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Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!

19 Mar 02 - 05:13 PM (#672162)
Subject: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: catspaw49


Well now the last I knew of this it was scheduled for the 28th of February and it was on Jean's schedule to be there, but I haven't heard a word short of a mention about Bill Monroe on another thread. Now I was in the hospital and I may have missed this, but how about some info on how it went, if it went, if you went.......

SO JEAN........Talk to us...............please?


19 Mar 02 - 09:42 PM (#672313)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: JohnInKansas

For reference,

The Previous Thread - or at least one of them.


19 Mar 02 - 11:14 PM (#672357)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: katlaughing

A quick check of her home page show the earlier press release announcing the inductees. I didn't know so many of my favourites came from KY - here is a list of her fellow inductees in alphabetical order: Rosemary Clooney, The Everly Brothers, Red Foley, Tom T. Hall, Grandpa Jones, Bradley Kincaid, John Lair, Loretta Lynn, Bill Monroe, The Osborne Brothers, Jean Ritchie, and Merle Travis.

Wow, hope we hear about this, soon.

20 Mar 02 - 06:07 AM (#672454)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Bullfrog Jones

Grandpa Jones was from Kentucky??!! No wonder it took him so long to get back from the pub every night!

20 Mar 02 - 06:57 PM (#672947)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)

Yes, thank you Spaw and all- I'm back home, and it was quite a party- made me think I was at one of those Do's (how does one write the plural of Do?)on TV...Oscars, Grammies, etc. It was a grand banquet, ten at a table, with live music, videos, speeches, entertainment. Each inductee had a 'Presenter,' and mine was my friend Dr. Ron Pen, UK Music Dept., who said many good things,then presented me with the trophy (for lack of the right word)- a lovely tall statue (about 18" tall, with a K at the top, for Kentucky, and my name and the year at the base) made of native Kentucky woods. I was next to last, and after Loretta Lynn had her presentation, we all were called back for a group photo for the Herald-Leader (one-half page in color on March 1st).

As you see from the list, many of this Pioneer group are deceased. Each had family or friends there to accept. Bill Monroe's was accepted by his son; the Everly Brothers (not dead but didn't come) sent their Mother. Rosemary Clooney (living, but very ill; she sent lovely video and her nephew- NOT George but another nice one). Of the living, I was there, and The Osborne Brothers, Tom T. Hall and Loretta Lynn.

I had nine family members there- and that was one of the best things for me. I made my usual unplanned remarks and thought surely they'd take back the trophy when I finished, but later several folks told me they had enjoyed 'your sincerity and spontaneousness,' which made me wonder what indeed I had actually said! I suppose someone made a recording of the whole thing, so maybe sometime I'll find out...

George looked gorgeous in his tux- he had owned it for about 25 years; it has taken me that long to talk him into wearing it.

That's enough about that. Thanks for your interest..Jean

20 Mar 02 - 07:08 PM (#672955)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Nancy King

Congratulations, Jean! And thanks for all the wonderful music you've given us all over the years. Here's to many more years!

It does indeed sound like quite a "do"! Thanks for telling us about it!

Cheers, Nancy

20 Mar 02 - 07:16 PM (#672961)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Banjer

Ah Yes, Heartfealt and much deserved congratulations to you Jean. Thanks to you some of us are playing more lap dulcimer than we ever imagined was possible and have even gone on to bigger and better things from there. Hip Hip HOORAH!!

20 Mar 02 - 09:17 PM (#673030)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: catspaw49

Thanks for giving us the scoop there Jean......I think I almost enjoy your embarassment as much as the story! Had to be nice to have a lot of family there to share and I'm sure your remarks were fine because you have a great way of talking from the heart while shooting from the hip. I assume you did get pics of George?

A richly deserved honor and thank you for sharing yourself with us here at the 'Cat.


20 Mar 02 - 09:30 PM (#673038)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Alice

Very Cool, Jean. Congrats and thanks for sharing a recap of the event with us.


20 Mar 02 - 10:04 PM (#673061)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: katlaughing

What Spaw said, Jean, and thanks so much for sharing with us.

kat - playing dulcimore for close to one whole year now:-)

20 Mar 02 - 10:32 PM (#673081)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Big Mick

Jean, you are such an inspiration! It still knocks me out that we "know" you in such a nice way. I am so very pleased for you, and I can just see in my minds eye George in his tux and you accepting the "trophy". Thanks for sharing, dear one. And congratulations.

All the best,


20 Mar 02 - 11:15 PM (#673101)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Rick Fielding

Well done! A big BRAVO, from the frozen North!



20 Mar 02 - 11:37 PM (#673113)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: bflat

Wow! Way to go girl!Ms. Ritchie, with all due respect for your talent and achievement, as I have been a witness to that, congratulations. Your presence here lifts all boats.


21 Mar 02 - 04:20 PM (#673554)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)

Thanks again, everyone...Ellen, what a nice compliment (I think!?) I've never heard, "lifts all boats." Is that the marine equivalent to what "wind beneath my wings" is to the airbourne? Anyway, I'll store that one away-thanks.

Son Jon, my webmaster, just yesterday posted on my website the beginnings of a photo-gallery. His captions are a bit repetitive (& slightly embarrassing, Spaw!), being mostly, "Jean with____________(wellknown person). Well there wasn't much else to say, I guess, and they're all friends.

