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Help: The Chieftains collaboration album

18 Mar 02 - 02:53 PM (#671427)
Subject: The Cheiftans collaboration album
From: Dave the Gnome

Has anyone heard the album by the chieftans with collaboration by The Rolling Stones, Art Garfunkle, Ziggy Marley and hosts of others? The best reference I could find was Here

They have played both the Rocky Road to Dublin (With the Stones) and Redemption Song (With Ziggy Marley) on the radio recently and they were both fantastic. I am going t buy it anyway but I just wondered if anyone else had heard it?


Dave the Gnome

18 Mar 02 - 11:39 PM (#671662)
Subject: RE: Help: The Cheiftans collaboration album
From: michaelr

Dave - that's their new one, "The Wide World Over", celebrating the band's 40th anniversary. It contains my top contender for Worst Possible Cover, Van Morrison singing "Shenandoah".

I liked "Redemption Song", but it's a bit weird with the pipes in there. There's also Joni Mitchell singing her "Magdalen Laundries" - not bad, even though her voice is shot.


18 Mar 02 - 11:56 PM (#671672)
Subject: RE: Help: The Cheiftans collaboration album
From: Blackcatter

There's a few things on the album that proves that the Cheiftains can make an occasional mistake.

Pax yall