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Be Good Tanyas

08 Mar 02 - 12:37 AM (#664840)
Subject: Be Good Tanyas
From: GUEST,Arkie

Anyone seen the Be Good Tanyas perform or willing to offer a critique of their music. They are booked in town in a few weeks and I'm just curious. I've visited their website. Been there. Done that.

08 Mar 02 - 12:52 PM (#665152)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: GUEST,Boab

Frustration! The Tanyas were onstage at our music fest almost exactly a year past. The fly in the ointment is the fact that I was stuck as "security" in the "green room" with al the performers and while I had a rare ould blather with them all I wasn't able--other than fleeting visits to the wings---to hear enough of any of them to be able to give a thorough assessment. I have been on the phone trying to contact our festival organiser, a member of my own group and a very "searching" critic, but haven't so far been able to catch her. Take a temporary comment [I'll get back to you] ---all remarks I heard from fellow organisers and audience were very favourable, and showed enthusiastic appreciation. They were in good company too--Scrooge McDuck and Valdi were on the same bill, along with several others. I'd say that you won't waste your time by being at their performance.

08 Mar 02 - 02:58 PM (#665251)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: GUEST,Margaret V at work

I haven't seen them live, Arkie, so I can't say whether it's worth going to see them. However, I do have their CD and really like it. I like their pace, and they have fun weaving harmonies, and they don't overdo the arrangements. The songs themselves are for the most part interesting (the CD is a mix of both original stuff and their spin on a few trad. pieces), and the CD definitely has a mood to it. I like but don't love their voices, and one of them (I'm not sure which one) seems to intentionally do weird things with her pronunciation that I find annoying, but there's enough variety and sweet sounds overall that I proclaim the CD very likeable. I would definitely go see them if they were playing near me, partly out of curiosity. Margaret

09 Mar 02 - 12:42 PM (#665777)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: Ralphie

Have just recorded the "Be Goods" for Andy Kershaws show (BBC Radio 3 next Friday)
Jolly ggod band, and lovely people, to boot
Regards Ralphie

09 Mar 02 - 04:46 PM (#665897)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: pavane

Heard them on BBC R2 last week - interesting songs, but didn't think the voices were really up to it. But good luck to them.

09 Mar 02 - 10:11 PM (#666036)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: khandu

Clicky for their web page.


15 Apr 02 - 12:23 AM (#690196)
Subject: RE: Be Good Tanyas
From: GUEST,Arkie

Thanks to all for your comments. The Tanyas have come and gone and I did see them. I enjoyed the concert though comments from the crowd were mixed.