35 AM (#662477)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Rick Fielding

Jeez...didn't wanna come home and find THIS! But bloody Hell, Kendall, ain't it nice to have so much support? Most of us are gonna go through tough situations at some point, and a good support circle simply can't be beat.


Rick and Heather

04 Mar 02 - 11:45 AM (#662485)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Dave Swan

Sending all best wishes and positive thoughts from the left coast.


04 Mar 02 - 12:05 PM (#662506)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Fortunato

Kendall, that's rotten news and no mistake. I' sorry to learn of it. I hope and pray you come out good as new in the end. Good luck to you. Chance Shiver

04 Mar 02 - 12:09 PM (#662508)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Murray MacLeod

Well, kendall, I am sorry indeed to hear this. I am trying to think of any small way in which I might cheer you up.

Do you remember that when I first started posting to Mudcat I sent you the words to "The Wine Song", by Grant Baynham, in exchange for a Dave Goulder song? You asked for the tune and I never did figure any way to get it to you.

Well, we (Rivergrass) are on WLRN (South Florida) next Saturday afternoon (I will post the link later) and I would like to dedicate the song to you then, if you can listen in. (With any luck the streaming will work this time) Mind you, I haven't sung it in the longest time, but I am sure I can dust it off !

Hope you are keeping your spirits up as much as possible, , you have lots of support here.

All the best


04 Mar 02 - 12:20 PM (#662518)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: GUEST,JohnB

If you can think of anything else that has not already been said, well sorry I could not. Well I guess there was that F word, so I'll try that a few times on your behalf. JohnB

04 Mar 02 - 12:20 PM (#662520)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: katlaughing

This thread is getting kind of long, so:

Support for Kendall - continued - ayuh!


10 Mar 02 - 09:42 AM (#666229)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: GUEST,Roger the skiffler at ma-in law's computer

Kendall, all the very best ,I've just caught up with all this. You are in my thoughts. A friend/neighbour who had his trachea removed because of the big C last year has made a good recovery and can make himself understood while waiting for an artificial voice box.

10 Mar 02 - 10:52 AM (#666264)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: Celtic Soul

Wow...I guess surfing this place means you miss things you'd have rather caught.

I am sorry to hear this. Do you know anything about the actual prognosis? Some cancers are *very* treatable, and with slim to no side effects. Did the Docs say, absolutely, you would lose your singing voice, or maybe it means a different voice when all is said and done?

I'll be praying for you.

11 Mar 02 - 02:19 AM (#666725)
Subject: RE: Kendall's biopsy
From: technission

Hang on, Kendall !!
If wishes were horses you would be racing along in the middle of a vast herd of well-wishers.
Stay in the saddle and gather courage for this challenge, knowing that thousands are riding alongside in their thoughts.
Best wishes, Michael

P.S. - I just wanted to seize the chance to take this thread over the 100-post level.
New posters see the message 2 or 3 above about the continuation in a new thread.