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BS: A Mudcat CD?

10 Mar 02 - 10:19 AM (#666244)
Subject: A Mudcat CD?
From: Bobert

Okay, ol' bobert will start this thing. On the "New Jerry Rasmussen fan" thread many folks have been talking about a Cat-disc of Catfolks music. The idea was first brought up by IanB and then a number of folks, myself included, jumped on it. Rather than try to repost portions of the thread, I would ask all Catfolk who light have an interest in a Cat-disc to scrool down to that thread and then come back here and share their thoughts. There, Jerry, now you can get some sleep...

10 Mar 02 - 10:27 AM (#666249)
Subject: RE: BS: A Mudcat CD?
From: Jon Freeman

That thread is here.

I'll repeat some of what I'd said in the other thread as I often have doubts about people going back and reading (and I know I fail to...).

If such a project is undertaken, it may be worth while getting in touch with some of the guys who put the alt.banjo CD project together as they probably learned some bits along the line and maybe aware of some possible pitfalls.