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James Talley sings Woody Guthrie

18 Mar 02 - 10:28 AM (#671267)
Subject: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: GUEST,Elaine Brown

Someone recently gave me a cd called "Woody Guthrie And Songs Of My Oklahoma Home" by James Talley. The whole CD is Woody Guthrie songs and is one of the best folk albums I've ever heard. I asked around and noone I know seems to have heard of James Talley. One guy told me about Mudcat Cafe and suggested asking here. So here I am asking. Does anyone know anything about James Talley? Thanks. Elaine

18 Mar 02 - 11:03 AM (#671288)
Subject: RE: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: GUEST,Bill Kennedy

try here

18 Mar 02 - 02:25 PM (#671410)
Subject: RE: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: Roger in Baltimore

Yeah, I remember him from the Carter years. I have a vinyl recording somewhere. I was not so impressed to buy another one.

Roger in Baltimore

18 Mar 02 - 11:00 PM (#671642)
Subject: RE: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: Rick Fielding

I remember him too Rog. Just checked out the link...not bad, he deserves a listen.



19 Mar 02 - 12:45 PM (#672017)
Subject: RE: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: Francy

He opened for Jerry Jeff Walker back in the early 60's. Had two albums out on Capitol at that time.....But they didn't do much to push him. I guess they didn't think he was country enough and the I guess he wasn't folk enough... Like Rick says, give him a listen. I like his takes on Woody Guthrie very much.....Nice and laid back and acoustic...... He still lives in Nashville and apparently hasn't been ruined by the Nashville "Plague"...... Frank of Toledo

19 Mar 02 - 02:24 PM (#672086)
Subject: RE: James Talley sings Woody Guthrie
From: Mike Regenstreif


It wouldn't have been the early-'60s. James Talley's four Capitol LPs date from 1975-1977.

I thought then, and still think now, that James was one of the best working class songwriters since Woody Guthrie. It's too bad those albums are all out-of-print.

James dropped out of the music business for about 20 years. I was a big fan of his 1970s work and was very glad to see him come back in 1999 with his album of Woody Guthrie songs. It was one of my favorite albums that year. In 2000, he relaesed "Nashville City Blues," a terrific collection of new material that showed his new material was just as good as his older stuff.

I have an advance copy of "Touchstones," James's new album coming out in April. It's new versions of some of his best songs from the Capitol LPs and is one of my favorite CDs of the year, so far.

I've had James as a guest on my radio show. On top of everything else, he's a really nice guy.

Mike Regenstreif