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Copyright registry?

02 Apr 02 - 05:42 PM (#681822)
Subject: Copyright registry?
From: Spud Murphy

I've been a mudcatter for about fourteen months. I joined so I would have a reliable reference source for music information for a book I was writing. The book is about the Depression years,-- 1929 to 1941. A lot of music comes out of a depression.

Last week, the manuscript was finished and was put in the hands of the publisher's copyediting department. Immediately, those sharp-witted individuals asked for all the copyright permissions.

Now I have a final question that needs to be resolved before I am finished and I hope someone can help. I need to know who owns the copyrights for BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? Jay Gurney and E.Y. Harburg, 1932; and DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES. Al Dubin and Joe Burke, 1932. so I can obtain permissions Those are the only two songs I felt compelled to use that are not in the public domain.

.Is there some place where they keep a registry of who owns what?

George MacClanahan

02 Apr 02 - 05:50 PM (#681828)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: Burke

The links from the Library of Congress are probably a good place to start.

I should think your publisher would also have some suggestions as to how to locate the copyright holders.

02 Apr 02 - 07:35 PM (#681895)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: JohnInKansas

A quick look at recent (past year) threads on copyright shows that we discuss theory, philosphy, and the evils of corporate capitalism a lot more than "proper use of tools" in this area.

The most useful thing found has been the recommendation (from several) that one may consult the BMI and ASCAP websites to search for whether they "administer" a particular song. (I'm assuming you're US based?)

It is to be noted that not finding a song there doesn't necessarily mean it's not tied up by someone, but if it is found there, you can be pretty sure you've found someone who wants your money.


02 Apr 02 - 07:39 PM (#681897)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: JohnInKansas

Looks like I just set a record for "longest blue clicky."

It worked, but a Joe Clone might add a </a> after the blue "ASCAP"?.


02 Apr 02 - 07:45 PM (#681907)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: michaelr

Wow, Kansas really is big and flat... ;-)

For copyright info, contact The Harry Fox Agency, 711 Third Ave, NY NY 10017, (212) 370-5330. They probably have a website, too - do a Google search.


02 Apr 02 - 09:42 PM (#681980)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

The Songwriters Guild of America seems to collect the royalties for "Brother, ..." so they should be able to handle this one.

02 Apr 02 - 10:39 PM (#681998)
Subject: RE: Copyright registry?
From: Spud Murphy

Thanx, yawl.

Mudcat scores again.