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Sandy Denny Documentary

03 Apr 98 - 10:30 AM (#25041)
Subject: Sandy Denny Documentary
From: A Story Untold Productions

Thank you member threads and info. links. We are searching for the "It all comes round here" video it profiles Fairport Convention with clips of Sandy Denny. Island Visual Artists released-it.(1987) We are researching&developing a narrative piece program with Sandy as metaphor. Does or can anyone share these visuals with us.. Can't find anywhere! sincerely< George&Vicki Angelo A Story Untold Productions

04 Feb 99 - 05:58 PM (#57268)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny Documentary
From: Matty Groves

This video is available through spectrum music video on the east coast. their phone number is 1800 84 music the price is about 20 dollars and only features stills of her with the band and amature footage (with good sound) of a live performance of the tune "solo" during her late seventies return to Fairport. Sandy and her music means everything to me and she speaks to me like no one else can. I'd be very interested in seeing the documentary that you're putting together, as for myself I've always had this foolish yet none the less romantic idea for a full length feature on her life, from those first piano lessons (where she played only by ear), through the folk circuit and to the wonderful yet short career we all know and love her for. (see the movie "melanie", that is where some of the inspiration for the screenplay in my head came from) give me a call at (408) 378 1709 to let me know of your progress on not only the documentary but on finding the tape. if all else fails, I'd be happy to send a hi fi copy of the tape to you, free of charge.

"I am a traveller by trade I only have what I have made A fortune teller too, they say And I will take your heart away"

Matty Groves 2-4-99

26 Mar 99 - 06:50 AM (#66074)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny Documentary
From: Alan - Cwm Hall, Menutton, Bucknell. Shropshire

I am one of Sandy's greatest fans & love her dearly. If you have any unpublished information about her or any documentary is to be made at a future date, please let me know. I know there's supposed to be a biography published soon, but I'm interested in anything to do with her life. Write to: Alan Raymond Cwm Hall Bungalow Menutton Bucknell SHROPSHIRE SY7 OBX U.K.

Thanks - and good luck with your venture

26 Mar 99 - 08:15 AM (#66084)
Subject: RE: Sandy Denny Documentary

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