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Carter Family

04 Apr 98 - 12:12 AM (#25082)
Subject: Carter Family
From: Adam

The Carter Family inspires me so much. I'd like to know where each of the three (originals -- the first generation) are buried, so I can visit their graves and make libations of lemonade. Does anyone know? I'd also like to know, to avoid bothering you all in the future, what you think the best website to learn about them is. Thanks in advance.

P.S. My friends say I'm morbid, but I know I'm just maudlin.

04 Apr 98 - 12:51 AM (#25085)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: Axe

I don't know where they're buried but... A.P. Carter (Alvin Pleasant) Carter was from Maces Creek Virginia. He died in 1960. His wife Sara was from Copper Creek Va. She died in 1979. Maybelle, was Sara's cousin, from Nicklesville (Va I Think) and died in 1978.

I hope this helps in your search. Good Luck

04 Apr 98 - 12:55 AM (#25086)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: Gene



04 Apr 98 - 11:37 AM (#25105)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: Barbara Shaw

The Carter Family Memorial Music Center web site has a lot of information:

16 Jun 98 - 12:13 AM (#30844)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: CarterNut

I know that Maybelle and her husband, Ezra, are buried in a cemetary in Madisonville/Hendersonville TN. While there you can visit the grave of their oldest daughter, Helen, who passed away last week. A.P. and Sara are buried not far from eachother in the cemetary of Mt. Vernon Methodist Church in Maces Spring, VA. A map is shown on the previously posted site. I am so very much inspired by the Carters as well, especially Maybelle. I learned to pick guitar from listening to her. Some say I sound just like her.


16 Jun 98 - 11:33 AM (#30864)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: Jon W.

Can any of you suggest a good collection of original Carter family recording reissues on CD. I'm not too familiar with them but would like to be.

Jon W.

16 Jun 98 - 12:53 PM (#30869)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: Bill D

Jon...there is a 4 CD set that is marvelous...I do not have it yet, but a friend has all 4, and I am drooling...if no one else posts it, I will try to get the relevant info from him and give you..(and ME!) a publishers name to chase...

16 Jun 98 - 07:47 PM (#30895)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: dulcimer

Rounder has just completed the issuing of all Victor records between 1927 and 1941. I have them on cassette, but they are issued on CD. As far as I can tell there are some 100 or so additional recordings not including the radio broadcasts which were largely shortened versions of their records. Most of these other records were for ARC or Decca from 1938-40. 20 of ARC are found on Clinch Mt. Treasures from Country Records and 16 of Decca are on Country Music Hall of Fame: Carter Family from MCA. There is an album which is primarily gospel, but I don't know the name of it. I has quite a few duplicates of the Victor series. There are at least two On the Border Albums from Arhoolie which are the radio broadcasts and feature the children of the family. Of interest may also be an album from Bear Family Records of Sara and Maybelle Carter done in the early '60 with Sara's son Joe. Probably any good music store could order these. I would recommend the Victor series.

26 Jul 98 - 11:12 PM (#33416)
Subject: RE: Carter Family
From: CarterNut

Anyone going to the Carter Family Memorial Festival this weekend in Maces Spring Va.? Some good picking and singing will be going on.