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Origin: Jack the Sailor / Jack Monroe / Jack-a-Roe

22 Apr 98 - 03:06 PM (#26293)
Subject: Jack the Sailor

I am looking for any info on the origins and development of the song "Jack the Sailor", also known as "Jack Monroe", "Love of Polly and Jack Monroe", "Jack-A-Roe", "Jacky Frazier", etc. Is it based on a true story? Who has performed and recorded it through the years?

22 Apr 98 - 04:50 PM (#26294)
Subject: RE: Jack the Sailor
From: Art Thieme

I know that Edna Ritchie (Jean's sister) sings this on her Folk Legacy recording. It's not on CD but I suspect Sandy and Carine Paton still have many things on vinyl. I'm sure they could make a cassette for you too.

Jean probably does the song too.

Folk Legacy Box 1148 Sharon, CT 06069 860-364-5661

They do have a nice website but I can't recall it right now.

Art Thieme

22 Apr 98 - 04:55 PM (#26295)
Subject: RE: Jack the Sailor
From: Susan of DT

a search for Jack Monroe gets 4 songs, two of which you want. These are labeled DT #331 and Laws N7. A search for #331 or N7 gets 4 versions. See Malcolm Laws discussion of N7.

25 Apr 98 - 04:14 PM (#26507)
Subject: RE: Jack the Sailor
From: Tim Jaques

Didn't Joan Baez do a tune called Jack-A-Roe?