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02 Apr 02 - 08:21 AM (#681422)
Subject: copyright?
From: GUEST,Holly

Is there no-where a complete list of public domain music?

My chorus is making a video for our personal use and want to be sure the songs are legal. Though our chorus is for-profit (the director's livelihood) the video will not be sold for profit, but only to over production costs.

Maybe we don't even need to worry?

Any leads orinformation would be greatly appreciated. We'd like to avoid having to hire a lawyer for a complete workup of songs.

Holly Whiteside Voices from the Heart Portsmouth, NH

02 Apr 02 - 09:20 AM (#681452)
Subject: RE: copyright
From: JedMarum

You can use the ASCAP and BMI websites to search for ownership of copyrights.

You have to pay a mechanical license fee to the author of pre-published copyright protected material IF you are recording and publishing that material yourself. If you are recording that material for demo purposes, not creating a high volume of copies (eg 1000+), and not seeking profit from the copies - you are most certainly NOT liable for paying mechanical license fees.

Go to the library in your town and get the copyright forms. The rules are explained in the forms.