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Lyr Req: All in a Day (Alex Glasgow)

11 May 02 - 04:59 AM (#708716)
Subject: lyric all in a day
From: GUEST,mick /punch the horse

just been to moor and coast and heard two great variations of this superb alex glasgow song.

dont know if that is real name, it is that long since I heard it.

raggy tash, he was one who sang it, assured me it was easy to access from this site,tried everything to no avail.

words to this would be great

11 May 02 - 05:49 AM (#708730)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: katlaughing

well, it may take us a bit, but raggytash was right, eventually we always manage to scare up what it is someone is looking for...*bg*

I've had a look round and didn't find that song, just yet, but did find a couple of references to Alex Glasgow. I am sure someone else will wake up soon and come in here with the lyrics for you. In the meantime, I did find this nice tribute to Glasgow when he apparently passed away last December. Maybe someone will be interested in reading it?

All the best and welcome to the Mudcat!


11 May 02 - 07:24 AM (#708753)
Subject: Lyr Add: ALL IN A DAY (Alex Glasgow)
From: GUEST,MCP, Lyric Add

Here's the words.

Alex Glasgow

All in a day, Willie, all in a day.
She's leaving today, Willie, she's sailing away.

Do you recall, Willie, the steel wind cutting off the river
Do you recall, Willie, the birth plans at the water's edge
Will they ever know, Willie, the life hours welded on the river
Is it any more, Willie, than just so much wages underneath the bridge.

And come tomorrow, Willie, when the peeping-Toms have canned the final picture
And come tomorrow, Willie, when the cocktail-party faces stiffen hard
And come tomorrow, Willie, the same wind will whistle off the river
And come tomorrow, Willie, I'll see you seven-thirty in the yard.

11 May 02 - 09:56 AM (#708816)
Subject: Tune Add: ALL IN A DAY (Alex Glasgow)
From: GUEST,MCP, Tune Add

And the tune

Mick (MCPearce0ATaolDOTcom)


All in a/ day, Will-ie,/ all in a/ day./
She's leav-ing to-/day, Will-ie,/ she's sail-ing a-/way.//
Do you re-/call, Will-ie,the/steel wind cut-ting off the/ ri-ver
Do you re-/call, Will-ie, the/ birth plans at the wat-er's/ edge
Will they ev-er/ know, Will-ie, the/ life hours weld-ed on the/ ri-ver
Is it a-ny/ more, Will-ie, than/ just so much wag-es un-der-neath the/bridge.-/-//

X: 1
T:All In A Day
C:Alex Glasgow
z< f e> f|e2 d< f|z d (d/ c) c/|c4|
z f f/ e f/|e2 d< f|z c (3c d e|f2-f/ ||
f/ g/ f/|g2 f/ g g/|g g b/4 b3/4 a/ g/|g< a-a/
g/ g/ f/|g2 f/ g g/| g g b/ b/ a/ g/|a3
f/4 f/4 f/4 f/4|e2 d/ f f/|f f g/ f/ e/ d/|d< c-c/
F/4 F/4 F/4 A3/4|c2 B/ c c/|
G G/ A/ B/ c/ B/ A/4 G/ A/4|\

12 May 02 - 05:17 AM (#709364)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: GUEST,mick /punch the horse

Thanks everyone for info.

12 May 02 - 07:37 PM (#709774)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: Raggytash

Mick, You've got my phone number, just ask. But don't pinch my songs when I'm there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see you and Mary again, please keep in touch

13 May 02 - 04:13 PM (#710440)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: Raggytash

I could do with some clarification of lyrics here, I've always sung "do you recall Willie, the burr plants at the water edge" not "birth plants" Working on the basis that a burr is the edge of a weld. I'd like to know which is correct, does anyone have a definative answer

13 May 02 - 04:18 PM (#710441)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: MMario

well it could well be "burr plants" as in burdock or cocklebur

27 May 02 - 03:25 PM (#718268)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: GUEST,Jennifer, Cambridge

I heard Marie Little sing this one at Wheaton Aston FF last weekend! I think it might be 'burr plants' - meaning burdock...but then I'm a gardener, so I would think that, wouldn't I?

27 May 02 - 03:29 PM (#718274)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: DMcG

It is a song about ship-building on the Tyne. The words are:

"...The berth plans at the water's edge"

The whole suite is "The Tyne Slides By" and was written for a television programme and is the B side of the LP "Close the Coal-House Door"

27 May 02 - 03:49 PM (#718285)
Subject: RE: lyric all in a day
From: DMcG

By the way, my answer comes from the lyrics that were enclosed with the LP, so it is as definitive as we are likely to get.

If anyone wants any more of the lyrics let me know. The whole suite is a 'framing song' (The Tyne slides by) and then

Paradise Flats
Jack and Jill
A Proper Man
Satuday Afternoon
All in a Day

and the LP is just called "Songs of Alex Glasgow". "Close the Coalhouse Door" is the A side, not the name of the LP. Sorry to mave misled you, folks.