Spaw, George is the handsome one(grey hair & beard) seated at the left in the family group. This was taken in our suite after the gala, so you do get to view his tux!

21 Mar 02 - 05:05 PM (#673580)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Mary in Kentucky

Congratulations Jean!

I've been trying to get my hands on Herald-Leader (most make it to the dog cages eventually), but so far no luck. I was going to quietly post the picture, but I'll check your site instead.

here 'tis

21 Mar 02 - 05:50 PM (#673610)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: gnu

Thank you, Jean.

22 Mar 02 - 09:01 AM (#673951)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: catspaw49

Good to see you getting those photos up on your site Jean. That's a nice family shot in the hotel room....You ALL look pretty good!

Thanks again....


22 Mar 02 - 11:44 AM (#674040)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Big Mick

Wonderful family shot, Jean!! George is very handsome, but you, my dear, look stunning. I love that picture.


22 Mar 02 - 01:28 PM (#674124)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!

Jean was indeed the prettiest one there. Stunning is a good word!

People started assembling in the lobby of the Hotel about 6 or so for a cocktail hour, they had cash bars in various places, a nice little display about the new museum in Renfro Valley, posters, photos etc. Then the string quartet began to play 'Hard Times Come Again No More' and I knew it was going to be a beautiful evening, a few of us in the room even singing along a little, under our breath. The doors were opened to the crowd at about 7:30, people found thier tables and thier seats, I was at a table of Jean supporters and family members, there was great applause as the inductees were led into the room and took thier seats up next to the stage. On stage was a jazz orchestra (can't remember the name, and I don't have my program with me, will fill in details later), very good, who did a few bars of music related to each honoree as they ascended the stage to receive thier awards, and also provided incidental & dinner music throughout the evening. The festivities were arranged by Terry Anderson and her staff who did a great job all around. The Governor & his wife, who was co-chair of the event with Loretta Lynn, made an introductory speech, then the awards began, with two large screen closed circuit tvs on stage so people toward the back of the room could see, I'd say easily 1000 in attendance, maybe more. If memory serves, and I will correct this and add to it once I find my notes:

1st up was radio/barn dance emcee John Lair then, and I'm note exactly sure of this order, Rosemary Clooney, who was not in attendance Bradley Kincaid, whose daughters I believe accepted Tom T. Hall, who made a very humerous speech, thanked his genes, saying his parents happened to be in Kentucky when he was born Red Foley, whose grandson George performed some of Red's hits The Osborne Brothers, Sonny and Bobby, who also spoke (one of them, I think Sonny is the talker) Grandpa Jones then a special Governor's award to Lionel Hampton

Then WE ATE! good too, special vegetarian plate for yours truly then more awards:

Bill Monroe, performance by a trio, including a player picking on the last mandolin played by Bill (not his famous one), the presenter talked glowingly of Bill & his generosity, saying if you had all the quarters Bill gave to children whenever he saw them, you'd have a pile of money, son James accepted

Everly Brothers, who don't speak to one another much, so thier mother accepted on thier behalf, I think Phil was the one born in Kentucky, but they do festival every year, and roots are there. Mrs. Everly was a delight, though frail, still sharp as a tack, good to hear memories from someone who was there from the beginning

Merle Travis, Eddie Pennington presented this award and also played some fine thumb-picked guitar medley of Travis tunes, he was a joy, visibly overcome with emotion speaking of his hero, Merle, and really doing him honor with his playing


JEAN RITCHIE! Hurray! She ascends, after the introduction by Dr. ROn Pen, to the tune of 'Black Water' played by saxophones in a jazz band arrangement, and gives a beautiful, simple, but complete and concise and heartfelt talk about her music and her life, & how people would ask her how she had done so much with her life. She answered as to how she tried to do the serious music thing for a while and got burnt out by it, and how she decided to just live her life, and let her music be a part of it and see how it would go, and now here we all were, and it didn't seem like that much time had gone by or she had done that much, until you looked at it all at once like that. I'm badly paraphrasing, wished I had a tape recorder with me, but it must have been filmed by the Mudic Hall people, and maybe it will be part of her display down there.

Then the Governor's wife presents Loretta to the tune of 'Coal Miner's Daughter' by the jazz group, who was a treat to see, and who thanked and praised Jean for her earlier remarks.

I think Jean touched the most people there with her speech, as she always does in her performances.

Then all assembled on stage for the Stephen Foster rounding out of the evening, everyone standing and singing 'My Old Kentucky Home', which was led beautifully by a young girl of about ten in a real strong assured voice. I'm glad I know all the words, and got a chance to sing a little with such a distinguished crowd! Now I can say I've sung in public with Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, the Osborne Brothers, George Foley, Eddie Pennington, etc. AND Jean Ritchie!

What a night!

22 Mar 02 - 04:25 PM (#674262)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: catspaw49

Guest Whoever You Fre, THANKS for such a fine report! Much appreciated!!


24 Mar 02 - 02:13 PM (#675439)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!

Yeah, Thanks

24 Mar 02 - 06:57 PM (#675577)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!
From: Amos


Thanks so much for your special grace among us, as well as your well-earned success!! It's a real joy to hear from you!



26 Mar 02 - 10:14 AM (#676573)
Subject: RE: Ky. MusicHallofFameInduction-HeyKYTRAD!

official attendance is a little more than 700, not 1000 and should mention by name Kentucky Governor Paul Patton & his wife Judi