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Lancaster Letter

22 Apr 02 - 07:00 AM (#695424)
Subject: Lancaster Letter
From: Skipper Jack

A reader's letter appeared in The Lancaster Guardian on the 19th of April.

The writer includes some very disparaging remarks about the festival. To me, it seems that the person only wandered around the events at the rear of the Maritime Museum. One of them was the Punch and Judy Show which she found "appalling"!

Where has she been if this was her first experience of the popular traditional children's entertainment?

She says that some people told her that the acts were always the same year after year and once you have been to one festival you've been to them all.

As a local resident, it seems that she is not aware of the international reputation of the festival attracting visitors from Europe and America?

How many of the local people are really interested in this excellent event? It is there festival after all.

22 Apr 02 - 10:52 AM (#695566)
Subject: RE: Lancaster Letter
From: GUEST,MC Fat

Some local residents are never pleased by Folk Events. On my one and only visit to Sidmouth Festival I was amazed by the outright hositlity by the town to the event. The local paper was full of letters saying 'Why do we need to put up with thsi every year ?' and 'They never spend any money in the town !!' and other such vitriolic rubbish. This compared to postitive attitude at towns like Broadstairs where the potetial demise of the Festival was greeted with dismay by the local businesses and pubs.

23 Apr 02 - 07:36 AM (#696365)
Subject: RE: Lancaster Letter
From: Grampus

I/we too have been made aware of the letter in the Lancaster Guardian, and the most unhelpful comments contained in it.

Is the author not aware of the large influx of people to Lancaster, who would not be there over the Easter period?

As Skipper Jack says, people come from all over the country and abroad to this important event. Including the artists, the number of visitors generated in Lancaster must certainly be numbered not in tens, but hundreds!

Has the author ever tried to find accommodation in Lancaster over the Easter period? It is almost impossible. All available beds are booked up months in advance. When else does this happen?

At a conservative estimate, my wife and I spent some £500 in Lancaster over this period, if other festival goers spend similar amounts, a considerable income must be received by the local businesses. I wonder when the last time the author spent this amount in her city over that weekend?

None of this income would be generated if it were not for events such as this.

Why do more locals not visit and enjoy THEIR festival and see what a superb advert it is for Lancaster? There is no age or race discrimination (as claimed) whatsoever.

As for the traditional Punch and Judy show being unacceptable, has she not watched children's television lately? Now that can be described as containing gratuitous violence!