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Playing ABC snippets

31 Mar 98 - 11:41 PM (#24884)
Subject: Playing ABC snippets
From: John in Brisbane

I have become a fairly avid MIDI user, and to that extent have not taken advantage of the many recent contributions in ABC.

When I first tinkered with ABC software some time back I was not able to find a package that allowed me to cut and paste direct into an ABC (or MIDI) player. Anything I tried required file rather than text input.

Any thoughts please.

Regards John

01 Apr 98 - 12:55 AM (#24891)
Subject: RE: Playing ABC snippets
From: Joe Offer

John, I've gotten real lazy since I got ABCMUS. I think it's the perfect ABC player for us Mudcatters. I have it on my Win95 "Start" button, so it's a cinch to start. If I see an ABC tune I want to hear, I highlight, right-click, and copy it; and then I select "Play tune from clipboard" on ABCMUS. I can save the tune as a MIDI or add chords. I can also play and modify the Songwright tunes that come with the disk version of the Digital Tradition.
The only thing it doesn't do is compose ABC tunes, but for playing ABC, it's wonderful. The shareware fee is ten bucks US, which is a real bargain - but you can do a lot with the unregistered version.
-Joe Offer-

01 Apr 98 - 08:55 PM (#24961)
Subject: RE: Playing ABC snippets

You will find free software for playing abc files and also for converting them to MIDI files at:

What the program is called, depends on your platform. They are listed there by platform.

I cut the snippets from the display on my browser and paste them into a file and then play the file with the software.

To the best of my knowledge there are no abc plug-ins from which you can play the snippets right from your browser. My (elderly) version doesn't even have .abc as a MIME type. There is some discussion there on how to have a browser launch the abc player.